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Top 5 Misconceptions About Normal Delivery- Myths versus Facts

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. All through the nine months, a woman experiences multiple changes happening within her body. As much as she enjoys those kicks in her growing belly, she also stays apprehensive about her labour and delivery.

There is a growing concern about normal delivery these days. It is considered as an act of ‘bravery’ which not all women can achieve. Most doctors increasingly suggest a cesarean over normal delivery assuming that the women today would not want to go through the labour pain. Many women too personally opt for a planned cesarean thinking that it’s an ‘easy way out’.

Let me tell you, no delivery is easy or tough! Each has its own pros and cons. Birthing is the most natural process and delivering through the natural way should always be the preferred choice.

The cesarean rate for first-time mothers with a single foetus, in the normal head-down position who have crossed 37 weeks should be less than 25%” says Dr. Swati Sinha, consultant obstetrician-gynecologist at Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research.

One of the reasons for the rise in cesarean deliveries in the country is the number of myths that surround a normal delivery. There are tonnes of old wives’ tales and misconceptions built around the natural birthing process. Let me present to you some common myths versus facts-

# Myth 1- A Vaginal Birth is unbearably painful, C-section is less painful

Fact– The experience of labour pain is certainly intense, but it’s not intolerable. Labour is  not a singular event. It occurs in stages and the  intensity of the pain increases gradually. With the right support team and proper medical guidance, it can be made a fulfilling birth experience. While the pain in normal delivery is experienced during the process, in cesarean its the aftermath in the form of stitches. C-section is a major abdominal surgery that comes with a long list of risks including bleeding, infections in the stitches, reaction to anesthesia, etc. Its healing and recovery process takes a longer time. A normal delivery is relatively a ‘less risky’ approach.

#Myth 2- Normal Delivery is not safe for babies

Fact–  Normal Delivery is healthier for the baby. The child when passing through the birth canal receives certain bacteria that play a great role in building his immune system. During the process of delivery, he expells amniotic fluid from his lungs that helps him to breathe air better once out in the world thereby causing fewer respiratory problems in the initial days.

#Myth 3Use of Forceps & Vacuums can be dangerous

Facts– Not all normal deliveries require the use of forceps or vacuum. These are needed only in rare situations. Under the expertise of a skilled doctor, these methods are safe for both the mom and the baby.

#Myth 4A Cesarean is a must if the labour pain doesn’t start naturally

Fact– Many a times labour pain doesn’t start naturally even on reaching the due date. In such cases the labour is medically induced. Inductions usually lead to a successful normal delivery and a cesarean alternative is not required in most cases.

#Myth 5Women who are overweight or older in age or short in height, cannot have a normal delivery

Fact– A woman’s body is designed to give birth. Those who are short in height usually have a small baby who can easily pass through the pelvis. All healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancy stand a chance for a normal delivery. With proper labor exercise, knowledge of breathing techniques, etc, normal delivery is achievable.

Hear the birth experience of Suveksha Lama, who, in spite of being a 37 years old overweight lady, could manage to have a successful normal delivery with the support of her family and doctors.

[The video has been taken from Sitaram Bhartia’s blog/youtube channel]

‘Birth is a normal physiological event in a woman’s life and requires minimal intervention’. All hospitals should follow this philosophy. One of the hospitals that does believe in this is- Sitaram Bhartia. This 70-bed, multi-specialty hospital in New Delhi has accomplished an 88% normal delivery rate for the low-risk-first-birth women. Their maternity program is designed to empower women and their families into making the healthiest and safest choices for pregnancy and delivery. This has helped them to achieve one of the lowest cesarean rates (12% for first-birth low-risk mothers) among Delhi’s private hospitals.

If you are expecting and have believed in such myths related to normal delivery, I hope this post has empowered you enough to be confident about the natural birthing process.

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  1. Sweta

    Agree charu! Natural Birthing is always the best.. guess one needs to be more aware and wait for the labour pains to start rather than going in for C section.


    Those are some assuring tips for why one should chose normal! I know so many people who chose c-sect ! Good time these myths get busted!

  3. alpanadeo

    I have experienced both normal and C-section delivery. And have the contrast. I didn’t take epidural during normal delivery so yes I have experienced the pain as well. With C-section even though it looks like a cake walk but the post effects are definitely not a cake walk. I would always go for a normal delivery.

  4. Nishi

    Aree with you, thou i opted for C-sec by my choice bcz labour pain is like night mare fr me… wish i cud be in sitaram bhartia to make my delivery more easy …..

  5. Melani Rayen

    I had a C -sec as one i didn’t get labour pain and the doctor waited for some hrs..She opted for C-sec as my water was getting reduced and when operated my lo legs and necks was rounded by the umbilical cord…The after effect of C-sec was really painful though

  6. My labour was induced because I was astounded due date. Vacuum was also used. I’m glad you busted these myths

  7. Neha gupta

    Thanks for sharing these myths and I so agree with you – labour is painful but so is an operation .. I have experienced both so can say this with certainty ..

  8. Ophira

    This is an encouraging write up. I had a normal delivery and my biggest takeaway from the experience was that I was anxious about labor all throughout my pregnancy for nothing. It was painful yes, but it was something I could manage at that time with the help of my support team. Having the right team around you at the time of birth is very crucial.

  9. The Average Mom

    I completely agree, birth is the most natural experience and what is most important is having the correct information about the same. Also, a low risk pregnant woman should be able to opt for a normal delivery and it is safe too

  10. Aesha

    When I told my Dr as I was nearing my due date that I am completely comfortable with a Normal delivery and is my preferred choice, I don’t if it’s just an unfortunate co incidence but suddenly my baby’s heartbeat started dropping from the normal rate. I had to visit every alternate day to get it monitored. The doctor didn’t want to take risk and I had to go for a C -section immediately on completion of nine months. After a C-section I had to suffer from problems like constipation and piles . It was unbearable, only if I would have had a Normal delivery I wouldn’t have to go through post delivery problems that come with a C-section delivery. In times when most hospitals promote a C-section to earn more money, Sitaram Bhartia is doing a wonderful service by guiding to be parents in the right way.

    1. TheMomSagas

      That must be tough Aesha! Can totally relate with the he problem of constipation. The pain after the csec is worse!

  11. Elina

    I can completely resonate with you Charu. I had muscle stiffness post csection and it was crazy painful. People say cesarean is the easy way out, it definitely isn’t

  12. Very helpful post. Every decision is best made by the mother. Having information is the best way to make an informed decision!

  13. Anchal

    These are great tips for expecting moms. You have actually explained all the myths that I believed in before I got pregnant and consulted different doctors

  14. Anupriya Gupta

    This was a much needed post in these times when C-Section surgery is gaining so much popularity. Every thing you have said in this post makes a lot of sense.

  15. beingmomtastic

    Thank you busting the myths !! So commonly believed by us people! This post is very helpful for first time mommies

  16. Deepa

    Great information for moms to be. Sitaram Bharatiya is a great hospital and it’s good for pregnancy and delivery.

  17. you have busted someof the very common myths…i am sure many expecting mom will be benefitted with your article…

  18. Udita Saklani

    I so agree to the most common myth of women being overweight and that they can deliver vaginally! Sometimes even the docs might advise against it, but like you said having the right doctor and consultation is so very important.

  19. Exotic Irfan

    Wow amazing article dear, I found what I was looking for, thanks for sharing this information

  20. Nitish

    We are planning a baby, thanks for the information.

  21. RamyaBarithaya

    Nice post… helpful for moms to be

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