You are currently viewing Cloudnine Hospital Launches It’s Excellent Services For Families In Navi Mumbai

Cloudnine Hospital Launches It’s Excellent Services For Families In Navi Mumbai

Cloudnine Hospital Expands It’s Footprint In The West With Navi Mumbai Launch.

Childbirth is one of the most beautiful experiences of a woman’s life. It is a life-changing event that makes a woman aware of her own strengths and abilities.

Every woman has a different pregnancy experience that is unique to her situation. However each woman looks for one thing that’s common to all- which is the right support system. Be it the support from family or from expert doctors- a woman needs the right guidance to successfully embark on the beautiful journey called ‘motherhood’.  One thing that can add to make her pregnancy experience all the more fulfilling and enriching is her Maternity Hospital.

Choosing the right maternity hospital is of utmost importance as it plays a major role in determining the course of the pregnancy. And so it’s always wise to select a hospital that houses all the facilities under one roof and provides personalized care to expecting mothers and babies. One of the hospitals that has emerged to be a pioneer in managing pregnancy from conception to delivery, is Cloudnine Hospital

About Cloudnine Hospital

Set up in 2007, Cloudnine Hospital is India’s premier destination for maternal, gynaecological, fertility, neonatal, and paediatric care. Following the principal of 3 C’s i.e, Clinical Excellence, Comprehensive Care and an atmosphere of Celebration, Cloudnine aims to ensure world class standards in woman and child healthcare.  Given to their  excellence in providing best maternal and neonatal care, Cloudnine Hospitals has been honoured as ‘The Best Women & Child Hospital in India’ by International Product and Service Award.

cloudnine hospital

With over 50,000 births, Cloudnine has spread its wings in 6 cities with 19 different facilities. It recently expanded its footprint in the West and launched another center in Vashi. I happened to be a part of the prestigious launch event that took place on 7th of December.

About Cloudnine Hospital Launch In Navi Mumbai

The new facility was inagurated by the renowned actress Shilpa Shetty and Dr Kishore Kumar, Founder and Chairman of Cloudnine group of hospitals.

During the launch ceremony Shilpa Shetty stressed upon the importance of choosing the right healthcare partner for delivery, and said :

‘Childbirth is a life-changing phenomena for a woman. It is important to choose a comfortable, trustworthy environment that can offer her a happy and stress-free atmosphere not just during the final month but also during the entire term of pregnancy’.

Dr. Kishore Kumar, talked about his vision behind his organisation and mentioned :

‘Our endeavor is to effectively bridge the gap between Indian and international standards of maternal and neonatal care. We are currently the only chain of hospitals to have achieved infant and maternal success rates comparable to developed countries in the West and we are staunchly committed to our motto of ‘healthy mothers and happy babies’.

Mr. Rohit MA, Co-founder and Managing Director, Cloudnine Group, added :

‘Pregnancy brings about multiple changes making parents doubtful of various elements like do’s and don’t’s, lifestyle to follow, correct diet, impact of their action on baby, etc. Increasingly, today we see cases where couples prefer having single child and thus demand best for care and facilities to make the moment of delivery a memorable one for the family. Parents need a trusted partner that could navigate them through this significant stage in their lives. Cloudnine Hospitals bring that every essence of care to Navi Mumbai’.

It was great to see such dignitaries talk about their mission to provide comprehensive and efficient healthcare services to families who are going to enter into the most beautiful phase of their life.

I also happened to take a quick tour of the hospital and got to see its state of the art facilities. Spread over two sprawling floors, it offers an all-inclusive solution to pregnant women and babies and holds all the services( like prenatal, neonatal,lactation, fitness and nutrition, etc) that a woman may require during the course of her journey.

What also caught my attention were the spacious rooms, neat and clean hygiene, cordial staff and the aesthetically designed theme based interiors on the walls– all that added to the make the atmosphere of the place ‘happy’ and ‘lively’. 

Here are some pics that would give you a sneak peek of the hospital

cloudnine hospital

cloudnine hospital
Spacious Waiting Area
Cloudnine Hospital
Well-ventilated Rooms
Room For Baby Bath
Consultation Room

Cloudnine Hospital
Beautiful Wall Decor

Pregnancy is the most precious experience for a family and Cloudnine Hospitals aim to make it all the more beautiful by providing its award-winning expert services. If you are from Navi Mumbai and expecting a baby, I would highly recommend you to check out their new facility.

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  1. alpanadeo

    You are right. Choosing efficient doctor’s, hospitals with good facilities is very important during pregnancy. Cloudnine has very well addressed all the needs of mom and baby. The pictures are self explanatory.

  2. We have Cloud Nine hospital here in Gurgaon as well, one of the best Maternity hospitals here. I am pretty sure the one in Mumbai would also stand up to it’s reputation & would be equally great.

  3. rohinijames

    Cloud Nine has been in Bangalore a long time now and made a name for themselves here. Glad to see them grow and provide their services to Navi Mumbai too.

  4. MerogAndMom

    I have visited cloud Nine Pune when my bestie gave birth to her first daughter. I was so much surprised to see the facilities they are providing in their hospital and how amazingly they are fulfilling all the needs of newborn and new mommy.

  5. Cloud nine was opening up during my pregnancy but took longer else i had plans to have my delivery there. am sure the one at mumbai wld be awesome too

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