Ways To Make Reading Fun & Interesting For Reluctant Readers

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Reluctant readers are basically those who do not enjoy reading and are forced to do so. Such readers actively resist reading and become easily frustrated when coaxed to pick up a book. Such behaviour is observed in kids if reading books is not encouraged in the right way and fun way.

Often parents mistake by introducing reading as a curriculum which a child has to follow like any other academic subject. Reading is not a subject. It is an activity to be incorporated in the child’s life and introduced in a fun way like any other activity.

Ways to make reading fun for reluctant readers

While some children develop a natural love for reading, there are some who may find it difficult or simply boring. Many young children are reluctant to read because either they are missing foundational skills or they have trouble sitting with a book for longer periods of time. But just because a child is a reluctant reader does not mean he or she cannot learn to enjoy it.

Here are few ways to make reading fun and interesting for reluctant readers:

Pick the right books
Making reading fun begins with picking the right kind of book your child will love to read. Ask your child what kind of books he/she would love to read. Pick a book of your child’s choice and not yours. Remember he has to read.

Interactive Read Aloud
Reading aloud a book to your child will ignite excitement in him/her. Make the story more fun with voice modulation and expressions. Ask questions in between and involve your child. Create the love for characters in your child’s heart by reading it interestingly and excitingly.

Act out the story
Help your child in adding excitement to the story with his/her imagination. Ask the child to draw a picture or act out the story as perceived by him/her.  Applaud and appreciate the child’s efforts. 

Create a separate reading space
Create a separate reading corner. Make it a colourful and cosy one. Allow the child to absorb the feel of the space.

Join the strings between books and life
Make associations between what the child is reading and his real life experiences. Read an adventure book before taking the child for camping. Then associate both. This will make reading more exciting for the child.

Introduce audio books
To children who are reluctant for reading, audio books create wonders. They are a great alternative to help make reading more enjoyable and also aid in improving the comprehension skills.

Join a book club
This will develop a fondness towards books in children. Meeting friends is also an excitement. This will encourage reading as children learn through imitation. Seeing other kids pick books they too will do so. Turning and flipping the pages will gradually attract their attention towards the content.

There’s no doubt that reading  works wonders in shaping a child’s imagination and develop various skills. So it’s important for parents to try to make reading fun from an early age.

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