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Managing Diarrhoea in Kids with Enterogermina #HappyTummies

#HappyTummies Mom Bloggers Meet By Enterogermina

Would you be surprised if I tell you that every one in three kids frequently suffer from diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea is a very common problem in children. It is mostly caused by an infection in the intestines that leads to crampy belly pain and watery motion. Sometimes seasonal changes, unhygienic conditions, travel, etc can also be its trigger.

Most new parents donot usually know what to do when the child is down with diarrhoea. I remember the first time my twins (A&A) caught the stomach infection, I was totally clueless about how to tackle it. We had just returned from our vacation and they both caught the infection together. They didn’t eat anything for almost two days and cried constantly due to stomach pain. Unable to handle the situation myself, I had to rush them to an emergency and seek an expert’s advice.

I recently attended #HappyTummiesMeet for mom bloggers in Mumbai that aimed to spread more awareness on the same. The objective of the meet was to make mothers share their experiences and help them understand the right ways to tackle diarrhoea with Enterogermina. I attended this meet with A&A and it turned out to be an insightful session for them and me.

#HappyTummies Bloggers Meet By Enterogermina
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Happy Tummies Meet By Enterogermina

It was an informative event with Dr Zinal Unadkat, a leading paediatrician from Mumbai, sharing her expertise on gut health in children and throwing light on management of diarrhoea. She explained in detail about the various types of stools and the main causes of diarrhoea in kids. Highlighting the red flags when a mom should be alarmed, she mentioned that sometimes children with diarrhoea face other symptoms too like fever, loss of appetite, headache, nausea, etc which require immediate attention and cure.

#HappyTummies Bloggers Meet By Enterogermina

Diarrhoea can be managed by increasing zinc intake, feeding breast milk to young kids, using boiled water and giving them fresh juices. Dr. Zinal also emphasized on the relevance of probiotics like Enterogermina in having a healthy gut. Taking probiotics as soon as possible during and after diarrhoea can help boost the recovery process.

Enterogermina is one such oral probiotic that helps to restore stomach balance and is Paediatrician’s No.1 Choice. Watch the video below to know more about it or visit their Facebook page. 

Fun and Learning at Happy Tummies Meet

Both mommies and kids learnt a lot from this meet. While I could get some of my doubts clarified and understand more about diarrhoea management, A&A too had their share of fun and learning.

#HappyTummies Bloggers meet by Enterogermina

During the event, some interesting activties were organized for kids to make them understand about healthy and junk food. They had to differentiate healthy food from junk food, throw the junk food in the trash and put the healthy food in their favorite character Popeye’s mouth. In a unique and fun way, they were made to understand how they should avoid the unhealthy food and consume the healthy ones everyday. A fun skit was also presented to make them understand about good bacteria and bad bacteria. 

#HappyTummiesMeet by Enterogermina

Post the event, I found myself better equipped to answer all the queries A&A had about the good and bad bacteria and could explain them all about healthy food . They now know that a probiotic like Enterogermina is a good bacteria that helps manages Diarrhoea.

Disclaimer : This post is part of a collaboration and the information, views, and opinion expressed in this article are personal. The brand nor the writer assume any liability for the contents, as it is meant to be for a public awareness initiative. The article is in no manner a replacement for a doctor’s consultation, or a medical recommendation or a prescription of treatment. Any reader is advised to specifically consult a doctor for more information and follow the suggested course of medical treatment.

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  1. Jiya B

    Honestly we always keep enterogermina at our home and I trust it always for my kids happy tummy.

  2. Ruchie

    Looks like fun yet most informative event and thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us!!

  3. I’ve been hearing about the product lately. Yes increasing good probiotics intake is a good way to keep kids healthy.

  4. Hema

    Enterogermina seems like a savior for kids. It is must to take care of kids tummy during monsoon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Deepika

    Thanks for sharing dear. I think we should always keep a necessary stock of essential medicine which we can give like first aid.Enterogermina is a good option for fighting diarrhoea.

  6. Deepa

    Enterogermina is very good for kids stomach. I use it for my kids. This must have been an informative session.

  7. Deepa Jaisingh

    Oh my Gosh, this is quite what i wanted to read, my sister’s kids are always sick will share it with her

  8. jhilmildsaha

    This is something every mom needs to know. Enterogermina is really helpful.

  9. This was such an eye opening event! There’s so much about diarrhea that I learned there and wasnt at all aware of before. Always helps to be well equipped with info especially when it affects our kids.

  10. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    My sister who is a pharmacist advised me abt this product. We have kept entergermina handy since then for our toddler

  11. Snehal K

    I did not know much about enterogermina before. Will suggest my aunt to try this for my lil cousin for diarrhea!

  12. Varsh

    This information is very useful. Probiotics are important and Enterogermina sounds like the perfect one. Will give it a try.

  13. rakhiparsai11984

    Enterogermina vials have been our best friend since the birth of my child. In fact even we as adults have taken them and it helps to keep the tummy indeed happy.

  14. Tina Basu

    we use Entarogermina at our home too for the son. Its safe and good probiotic

  15. Amrit kaur

    This is a saviour for kids to keep them away from diarrhea.

  16. Snigdha

    This seems very useful.. Enterogermina is great for diarrhoea.

  17. momtasticworld

    Enterogermia is a permanent part of out travel kit since I had a scary experience with my little one during one of the travel trips. She just wont stop puking and it scared the hell out of me, thankfully my elder sister was carrying this medicine and I gave it to my little one. I would definitely recommend it to other moms.

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