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How Right Brain Education Can Help Kids: Tickle Right

How Right Brain Education Can Help Kids

As parents, we all want our children to succeed in their endeavours and grow up to be a well-rounded personality. While there are varying schools of thoughts on how this can be achieved, one that I recently came across stressed on the importance of Right Brain Education. 

Did you know a child’s right brain develops first? Research claims that children become right brain dominant by the age of 3 or 4. On the other hand, the left brain functions become fully active when they are about 7 years old. That’s why the first 7 years are the most critical years for a child’s cognitive development.

Intrigued right? I was intrigued too! And this led me to read more on this topic and understand all about right brain education for kids. 

How Right Brain Education Can Help Kids
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What is Right Brain Education

A child’s brain is divided into- left brain and right brain. Both sides of the brain function differently. 

The LEFT BRAIN is the ‘reasoning brain’. It controls logical and reasoning abilities. It helps a child learn numerals, words, alphabets etc through repetition and reasoning. It’s main characteristic is it understands information at a very low speed and usually, one at a time.

The RIGHT BRAIN is emotional, creative and instinctive. It is the image brain, which processes the visual imagery, comprehends and makes sense of what the child sees. It is that side of the brain which allows children to learn fast, process large amounts of information together and think faster. 

Schools and education programs today teach to the left brain. For a child’s all-round development, a ‘whole brain synergy’ is required which happens by stimulating the right brain. 

The right brain education is an accelerated developmental program that employs early learning methods to nurture the right brain and develop a synergy between both sides of the brain leading to a superior and trained whole brain development. It is specifically designed for children in the age group of 0 to 7 years. It aims at improving children’s -memory and concentration, grasping power, creativity, analytical skills, and emotional intelligence. 

Young kids naturally have active right brain abilities. Their right brain develops fastest from birth upto the age of seven years. So exposing them to right brain activities during this crucial period helps develop their imagination, creativity, intuitive senses, analytical thinking, general knowledge and even self-confidence

A right brain trained child is usually able to concentrate better, focus for longer time duration and acquire superior comprehension ability. They are also able to articulate their thoughts better and have greater sensitivity and creativity.

How Right Brain Education Can Help Kids

About Tickle Right Education Program

Having learnt all about Right Brain Education and its importance in the early years of child development, I was keen on enrolling my kids to a good right brain education program. That’s when I came across Tickle Right – India’s leading right brain education program. 

Based on a Japanese Concept, Tickle Right Program is the first in India which works holistically on extracting the unadulterated potential of young children through interactive and engaging activities. The platform offers online education for children between the ages of 1.5 to 7 years. With a batch of 5-6 students the online classes are approximately 40 minutes long and happen once a week. Each session includes 15-20 fun-filled interactive activities performed in a short span of time which is ideal for the child’s brain development. (They also have multiple centres across the country for offline education. The strength of the class is 6 students and the duration is 50 minutes with 20-25 interactive activities.) 

Their primary focus is skill-building and through tailor-made, fun, right-brain activities they aim to build the following characteristics in kids – 

  • Photographic memory
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Audio-eidetic memory
  • Speed listening
  • Speed reading
  • Musical appreciation
  • High-speed mass memorization
  • Empathy
  • Heightened intuitiveness

My kids have been taking these classes for three months now. Not only do they enjoy their weekly sessions but also look forward to them. I particularly like two things about the way they conduct their classes – 

One, their teachers are well-trained in the field. They have a multi-lingual approach and focus on individual children. They conduct the entire sessions with ease and efficiency. 

Two, their program is also focussed to strengthen the parent-child bond. They encourage parents to sit with the child, so that they get a keen insight into the functioning of the class. I sit through each session with my kids and get motivated to participate in the various fun activities. It’s a fun experience to see the wonders of right brain training and how kids benefit from the same. 

I found Tickle Right as a perfect place to boost up my twin’s cognitive abilities in a fun-filled way, without the pressure of performing.  If you are looking to enrol your kids for a right brain education program, I would highly recommend this one. 

Every child is unique and a genius in his/her own way. The more information we provide to them, the more knowledge they absorb and acquire. Programs like Right Brain Education not only help identify their hidden talents early in life, but also help young minds reach their full potential. 

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Tickle Right. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal experience. 

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  1. Sandy N Vyjay

    The Tickle Right programme seems to be a great way to harness the potential of the child’s right brain. The initial years are the best to tap the latent creativity of the child.

  2. The Champa Tree

    It’s high time our educational scenario is shifted to right brain education style.Tickle right as the name suggest is indeed a right orientation on that front.

  3. jhilmildsaha

    Wow I am so amazed by this post!! Tickle Right Program is such a wonderful concept.

  4. pareshgodhwani

    Right brain education is a great concept. As you explained the role of right and left brain, it is designed to create much needed balance which is great. Let’s see how far it goes.

  5. Shubhada Bhide

    This is really insightful!! Right brain training can do wonders. Thanks for sharing about it.

  6. shubhadabhide

    This is really insightful!! Right brain training can do wonders. Thanks for sharing about it.

  7. Moumita Jana

    Tickle Right Education Program wow! So so new to me all these..these kinds of training will help kids mnay things there to know’s never ending.. thanks for sharing.

  8. Rupal Mistry

    I have heard about this earlier that Right brain works more than left brian. Well, the article here solves all the confusion for me.

  9. myworldwitheira

    Schools being the major responsibility holders for kids education should also make sure that the needs of not only left but also the right brain are taken care of. Tickle right Seema to be great at it.

  10. Jeannine

    This is interesting! Heard about how the right brain works a long time ago and this article helped me understand about it more. Thanks for writing about this.

  11. Snigdha

    Tickle right program seems a great opportunity. Right brain education is a very nice concept. This post is so insightful.

  12. Right brain functionalism is very important and it is better if we start exercising few activities for it. Good to know about the platform that ensures kids have right brain education too.

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