You are currently viewing Turkish Delights: Thrillophilia Turkey Tour Package Review

Turkish Delights: Thrillophilia Turkey Tour Package Review

Turkish Delights: Thrillophilia Turkey Tour Package Review

Me and my two best friends planned a trip to Turkey. We had already finalised our budget, the places that we wanted to visit and the activities we wanted to try. We just had to look for a suitable Turkey tour package for us.

We have always taken help from a travelling agency or website for all our travels. I believe this way it saves up a lot of our effort and time. As of now, we have tried around 2-3 different travelling websites. However, we faced some inconveniences on our last trip after which we decided to stick to one. As we were looking for our options, we came across Thrillophilia.

Thrillophilia’s site had a very catchy appearance and a wide range of packages. We loved that there were numerous options for Turkey tour package as well as a lot of positive reviews of Thrillophilia. After going through the reviews, we thought of connecting with a live representative of the company. After dropping in an inquiry about a package that was under our budget, we received a call within an hour.

The representative started by confirming the required details from us. Then he told us everything we needed to know about the package. He also suggested a few activities and tours that we could include in our package. Unfortunately, as we had a tight budget, we could not make any customizations.

After some discussion, we finalised the package and completed all the formalities. Next, we booked our flight tickets and started packing immediately.

A trip to Turkey ! 

We arrived at Istanbul airport from where our driver picked us up and took us straight to our pre-booked hotel. Our room had an amazing interior, a lavish bedroom, separate living room, and a balcony. We quickly freshened up and went downstairs to have our first lunch in Turkey.

Our first day was at leisure, so we decided to explore the place on our own. We explored the neighbourhood, interacted with a lot of friendly locals and purchased a few items from the local market. We even tried a few popular street foods like Gozleme, thin crepes filled with spices and meat and Guvec, made of cheese and chicken. It was a sweet and simple start to our trip, after which we headed back to our hotel.

Next day, our itinerary included a full tour of Istanbul. After our breakfast at the hotel, our driver came to pick us up. We started our tour from the heart of the city and visited the popular Hagia Sophia. Then we went to the Blue Mosque and took a lot of pictures as it had stunning architecture. Next we went to the Hippodrome, where we got to learn a lot about the history of the city. We ended the tour by visiting the Grand Bazaar from where we purchased a lot of souvenirs.

On day 3, we all got ready for our Bosphorus Cruise Ride. This was one of the most suggested activities which we got to know about while reading the Thrillophilia reviews. We checked out at our hotel and then our driver dropped us at Kabatas Pier, the starting point of the cruise. Cruising along the Bosphorus Strait was truly a phenomenal experience that I’ll never forget.

Turkey tour packages

We also got to see some of the most prominent landmarks of the city such as Dolmabahce Palace, Rumeli Fortress and Beylerbeyi Palace. After the cruise ride, our driver dropped us off at the Istanbul airport from where we took a flight to Izmir. We reached our destination in an hour, where we met our new driver who dropped us off at our pre-booked hotel.

Day fourth included a visit to the ancient place, Ephesus. This attraction is considered to be one of the best ancient ruins to witness. While I was admiring the beauty of the old architecture, our guide was enriching us with some interesting history facts. We got to know a lot about the Classical Greek Era.

We also visited the Temple of Artemis, Roman Baths and Curetes Street. Post excursion, we asked our driver to take us to a place that serves the best shawarmas. He took us to a small restaurant, named Efendi Döner. All three of us ordered three different shawarmas, full of different fillings. I am sure that it was not the best shawarma of the city but it was undoubtedly the best I had ever tasted.

Turkey tour packages

On day 5, our driver transferred us to Pamukkale. It has a stunning white landscape, due to which it is also referred to as the ‘Cotton Castle’. It is one of the must visit places that I will recommend to everyone. It is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site and an ideal place for photography. We spent most of our time taking pictures of each other and then explored the entire place. In the evening, our driver dropped us off at our pre-booked hotel in Pamukkale.

Day 6 was the end of our trip where we had to say goodbye to this beautiful country. We had a lot of fun, made a lot of memories and explored quite a lot. With a heavy heart, we packed our bags for the final time and left for the airport.

Thank you Thrillophilia !

Like I mentioned earlier, before this I had tried 2-3 travelling companies. However, this experience with Thrillophilia was something that I can not compare with any other experience. Everything was so well-planned and they did not give any opportunity to complain about a single thing.

I am so glad that I finally found the right platform and I will not have to look anywhere else now. Being a frequent traveller, it was very important to me to find a company that I can fully trust. After such a memorable and convenient trip, I am convinced that I can trust Thrillophilia. Since the reviews on this page somewhere helped me finalise my decision, I am also dropping this review of Thrillophilia in the hope that it might help someone else too.

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