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Shishu Sarothi – An Organization Empowering Children With Disability

Shishu Sarothi – A not-for-profit Civil Society Organization for Children With Disability 

People with disabilities face a lot of struggles, and while it’s easy for us to talk about them, it’s equally difficult to feel their problems and understand the myriad of challenges that they face on everyday basis.

The problems and needs of children with disability often go unnoticed. Right from infrastructural barriers to lack of facilities to social discrimination – they face difficulties at every level. Be it in schools or family gatherings – they are considered to be ‘different’ and are further isolated. While these children have to deal with their own issues of accessibility and mobility, they also have to deal with a society which is largely ignorant to their problems.

We usually believe that children with disability need care and sympathy, whereas what they actually need is much more ! They need RESPECT , they need EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES and they need INCLUSION . They need proper facilities that can help them reach their full-potential and be self-sufficient. I recently came across a renowned organization, Shishu Sarothi, that works in this regard and helps the children with disability realize their dreams.

Shishu Sarothi - An Organization Empowering Children With Disability
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About Shishu Sarothi

Shishu Sarothi Centre For Rehabilitation and Training For Multiple Disability is a right-based, non-government, not-for-profit CSO that offers a range of services for children with physical and developmental disabilities. Based in North-East, it was established in 1987 with the main focus of empowering these children and help them live their life fully. The NGO has a vision of an inclusive world that provides equal opportunity, respect and dignity to children and persons with disabilities.

Shishu Sarothi: An organization helping children with disability
Services Provided By Shishu Sarothi For Children With Disability

1. Education – Shishu Sarothi offers inclusive, quality education along with comprehensive computer aided training programmes to children with disability. They have a special scholarship programme (Bharti Infratel Scholarship) in eight North-Eastern states of India.

2. Livelihood– Their Disability Employment Initiatives (DEI) focus on economic empowerment of persons with disability and works towards enabling their access to various employment opportunities in public and private sectors.

3.Advocacy – They focus on providing legal aid to people with disability and work to influence policy changes through advocacy. Their Disability Law Unit is a special initiative, that offers help in litigation and conducts various sensitization programs.

4. Health– The organization promotes the health and well-being of these children through early intervention and management programs. They have an Early Intervention Unit that screens and assesses delays in developmental aspects; and also a Counseling Unit that assists and counsels parents in understanding the special needs of their children.

Success Story

Shishu Sarothi has many success stories to its credit. One such is of Puja Das- a girl with cerebral palsy and athetoid. She suffered delayed mental development, speech impairment, abnormal movement and muscle tone fluctuation. She was given educational and therapeutic inputs and was enrolled in Shishu Sarothi Play Group. At the end of the two terms, she was able to write alphabets and numbers, could perform her day-to-day activities and could express her feelings and needs in terms of gestures and few words. With the help of Shishu Sarothi and it’s intervention programs she was able to join a mainstream school. She participated in various arts and sports competitions and even won the first prize at running in Special Olympics 2013 held in Guwahati.

Shishu Sarothi: An organization empowering children with disability

The word ‘disability’ brings along various stigmas that a physically or mentally impaired person has to deal with and it’s far to imagine their emotional state of mind as they try to fight against these stigmas and lead a normal life. Shishu Sarothi aims to promote the inclusion and active participation of these children in a non-discriminating barrier-free environment. The organization has done a lot of good work in this regard and has been awarded by the President of India for the same. It is also empanelled with Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.

The good work and achievements of this organization has made me believe in their mission and support it wholeheartedly. I would urge you all to visit their website and read more about the work they do in this regard. In case you wish to contribute to their cause, you can also donate by clicking on the link here

Shishu Sarothi: An organization empowering children with disability
We, as individuals, cannot change the life of children with disability, but we can surely make it easy by supporting such organizations that solely work for their welfare and progress.

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  1. Tina Basu

    It’s so good to read these success stories. We need people to help them in whatever way they can.

  2. uttpalkhot

    We all need to join hands and empower them further so that they can do better every passing day in what they do. Thank you for using your blog for highlighting this body working for a wonderful social cause.

  3. Preeti Chauhan

    Great effort Charu ! Such social causes need more exposure in media and you did a good job .Every little bit goes a long way !

  4. jhilmildsaha

    A job well done should always be appreciated. They are doing a wonderful work and you have done your wonderful bit by covering their story.

  5. sayeridiary

    Its always pleasure to see that people are doing good for the child. I also want to be a part of such NGO. Good to see that you have covered their story.

  6. Sinduja

    Loved reading this article. It is so true that instead of showing them pity, helping them feel empowered enough to get what they truly deserve is commendable.

  7. Healthy Finds

    Great Work as you said in your post. as Title.
    “Shishu Sarothi – An Organization Empowering Children With Disability” you talk about children health so I like it. Your work is fab. That’s a great info for us. I’m also working on health problems. you can see it otherwise your post is too good. Keep it up…

  8. nameeshn24

    Rehab center for children with multiple disability, thats great. I always wish my best for successful running of these kind of organization. Would definitely like to see them open up at multiple places across the country.

  9. Minal Patil

    This is such a beautiful initiative. I appreciate every little effort taken in the direction to empower kids and would love to put in a little bit of my part by reading more about Shishu Sarothi and spreading the word.

  10. Varsha Gode

    This initiative is surely a lesson for everyone who think children with disabilities need only sympathy. There is alot more than sympathy and Shishu Sarothi is doing a fabulous job in helping these kids.

  11. Neha Sharma

    That’s true and also the saddest part that the children with disability get only sympathy not even proper care. They deserve respect and similar opportunities as normal kids and acceptance by the society. I am feeling really good after reading about Shishu Sarothi and their work. Much power to these people. Thanks for highlighting and bringing this topic to us Charu.

  12. This is a heart touching initiative. I will appreciate the patience and care that goes into making their lives beautiful. These kids are truly beautiful and blessed. Do let me know how I can be of any this cause.

  13. Shaily Tandon

    This is not just an initiative, this should be considered as a spar for a revolution and a newer world. Children with disability deserve equal rights and they should get them

  14. Monika Sehdev

    Excellent Job. Very strong Initiative taken for equal rights and justice for disable children !

  15. Runawaysparkler

    This is a wonderful organisation working for the welfare of the kids and the society at large.What a noble cause!!

  16. Deborah Miranda

    Such a great initiative. Glad bloggers like you are supporting the cause.

  17. Jhilmil

    Nothing could be better than such an institute helping our specially ables kids to reach their potential. Shall spread the word.

  18. mylittlemuffin

    Kudos to your for helping them reach more people. Loved reading about them and how they have helped so many kids. More power to them.

  19. Ashh G

    Great post. I like that you are sharing this on your blog and hopefully this will be read by many. Anyone who can, should help them in what every way possible.


  20. Papri Ganguly

    It feels great to know that there is someone who thinks about our special children. Love this post.

  21. Ms Tantrum Blog

    Love to read the success story and also its such a sad part that out country doesn’t have enough resources and fAcilities for best education of these kids, I like that you are reaching out to many people and sharing this via your blog.


  22. Such a noBle initiative to build and develop the personalities of children with disabilities to provide them with the basic right to education and learning. Fantastic work

  23. drbushran

    Great initiative by shishu sarothi to make life of the disable people easier and meaningful

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