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 Birthday of 2015 : The Most Memorable Day Of My Life

1/12/2015- The most dramatic yet memorable day of my life.

1st December happens to be my birthday. It is usually a day when I am made to feel special. However, in 2015 I had another reason to feel special. I had delivered my babies just three days before and it was my first birthday post motherhood.

My twins were born on 27th November 2015. As soon as they were born they were taken to NICU for observation. Since they were slightly below the average weight, doctors told us that their NICU stay will be extended, almost to 24 hours. We believed that it was for their good and hence complied. After a day, we got to know that my son has caught some infection and so his stay would continue till he is on the antibiotic course. Suspecting the same for my daughter, doctors advised her to be under observation too. We were finally told that both the kids will be out of NICU on 1st December.

For a mother, having given birth and yet not having the new-born kids by her side is something very difficult to imagine. For me, those three days were the longest days of my life. All through my pregnancy I waited for the day to arrive when I would see my kids. And when the time came where I could see them in front of my eyes, I couldn’t really cuddle or hold them in my arms.  I was advised rest and could meet my kids only twice or thrice a day for a maximum of half an hour. That phase of separation was tough and difficult to cope.  So, when I was told that my kids will finally be with me, I was elated beyond words. And more so because the date given was of my birthday. I thought that is the perfect gift I could get.


Finally, the happy day arrived and I was excited. However, as the day unfolded a series of dramatic events took place.

9 am:  We were waiting for the doctor. The nurse told us that the doctor would come for the regular morning rounds and would approve their discharge. Only after his approval, they would be able to bring the kids out of NICU.
11 am: The nurse informed us that the doctor is late by an hour and would take another one hour or so. Trying to maintain our calm, we waited.
12 am: The doctor arrived. After examining the kids for another half an hour, he gave the green signal and asked the staff to get the discharge papers ready.
1 pm: Sister brought the discharge papers. She waited for the doctor to sign them since he had left for lunch. Meanwhile she told us to get our kids’ clothes ready. They were so far wearing the clothes provided by NICU.
2 pm: Doctor arrived. He signed on the papers but told the nurse to discharge the kids only after giving them their next feed.
2.30 pm: My kids were given their feed. While drinking my daughter vomited and sister started to panic. In a hurry, she called the doctor again.
3 pm: Since the senior doctor wasn’t available immediately, the junior doctor arrived. She examined my kids again. While she approved for my son’s discharge, she refused it for my daughter and told the nurse to put the case on hold till the senior doctor comes.
4 pm: By this time, I was not just disappointed but almost in tears. The excitement of having my kids by my side after the three long days, soon turned into uncertainty. I wanted both my kids to be with me. I couldn’t take another day of separation. My husband came to me and tried to convince, but I was crying inconsolably. He told me to cheer up since it was my birthday. I told him to get me my birthday gift- i.e. both my kids.
4.30 pm: The nurse got my son in the room. He was covered in an orange coloured wrapping sheet. He was awake and trying to understand the new environment around him. I kept admiring him for sometime.
5 pm: I told my husband to ask the doctor about our daughter. I kept praying to lord that there is no major reason behind her vomiting and that she is allowed for the discharge too.
5:30 pm: The doctor arrived and examined my daughter again. After examining her, he kept discussing something with his team for the next half an hour.
6 pm: My husband couldn’t take the suspense anymore. He barged into their conversation and asked the doctor what’s the status. Finally, the doctor replied that all is well with her and that she can be taken to my room too.
6:15pm: My husband decided to surprise me. He came in the room and told that the doctors are uncertain and want to observe her for another day. Saying this, he left for some work.
6:30 pm: I had lost all hopes. Hugging my son, I kept crying thinking about my daughter whom I desperately wanted to be with.
7 pm: Someone knocked the door of my room. I saw the sister bringing my daughter. Wrapped in a pink sheet, she was sleeping yet smiling. I was surprised and teary eyed again.
7:30 pm: I saw my husband entering the room with a cake and candles. We finally celebrated my birthday with both my kids in our arms.

I did get the best gift of my life on that specific birthday. Even though I delivered on 27th November, I technically got to enjoy motherhood from 1st December onwards.

Every time I would see my kids, I would shed a few tears while showering a thousand kisses on them. Now after a year and half when I reminisce that day, I realise how much I cried. My kids would have been with me anyway sooner or later but at that time, I was beyond consolable and not in the capacity to think this way.

The birthday brought two important realizations of my life as a new mother. One; I got to know about my capacity to cry and that I can express almost all my emotions through tears. Two; I got to know about my capacity to love and that I could actually hold pieces of my heart in my hand and love them beyond measure.


 I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. This is my post for Day 4 based on the prompt- ‘day in your life or someone else’s life’. Also read my post on Day 3’s prompt- Bhopal: A City Mapped In My Heart

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  1. sayeridiaryayeri

    Amazing! Only a mother could feel it I think. Read the entire post.I dont know, how could you manage Twins! ?

  2. Vasantha Vivek

    Great reading your story. You have articulated well. I could understand your anxiety. Glad that your birthday ended with your most expected gift.

  3. Mummasaurus

    i cant even fathom the pain in your ordeal. But at the end of the day, all that matters is that they are fit and fine now.

  4. Anchal

    That was a great birthday. And I loved the picture you have shared. Must be a memorable day ?

  5. I can’t imagine how you must have felt Charu. I’m glad it all worked out in the end and it was a memorable birthday surprise.

  6. I can so relate to it dear my second one was in NICU for almost a month and it was the same feeling as you of not having my little one by my side.

  7. Such a joyful read. I truly felt the ups and downs of your emotions. And the cake was the cherry on top. ❤

  8. kreativemommy

    Such a sweet and heartfelt post. Only bwhen you are a mom you realise all these things..the unlimited love and care for someone.

  9. Rakhi Parsai

    I am sure you got the best gift of your life. Your own two bundle of joys. Loved the picture with their name tags kept above their head.

  10. This is so amazing. My kids were born on 27th November and my husband’s B’day is on 11th December. I still remember how tired & exhausted we were and ended up looking like zombies while cutting the cake.

  11. Disha

    Triple the happiness for your birthday! I could feel the anxiety in the words while I was reading. Your twins look adorable. ?

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