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Best Indian Mythological Books For Kids

When we talk about India and its culture, mythology holds a very strong position. Mythological fiction has emerged as very interesting and intriguing genre in the field of writing. We have grown up listening mythological stories, imparting knowledge and moral behaviour. We should tell or read out mythological books to the present generation, for they are full of rich insights into humanity and history.

Mythological books contain timeless story telling elements that prove beneficial to our kids. These books provide an insight into various cultures and history of people. They are helpful in cultivating the value of appreciation, not only for our own heritage but other cultures too. They also enrich a child’s imagination and help them create a beautiful world of their own. Culture is ultimately what defines our society, and what we stand for. In a world where our morals and values are challenged every day, a good grounding and understanding of what made us, who we are can help our children stay strong.

Sharing a few mythological books that you must read to growing kids. 
Best Mythological Books For Kids
Ramayana- The Epic Journey (by Sterling Publication) 

Best Mythological books for kids

This is a lovely book through which our children can get a basic understanding of Ram’s story and why it is relevant to our culture. Children also learn the significance of festival of lights- Diwali and why it is celebrated. 

Book Of Vishnu By Nanditha Krishna

This book takes a young reader through the entire dasha- avataar and touches upon the moral value of good triumphs over evil

Hanuman’s Ramayana by Tulika Publication

This books unfolds the beautiful story of Hanuman’s love and devotion for lord Ram. A must read book for all kids.

Dussehra By Diamond Comics

Best mythological books

This book brings you wonderful stories about Dussehra and Durga Pooja- the myths and legends of the festival and why we celebrate it.

Festivals of India by Om Books

The colourful festivals of India are an integral part of the life of its people. These are symbols of the rich cultural heritage of this diverse land. This beautifully illustrated book tells our young readers about festivals from the story behind why each festival is celebrated.

Mythology teaches moral values to children in a way that holds their interest. They learn the importance and meaning of festivals and customs that are frequently seen in Indian culture. It teaches kids to respect their elders, teachers and peers. It instils the value of discipline in children. Kids at a young age should be introduced with such books which not only develop their imaginative skills, but also linguistic abilities and good values.

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