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Should We Read Non-fiction Books To Young Kids

A good non-fiction book when introduced to children with fun facts and illustrations inspires the child to read further. Non-fiction books, as we all know tell us facts and information about the world around us. If it is something that really happened or something that really exists, it is non-fiction. These books have beautiful illustrations and words that attract the young minds and encourage reading. Such books raise awareness about topics that were previously unfamiliar to your child.

Introduce your child to such reading material that makes reading interesting.

Should we read non-fiction books to young kids

Here are few reasons why you should read non-fiction books to your kids are:

  •  Such books give children a glimpse at how the world works and allows them to explore unfamiliar places, animals, cultures, and concepts.
  • Non-fiction books builds on a child’s interests and curiosity, increases vocabulary and deepens background knowledge.
  • It helps children handle new life experiences and changes. They learn valuable life lessons, helping them to avoid pitfalls and make the most of the new opportunities.
  • These books can motivate reluctant readers by capitalizing on their curiosity and interest in the world around them. Reading requires focus and fifteen minutes of productive reading or listening to non-fiction will put in a more focused mind set in kids.
  • These books prepare kids for higher grades as they are aware of the real happenings around the world.  By exposing to non-fiction books kids will become better communicators.
  • Reading non-fiction books is a workout for the brain. It improves memory and analytical skills of kids.
Here are a few non-fiction books kids that you should read to the kids-
For younger kids
  • Who am I series by Sawan
  • Planets: The Solar System
  • Little Kids First Big Book of Why – by National Georgraphic Kids
    -366 words in Delhi (by FunOk please)
  • Cut Out Board Books : Penguin/Dolphin/Tiger (Ombooks tutorial)
For little older kids (above 5 or so) 
  • 365 Facts On Space (Dreamland Publications)
  • I am Malala – by Malala Yousafzai
  • Little Leaders : Visionary Women Around the World by Vashti Harrison
  • Anne Frank : Diary Of A Young Girl – By Anne Frank
  • This Is How We Do It – by Matt Lamothe

Reading engages the mind and reduces stress. And reading non-fiction means enjoying the reality. Non-fiction has its own flavour. It is like having a conversation with the writer. These books enable children to think out of the box and to create their own ideas.

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