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Back To School Safety Tips For Parents During A Pandemic

Returning to school during the pandemic holds a completely new meaning and also, new set of challenges for parents. 

After months of online schooling, the education department has proposed to reopen schools in a phased manner. While most schools must be preparing to have kids back on campus, we as parents cannot stop worrying about their safety and wellbeing. Along with ensuring that the school follows all the necessary protocols and hygiene standards, we also need to prepare our kids on how to adjust to the new normal and take best precautions while going back to school.

Here are a few safety tips for parents to teach their kids once they are back to school during the pandemic:
Back To School Safety Tips For Parents and children
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1) Talk to the child and reinforce everyday precautions 

Most kids are aware of coronavirus and its impact. So simply talk to them about the situation and empower them to do their part to help stop the spread. They need to know and understand how to keep themselves and others protected. 

2)  Build the habit of wearing the mask 

By now all kids must have become habitual of wearing a mask. If not, make them wear a mask in the house for a minimum three hours a day. This will prepare them for wearing the mask on for longer hours when in school. 

3) Keep a stock of masks 

Have a mask for every day. Since cloth masks need to be washed before being used again, having enough masks will ensure that the child always has a clean mask to wear daily. You can also keep an extra mask in their school bag for emergency purposes.

4) Teach proper mask handling

My kids are habitual of wearing a mask, but they still don’t know how to handle it properly. We have to teach kids to handle the mask with care. While wearing or removing the mask, they should only handle the ear loops or tie strings and disinfect or wash their hands immediately after. If using a disposable mask, they should know how to properly dispose it off. 

5) Hand Washing and Sanitizing 

Reinforce the idea of washing hands with soap frequently and regularly. It’s best to place a bottle of sanitizer in the child’s bag in a way that it’s easily accessible. Kids should know how to use the sanitizer properly to prevent the spread of germs

6) Maintaining social distancing

Till now kids have been studying online from home, so they may not be completely aware of how to practice social distancing. It’s best to train them for the new normal. I have taught my kids the one-arm-distance rule and how they should maintain the distance by extending both their arms. If reiterated everyday about how to do so, young kids tend to remember it better.

7) Advocate avoiding unnecessary touching

Train children to avoid touching unnecessary surfaces. While meeting friends they need to avoid hugging or shaking hands. Make them understand why they should use their own water bottles and eat from their own tiffin boxes. Kids are sensitive and since birth we have been teaching them about the value of sharing. However, the new normal demands no sharing for health precautions. So, we need to explain this to our kids with utmost sensitivity and care.

8) Follow the school’s instruction list

It’s going to be a completely different kind of school year. Do check with school the safety measures and protocol they will be following. Most schools will be ensuring complete hygiene and intensive cleaning especially of the high-touch areas like doors, knobs etc. They may ask for disinfectant wipes, extra tissues or facial tissues to be kept in the child’s bag to help make sure the classrooms have enough hygiene supplies for all the students.

As parents our duties do not end in teaching children about measures to be followed when back in school during the pandemic. We also shoulder a big responsibility of securing their future which needs equal care and attention

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  1. Rakhi Jayashankar

    It is a scary situation for all mothers. I always wonder what if my kids wear other kids’ masks n all. Touch everywhere omg I get hysteric. Though keeping my three kids home is nightmare but sending them out is equally scary.

    1. The Mom Sagas

      Can totally relate. That’s why we got to start preparing them from now on how to adjust to this new reality.

  2. The Champa Tree

    Once schools start, mothers would die of panic. Everything can be taught but will they follow social distancing once they see their friends? Anyways we have to get used to this new normal. Otherwise there is no way out. Thanks for the tips.

    1. The Mom Sagas

      Oh indeed. That’s what we need to start preparing our kids now itself for the new normal.

  3. Outset Books

    There was a meme showing kids fighting for masks. Then we laughed it off but it is soon going to be a scary reality. Thank you so much for the kids. It would be beneficial to all.

  4. Varsh

    Honestly, I’m still worried about sending my kids to school, especially my 6yo daughter. Reinforcing safety precautions and proper mask handling are extremely important. Also, I would add asking them to avoid sharing tiffins for now.

    1. The Mom Sagas

      Yes, very imp. I have mentioned about this. No sharing tiffin and drinking from their own bottle.

  5. Doctor mommy

    Its really unimaginable to send kids to school at a time when newer strains are arising in different parts of the world and we don’t know much about their infectivity and incubation periods. The coming few months will be full of uncertainty thats for sure.

  6. Sweetannu

    That fear of sending kids back to school is lurking in every moms head. But not if we follow the protocol and instructions of the school. Thanks your post was a great help

  7. Metamorphosis

    I am already panicking just with the thought of reopening of schools. These are some great tips.. We need to educate kids with the consequences and self care which is of utmost importance.

  8. Ujjwal Mishra

    Today or tomorrow, that day is going to come sooner or later when schools will reopen. Preparing kids forthe same will be a good idea. They need to manage themselves once in school.

  9. TripleAmommy

    All are important tips and I guess at some point we will need to send our kids to school, however scared we may be. Hence best to be prepared!

  10. Neha Sharma

    I can’t even imagine this scenario, I really can’t let my child go back to school during the pandemic. Even if the cases are going down and the vaccine is on its way, why to take risk with little children. But yes can’t really say anything what’s gonna happen in the next few months. These safety tips will come really handy if the situation arises.

  11. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Honestly I am not yet prepare to send my girls to in person school. but really like all your tips, as a parent it is our responsibility to teach our kids every possible safety measures to protect them against this dreading disease. will check ICICI ‘s smart term plan .sounds good to me.

  12. I get jitters when school will start post pandemic because teaching kids all the steps will be a difficult task. I like the idea of making it as habit before school opens and this can come with practise. We as a family have not ventured out in the pandemic and only went out in necessary hours, so I have to really teach my little one all the steps properly.

  13. mummatalks

    I cant even imagine my kids going to school as of now coz I know that no matter how much we prepare them, they will forget everything once with friends whom they will meet after such a long time and even at the back of our mind we will be insecure about our kids safety.

  14. myworldwitheira

    It’s going to be difficult for parents to send their kids to school first of all. Taking preventive measures and teaching kids the right way to handle each and every thing is the best way to go.

  15. Harjeet Kaur

    This is a must read for all parents with school going kids. Plus I didnt know about ICICI prudentuial covering Covid as well. Thanks for sharing this info

  16. Ruchie

    Being a parent we are also little worried how to cope with new normal with school and sending them. I agree with the pointers you shared we need to follow instructions by school and educate kids too.

  17. LifeCoachPreet

    First of all I really like the tips shared by you here. With the current situation it becomes vital that we start preparing our children for the coming challenges. I found your tips quite helpful. Also, I am too intrigued to know more about this investment plan. Will definitely check it out.

  18. Judy Morris

    In Delhi NCR I dont think schools are set to open anytime soon. But yes there is a lot of tension in every parents house. Thanks for these safety tips after the schools starts

  19. jhilmildsaha

    This is a situation we all have to go through this year, sooner or later. We need to be extremely cautious in giving our kids the right training while adjusting to the new rules of schooling during pandemic.

  20. Going back to school is going to be so challenging these tips will definitely be helpful though I have my doubt how much the children will follow all these guidelines once they are back and a few hours into being with their friends again

  21. Amritha Srinath

    It is such a scary feeling to send our kids back to school. I really do hope that for pre-primary, it still stays online. Better be safe than sorry. Nevertheless, these are some important and apt tips Charu. Shall definitely keep them in mind. Bookmarking your page.

  22. Snigdha

    I can’t even imagine to send my little one to school after the reopening . Even every mother will die in panic . But we have no other option , just to absorb this new normal.

  23. Sehar

    This article is a need of an hour, Well written 👏 👌

  24. Morgan Mendoza

    Great tips! It’s difficult for mother’s to keep the kids safe and entertained at this time

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