6 Unique Birthday Party Themes For Toddlers

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Looking for some creative party ideas for your child’s next birthday? Check out these 6 fun and unique birthday party themes for toddlers.

Themed birthday parties are a fad these days. They are exciting to attend and even more fun to host and organize. They do require proper planning and some extra preparation on the part of parents but at the end they are an absolute ‘hit’ among kids.

For our twins’ first birthday, we hosted a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed party. A&A didn’t have many favorites at that age and Mickey and Minnie were the only two characters that they recognized well. Now as they have grown up, they have their own list of choices and preferences. So planning a themed birthday party is all the more exciting. For their upcoming birthdays, we have decided to explore different themes which are unique yet are in accordance with their interests and liking.

In this post I have listed 6 fun and most unique birthday party themes for toddlers that you can organize within the bounds of your house. All these unique birthday party themes are easy to plan and simple to arrange. You can easily modify them as per your child’s preferences and even involve your little one in the entire planning and preparation stage.

Unique birthday party themes for toddlers

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Unique Birthday Party Themes For Toddlers

Fruit-themed party

Unique birthday party themes for toddlers

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Choose your child’s favorite fruit/fruits and plan a party with a theme as simple as that. A&A favorite is a pineapple so a pineapple-themed party is surely on our cards for one of their birthdays. You can keep the dress code as yellow and green. Decorate the snack table with palm leaves and include props like pineapple-shaped hats. You can also arrange a fruit station at a corner with space for various craft activities. Arrange for all the material and let your little guests draw, color or make their own pineapple hats. Let Pineapple be the key ingredient in the food menu. Be it pineapple cake and chocolate drizzled pineapple pops for kids or pineapple juice/shake shots for adults, give your party a unique, healthy and fruity twist.

Emoji party
Unique birthday party themes for toddlers

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What’s better than an emoji-party for the next generation tech-savvy kids? This one could be pure fun with an array of emoji decals on wall. You can make your own emoji balloons by drawing an emoji face on a plain yellow colored balloon. Keep fun games around emoji masks asking kids to draw it or perform an activity with it. Include emoji pops on the cake table. (Read here on how to make one) and slip a happy-emoji thank you note (may be, made by your own kids) in the return goody bags.

Nursery Rhyme Themed Bash
Unique birthday party themes for toddlers

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Each toddler has a favorite when it comes to nursery rhymes. Simply choose your child’s most loved one and plan a theme around that. A&A’s favorite is ‘Wheels On The Bus’ and I can imagine their excitement if ever I host a party based on that. Use nursery rhymes posters to hang on the walls. Alternatively you can even make cardboard cutouts of different sizes and use them to decorate the cake table. Let the famous nursery rhymes be the music of the day. You can also host a rhyme based singing or dancing session among the little guests. Ask the parents to join in too so that it becomes exciting for both kids and adults.

Library or Books Themed Party
Unique birthday party themes for toddlers

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Treat your tiny bookworms with a library themed birthday party. This is apt for kids who enjoy books and library sessions. Let your invitation card be in the form of a mini-book. Decorate the walls with the quotes, rhymes and characters from famous kids’ books. Include games like chain-storytelling or guess the author. You can even ask your little guests to come dressed as their most favorite character. Include a book or bookmark-shaped cake pops/sticks and let the return gifts be a bundle of kids books.

Carnival party
Unique birthday party themes for toddlers

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Ever thought that an old-fashioned carnival can be the most entertaining birthday party theme? Host a party full of amusement with colored balloons, different flavored pop corns and circus games. Keep the decor red and white and include colorful joker hats and masks as props. Create different activity booths with games like balloon darts, ring toss, face painting etc. Let the little ladies and gentleman witness a fun and exciting extravaganza while relishing some clown cupcakes and ice creams.  

Play Area Themed Party
Unique birthday party themes for toddlers

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Kids love to jump, bounce and slide, so a play zone themed party will undoubtedly be a success among kids. Keep the decorations simple and create a mini soft play area with trampolines, ball pool, slides, rockers, bouncy, etc. You can easily take toys on rent and create a play zone at any venue you plan to host- be it your house or terrace, open lawn or any party hall. If you are from Mumbai, you can check Chandamamaworld World that creates a fun kids’ play area set up and offers robust, safe and well-sanitized toys and equipment on rent. They offer different packages based on the requirement at affordable prizes. Well, you need not book an expensive play zone as your party venue anymore. You can instead bring a play zone to your venue and host an unforgettable, fun and exciting birthday bash for your little one.

Birthdays are always special and celebrating them in a unique way only adds to the child’s growing-up memories. So, which of these unique birthday party themes are you going to choose for your child’s next birthday ? Share with us in the comments below.


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