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5 Things Parents Shouldn’t Do for Their Children

Attention Parents! Here are five things you shouldn’t do for your children

Sometimes we help our children way too much. It’s hard to step back and let them do things on their own. Our parental instinct always wants to safeguard them in every possible way. But sometimes we overdo it and we don’t even realise. In this article, read 5 things parents shouldn’t do for their children.

Till a year back, everytime I’d take my kids to garden and someone would ask their names, I would always jump in to answer on their behalf. Even if they could answer well, I somehow always spoke first! (No idea why, may be it just happened naturally given to my over protective nature) but I kept doing this for so long and I realised it was so Wrong! Once kids learn to speak we need to step back and give them a chance to talk for themselves. Honestly, there were so many things I felt I was ‘overdoing’ this way! That’s when I made a conscious effort to stop.

Over the years I have learnt if we want our kids to grow into confident, self-sufficient adults then there are certain things we need to stop doing as parents!

Sharing below what I, as a parent, would avoid doing for my kid.

Things Parents Shouldn’t Do For Their Children 

Things Parents Shouldn't Do For their children
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Choose their hobbies and interests

‘I couldn’t pursue my love for dance dance and now I want my daughter to learn the same’. Or ‘her cousin is learning piano, she should also join’. How many of us think this way?

We got to stop imposing our hobbies or unfulfilled dreams on our children. Instead let them choose their interests. Notice what they like to do, their inclination and then help them decide

Talk on their behalf

Walking in the garden, everytime someone would ask my kids – ‘what’s your name’. I would immediately jump in to answer!

We got to stop this habit as soon a our kids start talking. Let them answer on their own. If they don’t answer, give them hints but don’t answer on their behalf.

Help them too much

A 5 year old kid can eat on his own, put his plate in the sink, clean his clothes and wash hands. Let kids do things they can do at their age.

For us, kids would never grow up and would always need our ‘help’. But we need to learn how much to help and where to stop. Let them do as much possible by themselves.

Decide their tastes/likings

A lot of times we make the mistake of imposing our likings on our kids (unknowingly though!). Be it our taste in food or music, clothes or books.

We need to let their individuality bloom. That can only happen when they develop their own liking and learn to express them.

Choose their gifts/presents

Birthday presents are special. Let kids decide what they want. We may not be able to fulfill all their wishes and its okay to let kids know that.

But don’t stop them from choosing as it gives them the ability to decide for themselves. One skill that will surely help them in life!

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    its great to have them choose their gifts but there is a thin line between letting them have whatever they want and letting them choose what they want.

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