You are currently viewing 7 Things I Want My Daughter to Know & Follow in Life!

7 Things I Want My Daughter to Know & Follow in Life!

7 Things I want my daughter to know and always follow in life!

We recently celebrated daughters day and while I am all in favour of this day and celebrate it with full gusto with my girl, I also believe that each day spent with her is Daughter’s Day!

For us, daughters day is Everyday and we like to cherish it that way.

As my girl is growing up, I want her to know a few things about life and always follow them. These are simple life-lessons that I myself learnt pretty late in life but I want my girl to understand these early and follow them whole-heartedly.

7 Things I want my daughter to know and follow in life 
Things i want my daughter to know & Follow in Life
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🌸 Love yourself first. Pay attention to self. Know what you want in life and strive to achieve that.

🌸 It’s ok if you don’t want to wear high heels or a flashy dress to a party. But if you do, wear it regardless of your height or weight.

🌸 No one is perfect in life. Not even your parents. (Which is why you’ll probably have to learn driving from your dad and I can teach you some bit of cooking 😉).

🌸 Don’t be afraid to say the word ‘No’. You don’t have to do something that you don’t want to. (Homework will be an exception in this case though 😂).

🌸 You don’t have to always be nice, but always be kind. And treat everyone with respect. (Be it a janitor or your teachers in school or even your parents 😅).

🌸 You will come across all kinds of people in life. Some will uplift you (Treasure them!), some will pull you down. Forgive the latter and move on in life.

🌸Most importantly, believe in yourself because no one will do it till you learn to value yourself first!

With these life-lessons, I hope she grows into an independent, smart, confident woman who can live her life on her own terms!

Happy Daughter’s Day, EVERYDAY!

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  1. Madhu Bindra

    These are very honest and important lessons for a mother to teach her daughter. Each and everyone one is equally important. Your daughter is adorable. God bless.

  2. Such beautiful simple yet deep points. I love your style of writing mixed with humour it makes it easier to ingrain

  3. foodopium

    Very good points covered 🙂 shared it with my daughter too..!

  4. Varsh

    As a mother I would say my daughter the exact same things. Such a feel-good post and something we need to remind ourselves too. Love self, no matter what.

  5. Suchita

    I love how you have drawn a difference between niceness and kindness.

  6. I love the first one the most. We are considered as nurturers and expected to take care of everyone but ourselves. I wish someone had reminded me of this once in a while!

  7. Deepti Menon

    Such a beautiful post with some wonderful advice to all daughters! Your daughter is lucky to have a mom like you. God bless!

  8. Archana

    As a mother I couldn’t agree more on each pointer. I like the all the pointers with a slight humorous touch that’s what we call mother, who knows how to keep fun alive in every learning. Brilliant!

  9. Aurora M

    May be Mom can teach driving and dad cooking ! Yes , no one is perfect. Accept the imperfections.

  10. Leha

    Valuable points, homework is an exception to say no to, that was funny 😛

  11. Harshita

    I do not have a daughter, but these are the values that irrespective of gender that can be taught to our children

  12. You should create an infographic around this post. I would love to take a printout and put it up for my 7-year-old daughter. Thank you for this one!

  13. Sonali Baidya

    I agree with your points.Such an important point you shared.

  14. Hansa K

    beautiful pointers. I too am raising my daughter teaching her to be a strong in her own stride.

  15. The Siriusgram

    Omg ! Your daughter will treasure this article forever! Love it.

  16. jayanthi6

    Nice thoughts for your daughter…:) I also teach my daughter some of these things along with the need to be financially independent…

  17. Neerja Bhatnagar

    True.. This is the right way to bring up a daughter. Love and blessings to both of you.

  18. fabzindia

    Absolutely loved this!!

  19. Ginia

    Teaching daughters to be mentally strong is of extreme importance. Really liked reading this post Charu.

  20. Adi Sathe

    These are very important life lessons. Nuggets of wisdom!

  21. A Rustic Mind

    Such important learnings. I’m sure she’s gonna grow to be a confident woman

  22. Shalzz

    This post melted my heart! Your daughter is blessed to have a mom like you.


    I tell my kids these everytime I feel they are letting life get the better of them. Crying is not bad. But keeping a grudge is.

  24. Deepa

    This is such a sweet post. Its important to teach our daughters all these things.

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