How To Make Bath Time Fun For Kids

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Tips To Make Bath Time Fun For Kids. 

Bath time is one special time, a perfect opportunity to bond with our kids. It’s a lot of fun and can even be educational. However, there are few babies or toddlers who throw a lot of tantrums and even dread bath time. My kids, A&A, were no different when they were around 1 year of age. They would resist bathing and would cry a lot. The only reason I could figure out probably was the fear of water. So I planned to make bath time fun for them. I introduced a lot of activties and games to make bath time special and let my kids enjoy it.

Sharing below few tips that I follow and that work for me to make bath time fun for my kids:
Bath time fun for kids

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1. Letting bath time be a play time: Our bath time is no different than play time. We splash water, play with soap lather, blow bubbles in the air. To begin with, as a parent, I myself stopped taking bath as the regular baby chore. Rather added playfulness around it to make it fun.

2. Use water toys: Initially I brought a lot of water toys in the bath tub like rubber duckies, turtles, mini water guns, etc and let my kids play with it. Initial fifteen minutes I would let them play and then start the bathing process. Now at 3 years they don’t take elongated baths but they do take their soft toys, cars, etc to play or wash daily while bathing and I don’t stop them either.

3. Sing Songs/Rhymes/Tell Stories: There are days when toys don’t work, but I try other ways to keep kids engaged. We sing songs, rhymes, tell a story or sometimes just talk. This also gives us a little moment with kids to bond and interact.

4. Tell the child about the technique of bathing: Most kids want to bathe themselves. Initially I used to stop A&A from using the mug or soap themselves as I would fear they may put in eye or hurt themselves. But I realised the more I stop, the more they want to do. So instead of stopping, I let them do and infact teach them the proper technique of bathing. Like how to pour water over head, how to keep water/soap out of their face by tilting their head back, how to wrap a towel, etc. When we talk and inform them about the bathing techniques they become more comfortable and feel secured.

5. Keep the surrounding well protected: While giving them freedom to explore bathing on their own, make sure that they are safe. Put mats below to avoid them slipping, ensure there are no sharp objects nearby, check the temperature of the water, etc. Kids too tend to enjoy bathing if they know they are safe.

6. Introduce Fun & Educational Activities Once my kids started enjoying their bath time, I introduced some educational activties too that ensured fun as well as learning new things. For example-

Coloured IceI add coloured ice cubes in water to let them have some sensory fun and make them understand the concept of colours, cold , hot, etc

Add non-breakable containers of various sizes in the bath tub:  We practice pouring water water from one container to another. This helped them to learn concepts like ‘full / empty’, etc while developing their motor skills. 

Bring toys that explain science of water: We get a few toys that sink in water & few that float in water. Initially A&A didnot understand the concept but a visual image was formed in their mind. Now they know the concepts of sinking, floating, etc. We even experiment with salt, sand, etc to know what dissolves in water and what not.

Bath time fun for kids

Bath time has great potential- both for learning as well as fun. It’s best to ignore the mess and let the little one enjoy to the fullest. Make this time, a time of bonding and building memories. I hope these tips and activities help you to make your kids’ bath time fun and exciting.

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