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How to Build a Strong Connection with Children

How to Build a Strong Connection with Children

‘To be in children’s memories tomorrow, we have to be in their lives today.’

We love our children but we need to put our love into our actions and words, for them to feel it. One thing we need to focus on, as parents, is to build a strong connection with our children.

The intensity of a parent-child connection results from how much we connect with our babies, right from the beginning.

Here are few ways for parents to build a connection with their children in their daily routine, through everyday habits.
How to build a strong connection with children
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  1. Give them at least 30 minutes of undivided attention every day. Don’t let anything distract you and don’t think about your to-do-list. Let the child know he/she really matters more than anything else.

  2. Connect with children by getting involved in their daily activities. Whatever the child picks to do, follow their lead. Ask questions, discuss and let them know that their ideas are important. Use their ideas while playing with them. Call it your ‘Special Time’ with your child.

  3. Eat meals together. This is a simple way for the whole family to connect and find out what’s going on with each other. Children learn group conversation, etiquettes as well as table manners when parents model the same.

  4. Take them on Special Outings. Be it movies or picnic or a day at a museum. Avoid discussing disciplinary issues on such outings unless the child brings them up.

  5. Build in rituals that will enable connecting with the child like snuggling or hugging at bedtime. Just let them know you care and are always there for them.

  6. Meet their strong emotions with empathy and patience. When we sit with our children through their big feelings, they get the message that their feelings matter. They feel understood and that fosters a deeper connection.

When children feel emotionally safe they perceive a strong connection with parents and if they are respected for their emotions, opinions and feelings, that connection gets even more stronger.

Making meaningful connections with kids doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Look for ways in everyday routine and daily habits. Life is otherwise busy. Find simple ways to connect with your kid for a strong bond of love and understanding.

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