Rereading or Repeat Reading: Why Reading The Same Book Repeatedly Is Good For Toddlers

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Mumma one more time’. That’s the usual line that A&A say once I finish reading them their favorite book. I bet they have memorized every word and even know the sequence of what comes at what page, yet they want to read the book again and again. Is that the case with your kid too? 

I know it can be maddening for parents to read the same text nth number of times. But despite its annoyances rereading or repeat reading books to toddlers has its own benefits.

Rereading or Repeat Reading : Why Reading The Same Book Repeatedly Is Good For Toddlers

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Read some benefits of rereading or repeat reading books to toddlers:

Recall and Memory
The more kids read a book, the more they take away from it. Toddlers especially are at an age when they are trying to process every info that’s coming their way. Reading the same book multiple times help build their memory. They learn new concepts and and are able to make connections between the pictures/illustrations and the story.

Word recognition and vocabulary 
Reading the same book multiple times also build their vocabulary. They pick up new words, their pronunciation and also how and where to use them in a sentence. 

Rhythm and Fluency
Hearing their favorite story repeatedly help toddlers pick up the pattern, rhythm and fluency of language. It enhances their linguistic skills. They imitate tone and gestures and try to read or tell a story on their own. 

Develops the thirst for reading 
Rereading stimulates curiosity. It develops a thirst for books in kids. It’s best to let a child choose a book for himself and then reread it. It creates a life-long interest in books and make them enjoy the activity of reading. 

Family Bonding
For us reading time is family bonding. The more time we spend on this activity, the more fun it is. Everytime I give in to my kid’s demand of rereading their favorite book, not just they feel happy but get a sense of security that their mom patient listens and agrees to them. 

So next time your kid asks you to reread his favorite story, don’t just toss away the book. Try to make it fun and interesting. Be sure, that this activity is helping them in multiple ways.

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