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Basic Factors To Keep In Mind While Hiring a Nanny For your Child 

Hiring a nanny for kids has been less like a choice and more of a necessity for me. And am sure same is the case with many parents in today’s age! A nanny is not just the need of the working parents. Stay-at-home-moms too look for some sort of support when it comes to managing the household chores along with kids.

Having someone totally unknown to take care of kids, isn’t an easy proposition but if you have made up your mind for the same, you must consider a few important factors before appointing one. Apart from a relevant background check and police verification, which is an absolute must for hiring any sort of help, there are some more relevant factors that must be kept in mind.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring A Nanny 

Having had both good and bad experiences with a few nannies in past I can list a few such criteria that may help you to judge the right caregiver for your child.

1. Health and Hygiene

Needless to say, that’s the most essential criteria to keep in mind. Kids are prone to infections and having someone with poor hygiene near them would only worsen their chances of falling sick often. So while appointing a candidate, make sure to check if she has a pre-existing health condition. Be upfront and unhesitant in asking about the same. Judge her hygiene habits by her appearance. Someone wearing neat clothes, clean shoes, with hair neatly tied up and nails trimmed would surely know the relevance of proper hygiene.

2. Manners and Language

Kids learn by example and never leave a chance to imitate people around them. Hence, it’s important to set right examples in front of them. If we, as parents, are always mindful of how and what we speak to our kids, it makes sense to consider hiring a nanny who is equally mindful of the same. Sharing my own experience, I was quite annoyed when one of the few words my kids learned was ‘Oye’ and ‘Abey’, more so because no one uses such words in our family. While this may not matter to many parents, it certainly isn’t an ignorable criteria. So do ensure that the nanny is well behaved, good mannered in front of your kids and do not use any disrespectful word or language.

3. Experience in Handling Kids

It’s always a good idea to appoint someone who has an experience in dealing with kids. Handling kids require patience and strength, and someone who is totally new at this task would find it difficult to maintain her calm while dealing with the child’s tantrums. My nanny who was totally inexperienced at this, would get intimidated to see my baby crying. So having her around, especially at the moments when I needed her assistance the most, was of no help as she would get too scared to pick up my bub. Hiring a nanny who would have a prior experience in handling such situations would serve a better purpose.

4. Her References and Support

While interviewing a nanny, do ask about her local references. It’s an additional bonus if any one from her family/friends are in vicinity or at least in the same town. The need of such a support arises in the times of contingency. To share an episode, my nanny suddenly fell ill one night and had to be rushed to the hospital. Being alone at home with two kids, it was tough for me to handle the situation. I finally had to call my neighbours who were kind enough to offer help. In times of such unexpected events, having someone from her family come within a span of few hours would make a lot a difference.

5. Sincerity, Dedication and Affection

When it comes to our kids, we want to settle with no one else but a good human being and these qualities are a basic indicator of the same. You would certainly prefer hiring a nanny who works with some sort of organization and procedure and not follow shortcuts at each step. As a mother, we would always want someone who is honest and sincere in approach; dedicated to her work and is warm and affectionate towards the child. Only then can we wholeheartedly trust her with our kids.

Are you looking for a suitable nanny for your kid? Hope these basic factors help you take the right decision. Good Luck!

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  1. SG

    Nice article, very well written 🙂

  2. preetjyotkaur

    In today’s date where most women depend on a helper.. This post is a great help to choose the best.. These are some great tips..
    Though I personally am a very particular mom, who is too scared to have someone help me with #my2muffins..

  3. preetjyotkaur

    This was such an amazing list, should definitely help all the mommies who are in search of helpers… Though I’m one mama who wouldn’t really keep someone to help, just coz I’m too scared most times…

    1. TheMomSagas

      Totally understandable. It’s not so easy to trust anyone unknown when it comes to our kids.

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