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8 Habits To Strengthen Parent Child Relationship

8 Habits To Strengthen Parent Child Relationship 

Strengthening the parent-child bond requires work and effort. We all want to raise healthy and happy kids. As parents we give our hundred percent for the same. But let’s accept it. Parenting is tiring – both physically and mentally. And there are days when all we can do is meet our kid’s most basic needs – feeding, bathing, getting their homework done, etc. While that’s enough, there is one thing we need to focus on a regular basis to strengthen our bond with our kids – building a connection. 

Kids who feel strongly connected with their parents, co-operate and listen more. They feel encouraged and comfortable enough to talk to us about anything or everything because they know they won’t be judged. As parents we need to develop a meaningful bond with kids that strives on trust and belief, and is devoid of  judgements and anger. 

I feel the easiest way to build that bond is by building a daily habit of connection. Sharing here eight incredible daily habits, that won’t take up too much time of the day and will help to strengthen our bond with kids and build that connection. 

8 Habits To Strengthen Parent Child Relationship
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8 Habits To Strengthen Parent Child Relationship 

Here are 8 daily habits I try to follow with my kids. 

1 Hug them everyday 

Hugging/snuggling our kids – first thing in the morning and last thing in the night – is a beautiful way of connecting with them. And while doing so make eye contact and talk to them and say I love you daily. A simple hug, makes kids feel the parental warmth and gives them immense security and comfort. 

2 Laugh together 

Laughter is the best medicine and making laughter a daily habit not just releases all the anxieties, but also create a cheerful and lively home environment. Find simple moments to laugh with kids – crack silly jokes, make funny faces, etc. Do anything that lightens up the mood and adds to making beautiful and joyful memories. 

3 Play together ever single day.

We may be physically present at home with kids 24×7, but do we spend even half an hour giving our undivided attention to them? Playing together is a perfect way to get involved with kids and give them our complete attention. When we engage with kids through, they feel connected, important and involved. 

4 Turn off gadgets when interacting with kids. 

Quality time is important than quantity time. When interacting with kids keep the gadgets away – turn off the TV, put the mobile away and aim to make an eye contact. Focus wholly and solely on the child. This is the best way to strengthen the parent-child bond. .

5 Connect with kids during bedtime. 

Follow a bed time routine and squeeze in some quiet parent-child moments in the same. Read books, tell stories, etc. Connecting with kids during bed time not just helps in a smooth transition, but also makes them feel relaxed and secured. They end up talking about their day and seek comfort in sharing the same. 

6 Acknowledge their emotions

We need to create a safe environment for our kids to express themselves freely. Acknowledge their tears and fears and let them openly express their thoughts. Don’t judge, don’t ignore their fears, rather address them. This way children will feel more relaxed, healed and emotionally secured. 

7 Actively listen and empathize. 

Active listening builds up a strong parental connection. The habit of seeing things from the child’s perspective ensures that we treat them with respect, understand their behavior and empathize with them. So patiently listen to their every small or big talk and show your support. 

8  Slow down and spend one-on-one time

Amidst the hectic routine, slow down and share simple moments with your child. Everytime the child calls, show up. Be there with them 100%. Don’t worry about the house chores (they will get done anyhow). Just be there for your child and make it a habit to show up everytime he/she calls. In case of siblings, try to send atleast 15 mins of one-on-one time with each kid daily. Listen to their endless stories, play the same game over and over again.  Just let the child know you are there always. 

We all crave such close moments with our kids that make our hearts melt. Connection is as essential to us parents as it is to our children, because that’s what makes parenting worth all the hardwork and sacrifices.

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