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PediaSure Fun And Learn Pack: Building Health, Nutrition & Creativity

PediaSure, as we all know, is a nutritional supplement meant for kids, 2 years and above. It is a complete and balanced health drink powder that contains 37 vital nutrients and helps in height & weight gain, immunity, and brain development in kids. It is scientifically designed for fussy eater kids to meet their daily nutritional requirement and support overall growth and development.

Our PediaSure Journey

My twins, A&A, both are picky eaters and getting them to finish one full meal at a time is usually a task. I remember when they turned 2 years old. They became very lean and even lost some weight. I would try to feed them new and different dishes, make regular food interesting and sneak some healthy veggies in their diet but they would just not eat and almost go on a hunger strike. I used to get really worried seeing their deteriorating diet. Finally I consulted our pediatrician who recommended us to use PediaSure. Since then started our PediaSure journey!

Three months of using the same and I could see a visible difference in A&A’s health. There was an improvement in their eating habits, stamina and overall growth. They still have their two scoops of the tasty chocolate powder every day, either with milk or with water, and it serves as an energy booster keeping them active for long.

New PediaSure Fun N Learn Pack

Recently I got the new PediaSure Fun and Learn pack and found that it not just offers nutritional support but also helps building creativity in kids. Surprised? Even I was when I found that along with the regular drink powder the pack also contains an interesting DIY activity right on its carton. Once you take the inner content out, you can further open the box and find a craft activity printed on the same.

The activity is fun and involves cutting, sticking and making a clock. The good thing is that all the instructions on how to do that are also mentioned on the pack which makes it simpler.

Watch our video as we performed the activity and had a great time.


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Pediasure as a brand needs no introduction. We all know it’s a nutritional supplement for kids containing all the vital nutrients that supports health and weight gain, immunity building and brain development. The New Pediasure Fun N Learn Pack now also includes an interesting DIY craft activity for kids right on its carton. So good to see a creative use of the box in a way that can keep kids engaged for hours. Also a break from the plastic containers to a more eco-friendly packaging. . Check out our #unboxing video and see the fun little Ms A and me had while doing the activity. . Have you checked the new Pediasure Fun N Learn Pack yet? . . . . #UnboxPediaSure #unboxgrowth #themomsagascollab #PediaSureFunNLearn #pediasure #nutritionalsupplements #nutritionalsupport #kidsnutrition #healthykids #engagingactivities #diywithkids #diycrafts #dietarysupplements #kidslearning #playandlearn #learningisfun #growingkids #momblogger #indianmommyblogger

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Frankly, I found the packaging of the New PediaSure Fun N Learn pack very impressive.

One there is a shift from plastic to carton boxes.

Initially the pack used to come in plastic bottles but now we have carton boxes instead which are easy to open and use. Plastic anyway is quite hazardous for the environment. So this move to a more eco-friendly cartons was a much needed one.

And two, even those cartons are used for something so creative and exciting for the kids.

I mean who imagines finding a stimulating, skill-building exercise on a pack of a food supplement! Most of the times we usually end up throwing away the cartons after using the inner content, but not anymore! We can now use the same to create something super interesting for the kids and keep them engaged for long. Seems like a win-win for both moms and kids, right?

I am so glad that the New PediaSure Fun N Learn has a lot to offer to kids in terms of health and growth. It is a perfect blend of nutrition, creativity and learning. If you haven’t tried this pack yet, then you must check it out and #unboxgrowth with your little one.

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  1. Ruchie

    Oh I really loved your unboxing video ..My kids are loving this activity box too much !!

  2. The Go Green initiative and judicious use of the carton is a great innovation by Pediasure. My kids loved the DIY activity.

  3. This activity not only keeps kids involved but also help the mothers keep then healthy. We too love Pediasure and this box is a great fun too.

  4. Mummasaurus

    the activity in the box looks great!! Looks very engaging and it is pretty much the best that they have made out of waste!

  5. Sarah Shaikh

    Great review of an amazing product.PediaSur is a healthy drink which now even bringing out creative side of our babies.

  6. Neha Jain

    Pediasure is really good health drink and this DIY activity is an nice initiative from them

  7. Preety Tiwari

    pediasure is a part if our life since last 2 years, I am also very impressed to see the innovative concept of giving a DIY in the carton pack…

    It’s environment friendly .

  8. Tina Basu

    We had a lot of fun doing this DIY clock. It was a fun way to engage the kids. I was very impressed with the brand.

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