Featured : A Punjabi-Kannadiga Love Story

Yayy!! We got featured!

I am super excited to share that we got featured at The Times of Amma, as a part of their Unity in Diversity celebrations.

India is a land of different cultures, traditions and customs. As we celebrate, seventy years of Independence, we should acknowledge that we are all united despite the cultural and religious diversities.

I am a Punjabi married to a Kannadiga. Ours is a multicultural family and our kids get to enjoy the best of both the worlds. We follow the customs and beliefs of both the sides, relish their traditional cuisines and celebrate all the festivals of North and South with equal enthusiasm.


Our marriage is not free of various cultural differences. We do face our set of challenges especially when it comes to understanding the language of the other side. Yet we stand united and strong; learning to accept each others’ beliefs and respecting them wholeheartedly. That’s all successful inter-caste marriages require, of course along with love and compatibility.

In my interview with The Times Of Amma, I was asked to share our story of love and marriage and how it all started. I was also asked to state the greatest joys of raising a multicultural family and the challenges that we face on everyday basis.

Read my detailed interview here

Unity in Diversity Special: A Punjabi-Kannadiga Love Story


What according to you is required for a successful marriage? What is your take on inter-caste marriages? Do you have a story to share? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Featured: Embrace The Mess Made By Kids

Childhood is one stage of life when you are allowed to do whatever you want to. Be it creating mess or having fun- there is nothing stopping a child. And probably that’s why childhood is the best.

My kids love to create mess. Sometimes with mud, sometimes with paint but mostly with their food. They have their own way of having fun in which  ‘messy meals’ play a major role. While my son is a little less messy, my daughter hates cleanliness. Ever since she has started eating solids, there is not a single meal she has had when her clothes have not been ruined, in spite of all the bibs and protectors.

As a parent, I always want my kids to be shiny clean. But I also realize that kids ‘learn by doing’. Soiled clothes, painted hands, food stains and spills- all are a part of their growing up process. So it’s best to embrace the mess and let kids enjoy. Because if they won’t then who will?


I was asked by Babychakra, a leading parenting app, to share our experience of how we embrace this mess at home. My kids love to self-feed and so ‘messy meals’ is a part of our everyday routine. After each meal, I dread at the sight of my girl’s clothes.  As much I detest it, the cleanliness-freak mom in me still never stops her from having her own.  Simply because cleaning is no more a nightmare now. There is a magical detergent meant for all mothers only to help them embrace this mess.

Read the entire piece here to know all about this-

Babychakra- Embrace The Mess Because Cleaning Is Made Easy Now

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