You are currently viewing Featured: New Pampers Pants With 3X Absorption Technology: Demo by The Mom Sagas

Featured: New Pampers Pants With 3X Absorption Technology: Demo by The Mom Sagas

The Mom Sagas got featured again! Yayy!
It’s always good to find yourself featured on prestigious portals that appreciate your work.

I recently got an opportunity to witness and test the working of Pampers New Generation Diapers wherein I performed a live demo to understand the 3 channel absorption technology of Pampers pants.

Pampers pants

Diapering is an inevitable part of parenting. One thing all new moms would ask for is a diaper that could make their and their child’s life comfortable. Through the demo, I could assess that Pampers pants aim to provide that comfort to the parents along with an assurance of high-quality product.

I performed the demo to understand the entire science behind the working of these diapers. In the demo kit, I was given an absorption layer from the diaper, 225 ml of water (which is equivalent to one night pee of a baby),  and a tray with UV lights. I dropped the absorption layer in the tray that contained the coloured water and what I could see was MAGIC .The entire liquid got absorbed in a jiffy and was spread across evenly on the absorption layer without making it saggy at one end.

Watch the full the demo video below 


This demo video got featured on MomJunction- a leading parenting app/site that provides all the information you need on conception, pregnancy and parenting. Their informative article on diapering includes our video and highlights all the features of the new technology next generation diapers. 

Give it a read here-

New Pamper Pants With 3X Absorption Technology: The Verdict Is Out.

Thank you MomJunction for featuring and appreciating our work. 

Have you used Pampers for your baby? How has your experience been? Do share your views in the comments below.

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