You are currently viewing Featured : A Punjabi-Kannadiga Love Story

Featured : A Punjabi-Kannadiga Love Story

Yayy!! We got featured!

I am super excited to share that we got featured at The Times of Amma, as a part of their Unity in Diversity celebrations.

India is a land of different cultures, traditions and customs. As we celebrate, seventy years of Independence, we should acknowledge that we are all united despite the cultural and religious diversities.

I am a Punjabi married to a Kannadiga. Ours is a multicultural family and our kids get to enjoy the best of both the worlds. We follow the customs and beliefs of both the sides, relish their traditional cuisines and celebrate all the festivals of North and South with equal enthusiasm.


Our marriage is not free of various cultural differences. We do face our set of challenges especially when it comes to understanding the language of the other side. Yet we stand united and strong; learning to accept each others’ beliefs and respecting them wholeheartedly. That’s all successful inter-caste marriages require, of course along with love and compatibility.

In my interview with The Times Of Amma, I was asked to share our story of love and marriage and how it all started. I was also asked to state the greatest joys of raising a multicultural family and the challenges that we face on everyday basis.

Read my detailed interview here

Unity in Diversity Special: A Punjabi-Kannadiga Love Story


What according to you is required for a successful marriage? What is your take on inter-caste marriages? Do you have a story to share? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Bulbul Varma

    Lucky bride ! You two look so happy! God bless you both !

  2. preetjyotkaur

    Such a beautiful story… Good to know the story behind this amazing couple… And congratulations on the feature girl

  3. Snehal

    Aww that’s so sweet❣ Heading over to check your interview! ?

  4. Minakshi Bajpai

    Wow thats really a cute love couple. Feel proud for you both and congratulate that you prove that love is more powerful than any diversity and religion. Love to read your interview. Nice post

  5. Soniya Bhatt

    It’s great to know you two got featured. In India , it’s not easy to marry someone with different language or beliefs.

  6. Pree

    Wonderful to read your story. Would have been more happier if your kids were taught Kannada as well along with English and hindi ?
    Stay blessed! ?

  7. Papri Ganguly

    This remainds me “Two States”. Hehehe. Beautiful piece of read. God bless you both.

  8. worldofmakeupmagique

    That is so beautiful ? Inter culture marriage is no doubt fun.. you get to learn so many new things

  9. BeautyMommies

    Wow! Such a beautiful couple you guys are! Its great to see love stories going to the next level– have a blessed and happy marriage filled with love and all the things nice!! ❤️❤️

  10. Shub

    So sweet! Congrats on getting featured…I should write Marathi-Gujju Love story. Lol.

  11. Mrinal

    Loved to read about you dear.. congratulations on getting featured.. i wish you a great life ahead!

  12. Rakhi Parsai

    First of all congratulations for getting featured on Times of Amma. I love the work by Shweta. She is doing a fabulous job on her site connecting so many Indian mums with each other. Loved getting to know the personal side of yours. Its beautiful to see two different people, from two different communities coming to make something so strong and loving. God bless you both with endless love and togetherness.

  13. joshitajj

    Congrats on getting featured. I enjoyed reading your story. May the bond get stronger…

  14. Dr Bushra

    Wow love over boundaries matching tune with one from different cultures especially language is not so easy and you guys match it perfectly

  15. anamika

    Such a beautiful movie wala story… by the way congratulations for getting featured on Times of Amma… ?

  16. newsontube

    Great story
    You two looks great together

  17. Congratulations! You both are lucky as you both had love marriage. I too have inter culture marriage in my family and i know it is fun.

  18. Revathy

    i also have a 2 states story… TN and UP ?

  19. Namrata

    I’m so happy to hear that your inter-caste marriage is a happy one! I wish you a blessed and fun filled life. ?

  20. The V Collection

    This is really ravishing and unique post by any blogger, wish you a great future ahead

  21. Mayuri Nidigallu

    You guys look great together! Wishing you both happiness!
    I am a Punjabi married to a Telugu, and it is an arranged match!:))

  22. Compatibility is key as is acceptance from both families. And also the fact that you are both from metro cities

  23. mahekg

    God Bless you both. Liked your interview and can relate to it completely. I am Punjabi married to a Maharashtrian.

  24. anupriya

    A very heart warming story. You make a wonderful family together. All the best for everything you guys do in life.

  25. arv!

    Congrats! While difference of background and language, culture do pose a problem but with a right set of mind it makes little difference in relationship. I’m sure being married for some years has sweetened the relationship.

  26. alubhujiablog

    Lovely love story …….my story is bit similar ….I m Punjabi and my husband is himachali…..I relish the himachali dishes like sepu badi, bhaturu, siddu

  27. kreativemommy

    Wow! That so sweet. I am sure its not that easy as it looks as these are 2 completely cultures.

  28. Blogger Dixita

    Loved reading this post.
    It ia positive when you give good lesaons to your kids and teach others too
    That all religions are one

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