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Be A Kind Parent To Raise A Kind Child

Be A Kind Parent To Raise A Kind Child : How To Create A Culture Of Kindness At Home

The best way to raise a kind child is to be kind parents. It is not what we do for our children, but what we teach them to do for themselves, that makes them successful human beings. The best way to do this is create a culture of kindness at our home. 

The word ‘Kindness’ may have many underlying meanings like empathy, compassion, generosity etc. It is a fundamental expression of what means to be a human being. For our growing children, kindness can be waving to a friend, share their tiffin, comforting someone who is scared or inviting a lonely friend. It is very important to nurture kindness in children from a young age. 

Be a kind parent to raise a Kind child
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Sharing few ways through which we can create a culture of kindness at our home and raise a kind child– 
1 Be a Kind Parent 

First step is to practice this virtue ourself as a parent and treat our kids with kindness and respect. The most effective way to get kids to speak others in a respectful way and to interact with others in a nice manner is by doing exactly that ourself when we interact with them. Check your tone and language. Ask yourself am I being too harsh? Am I constantly scolding my child? How many times did I yell in the day? Consider your own way of speaking, acting & even thinking and try to choose a polite tone & manner even when talking to him/her about a mistake or misbehaviour.

2. Model Kindness wherever you go

We may be kind to our kids, but are we the same to others? Say the helpers at our home or the delivery person? Kids imitate us and watch how we treat people. If we exhibit tangible acts of kindness like helping the needy, replying politely, comforting the bereaved, etc they will learn the same.

3. Be kind to your own self.

It is valuable for our kids to see how we are kind to our own self. On our own mistakes* are we berating ourself, sitting in guilt or just letting it go with a smile. Are we light hearted and being harsh towards our own self?

4. Help children understand what kindness means

Young kids are very focussed on ‘me’ & ‘mine’. Eventually they learn to share and care. We need to gradually build this virtue in them. Try use an inclusive language while talking to them – Eg – ‘what can we do today that will be fun for all of us?’. Teach them the golden rule, ‘we treat other people the way we hope to be treated ourselves.’

5. Use Pretend play, books, etc to reinforce these values. 

Pretend play helps kids to form their opinions. It is a perfect way to teach them about ‘being kind or empathetic’ towards others in a fun and play-way manner. Take the role of a courier person or traffic policeman and show children how we should talk kindly with everyone around us.  Books are another wonderful way to teach kids how to connect and experience someone else’s life that might be very different from our own. Read them books with morals based on empathy and kindness.

6. Use Positive language

Teach kids to get into the habit of saying only positive things- things that will make someone feel good rather than sad. The adage about saying nothing at all if you don’t have something nice to say about someone is a good lesson in kindness to teach kids.

7. Act of Kindness

Let the child be mindful about his/her acts of kindness. At the end of the day, ask him to share one act of kindness he did to others /or other did to him. 

Kindness is contagious. And kids are hard-wired to have empathy for others and want to help. As parents, caregivers and teachers, we can take advantage of these natural instincts that we are all born with and encourage kids to practice the same in their everyday lives.

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