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6 Tips For Baby Skin Care During Winter Season

Seasonal changes can be harsh on the tender skin of the baby. And winter is especially one season that becomes really tough for the baby to tolerate. Read on to follow some useful Baby Skin Care Tips that can help you to keep your child’s skin soft and nourished during winters.

Both A & A have an ultra sensitive skin. I always have to be extra careful about the soaps and lotions that I choose for them or even the fabric of their garments. Even the slightest exposure to a skin irritant leads to an eruption on their face or body. The onset of winter brings along additional problems of rough cheeks, chapped lips, redness and rashes, etc. We had spent our last winters in the freezing cold of Delhi and I eventually had to change all the bath and body products that I use for my kids and switch to the ones that have high moisturizing capacity.

Although Mumbai’s winter isn’t too harsh and intolerable but we still face the problem of rough skin due to dryness in the air. Kids’ skin being far more delicate and sensitive than us adults, is all the more prone to such irritation and dryness. Their skin may look perfect from the outside but is actually 3 times thinner and loses moisture 2 times faster. It is therefore important to follow a proper skin care routine for the babies, especially throughout the first years of their life.

Here I am listing down some of the Baby Skin Care Tips that worked for us. Follow these basic tips to keep your child’s skin soft and protected in the harsh winter climate.
1. Use Warm Water, Not Hot

Bath your baby with lukewarm water and try to keep the bath time short and sweet. Ensure that the water temperature is warm and not hot. Extended exposure to hot water can strip off the moisture from your baby’s skin. After bathing gently pat with a soft towel and avoid rubbing.

Special Tip: For new born or young babies who do not sweat much, you can give them a bath once in two days. 

2. Keep the Skin Moisturized

Mositurizing your baby’s skin is important all through the year. But winter calls for extra hydration as the cold air, windy weather and use of heaters work against the skin’s natural moisture. After every bath, apply a moisturizing lotion on your baby’s skin. Using it immediately after bath ensures that the moisture is locked in and the skin is well protected. I use Johnson’s baby lotion which is clinically proven to be mild and gentle. It is hypoallergenic ,paraben-free and helps to slow down the moisture loss. I find it #BestForBaby as it keeps the child’s skin hydrated for long.  

Baby Skin Care

Special Tip: Apply the moisturizer twice a day. Once after bath and once in night and don’t forget to moisturize the face and cheeks of the child.

3. Choose The Right Clothing

As important it is to choose the right skin care products for the kids, it’s equally important to choose the right garments. Do note that woolen clothes shouldn’t be worn directly on the skin. Always use a cotton undershirt below.

Special Tip: We sometimes make the baby wear the same woolen clothes for a few days which could be a cause of various allergies and infections. Ensure that you use fresh, clean and disinfected woolens everyday.

4. Be Wise While Layering Up

We tend to dress up our kids in layers during winters. But how do we know how many layers are enough? Usually babies need one extra layer of clothing than us adults. Excessive layers can lead to sweating which can then clog the pores of the skin and result in redness and rashes. Keep checking the body temperature of the child by sticking you hands inside the kid’s clothing. If you find it too hot, simply take one layer off.

Special Tip:  One thing I do to keep my babies warm is to put multiple layers of thin clothes instead of woolens. 

5. Maintain Diaper Hygiene

The skin on the baby’s bottom is most vulnerable to rashes and itching due to excessive heat and sweating. Rashes can occur if the baby stays in the wet or dirty diaper for long. Everytime you change the diaper, clean the area with a wet cloth or wipe before putting on a new diaper. I especially use Johnson’s Baby SkinCare Wipes that are made with ultra fine fabric and are mild on the tender skin of the baby. These wipes are alcohol-free, soap-free and ideal for diaper change. They not just help to remove all the dirt and impurities but also have a moisturizing effect on the skin, that helps prevent nappy rash.

Baby Skin Care

Special Tip: Even if the baby is dressed in multiple layers, keep checking her diaper frequently and change whenever needed. Also ensure that the diapers aren’t too tight. 

6. Keep Your Child Hydrated

For babies above 6 months of age, make them drink luke warm water at regular intervals. This helps the child and his skin to remain hydrated.

Special Tip: For the chapped lips of the baby, apply ghee or coconut oil. That work wonders. 

Now that the cold weather is rolling in across the country, I hope these Baby Skin Care Tips would help you to maintain the cherub lips and chubby cheeks of  your child. Happy Winters!  

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  1. alpanadeo

    Using lukewarm water for bathing is a very important tips I feel.. Also I like the clothing layers point, that’s an easy way to judge how many layers the baby will need.

  2. Neha

    Those are great points. As the chill increases we tend to use hot water, not realizing that it is doing more harm than good .

  3. thehappymumma

    keeping the kids hydrated is the best way to avoid illness and use of luke warm water like you have suggested is also important

  4. beingmomtastic

    Moisturising is the key to dry skin!! And using the right products help in keeping it hydrated

  5. rohinijames

    Keeping our child hydrated is something which I feel is very essential.

  6. Tina Basu

    Yes, warm or lukewarm is enough, I have seen many moms, giving oil massage under hot sun and leaving babies under the sun and then bathing in hot water!!!

  7. Amrita

    Layering up is my favourite too.Plus moisturizers are a big help too.Winter can be tough on little ones.Helpful tips

  8. Sejal Khanna

    Maintaining the right temperature is critical. Too hot can harm the delicate skin these babies have. Layering and moisturizing equally important. Very helpful!

  9. anubhutisethmehn

    Winters can be really harsh on a child’s skin as it’s too sensitive..Great tips to keep them safe..

  10. tuggu.n.mommy

    Keeping skin hydrated is so much required in winters. Love your tips. And we swear by Johnson’s baby Lotion

  11. momtasticworld

    My baby is facing a dry skin issue and i am sure these tips are going to hep me a lot. Regular moisturizing is on my list now.

  12. Neha gupta

    Thanks for sharing these tips. Each and everyone is very useful. Its important to keep the baby hydrated at all times ..Specially because in winters we don’t feel thirsty but still need to drink good amount of water ..

  13. Shitu Sagar

    I am using jhonsons baby wipes from two months. These are amazing and i will recommend to others. There is also a wipe called bamboo baby wipe. For that you can see at click on

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