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Age-appropriate House Chores For Kids (3-5 years)

Age-appropriate house chores for kids to teach them important life skills. 

Getting children involved in household chores, especially in accordance to their age can make them learn important LIFE Skills that can help them be responsible and independent in life. 

Children learn a great deal from doing household chores. They learn to contribute to family, develop a sense of responsibility & feel competent to accomplish the given task. They understand what they need to do to take care of themselves, home & family. They learn important LIFE Skills that enable them to live a responsible & independent life as adults. 

This lockdown has given me ample opportunities to get my kids involved in some age-appropriate house chores. Besides learning new skills, these chores add to their fun quotient and ofcourse, to our bonding time. 

Age-appropriate house chores for kids
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How to Involve Kids In House Chores
  1. The key is to select age-appropriate chores. 
  2. In the beginning, don’t give a particular task and then leave. Join them or make them do with you. Make it fun!
  3. Show them the right way to do a task by first doing it yourself. 
  4. They won’t do any task for more than 10 mins. Don’t expect more & don’t push them if they don’t show interest. 
  5. Give them one chore at a time (or in a day, depending upon their interest level).
  6. Appreciate & applaud for their efforts at the end .
  7. If they create any mess in the process, encourage them to clean it .
Few age-appropriate household chores for kids (3-5 years age) 

  1. Folding clothes (Give them their own clothes to fold or small ones that they can manage like handkerchief, towels, pillow covers etc)
  2. Make their bed (clear the bed sheet, keep pillows properly, etc) 
  3. Put their toys back in the designated area. 
  4. Clean their toys/cycles /bikes with simple cloth/wipe. 
  5. Dust/clean the surfaces/mirror, etc. (especially if they created any mess) 
  6. Water Plants. 
  7. Fill Water Bottles from purifier
  8. Dress up independently, keep their own clothes back in almirah. 
  9. Put clothes to dry (or let them hand you the same one-by-one)
  10. Wipe washed utensils with you. Allow them to putting them in cabinets one by one. This one is something my kids enjoy doing a lot. 
  11. Lay the dining table. 
  12. Wash/wipe/sort veggies, keep the washed veggies in refrigerator 
  13. Peel veggies (basic ones like peas, coriander, ground nuts, boiled eggs/potatoes, etc under your supervision)

Engaging kids in house chores is one of the best ways to keep them busy & make them responsible. And who minds a little helping hand to get these tasks done? 😜

Do you have anything to add to the list? Share the chores that you involve your kids in.

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  1. ghazala786

    I am also doing the same , give them small tasks to keep them busy and feel responsible .

  2. Pooja Priyamvada

    I hope Indian families become less “protective” and learn montessori way of raising kids

  3. The pics are adorable and it is such a noble idea to make the kids self sufficient.

  4. Such adorable Pictures. I completely agree that it is very important to make the kids self reliant and that too from an early age.

  5. Ninu Nair

    Great post! These little things bring such a big change in children, making them bit more responsible and also increasing their gross motor skills.

  6. Afreen Ansari

    Now that’s some lovely options to keep the kids occupied and productive. Nice blog

  7. Sweetannu

    Children really enjoy doing chores around the house. They love that sense of involvement and feel special. You have shared a detailed list.

  8. Jyoti Jha

    Really loved this insight on engaging children in household activities that suits their age. Good learning for them. Best to utilize the current scenario effectively, and which will help them always.

  9. Jhilmil

    Oh yes, It is very important to involve kids in household chores, for us that’s the most essential skill for their lives. I involve my son in every small thing, be it simply making buttermilk or cleaning up the veggies (that he can) to doors and tables.

  10. Pr@Gun

    Great post, All tasks listed are easy to follow.
    I have always tried to involve my kids in house chores and yes age wise distribution helps to retains a child’s interest in the task. These small tasks certainly help them to make feel important and responsible.

  11. Ruchi

    It’s easier to make them work at this age. My son used to tow behind me when he was 5 and would do all the chores along. Now he’s teen and he’s has every excuse 😂. That said I still make him do.

  12. Rashi Roy

    This is a post I can completely relate to. I involve my kids in a fun manner to do the chores and they completely enjoy it.

  13. Madhu Bindra

    Excellent tips. Kids should to be taught the value of labor to avoid them growing up into entitled ones. Making these tasks fun keeps them interested and not feel like a chore.

  14. Aesha

    Engaging kids in Age appropriate household tasks will make them responsible but most importantly during this lockdown phase give us moms a helping hand while enjoying and spending time. I also agree that initially we need to be with them and not leave them alone to do the task because then they will not enjoy it and continue it as a daily habit.

  15. Aesha

    Engaging kids in age appropriate household chores surely makes them responsible but most importantly gives us moms a helping hand during this lockdown phase. Also I agree with you that we should spend time with them initially during the activity else they might lose interest and it will not develop as a habit.

  16. Varsh

    Charu, my 5yo does every single one of the chores you’ve mentioned, and more. The best part is that she excitedly demands to be assigned work. Kids find this fun and we must encourage them to be responsible while enjoying it.

  17. This post shows that you are a creative and encouraging and smart parent great tips indeed. Good luck.

  18. Srikanth

    A good post on keeping kids engaged in the days when it is a task in encouraging them to keep their rooms neat and tidy… Thanks for penning these simple activities..

  19. Deepa

    I completely agree that one must involve kids in household work and also teach them to do so. Good to see your kids are helping you in all the tasks.

  20. soniadogra

    This is a great start to involving children to help around the house. I’ve often heard parents complain about children not helping around the house. The idea should be to catch them young. Great post.

  21. Ruchie

    I agree Charu that we need to teach kids every work and it should be according to their age. Loved the tips you have shared

  22. Gleefulblogger

    Kids get immense happiness when we involve them in things not expected from them. These are some easy activities which keep them engaged & fun too. Plus our work gets sorted too 😉

  23. Metamorphosis

    Great tips given by you in this post. This will not just keep them engage and happy but will sharpen their motor skills as well.

  24. Amrita

    Loved this post.I am forever trying to teach my daughter these life skills too.Crucial they learn.Age appropriate is the clue to it as you said.

  25. Roma

    Loved your recommendations Charu 😊

  26. I am so glad that you wrote this post! In our Indian culture, and especially higher middle-class, the culture of not allowing kids to work is prevalent. And then the same people wonder why these children in their teens don’t turn out to be responsible kids.

  27. Lancelot Quadras

    It all starts with the little things we teach kids to do. This helps them grow and get better with time. Thanks for all these tips!

  28. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Even I am keeping my kids busy in some housechore work, folding clothes, serving food, filling water.

  29. anurbannomadic

    Amazing tips Charu, my nephew is in that age and my sister is going nuts trying to find age appropriate activities. I can tell her, but then I’ll just fwd your post now 🙂

  30. richamina

    i totally agree that giving children age appropriate tasks makes them responsible and self dependent too… great tips

  31. Gunjan Upadhyay

    These are some really helpful tips you have shared to keep kids busy and being helful

  32. yogitaamitjoshi

    Wow these are some great tips to involve kids in household chores. Even my son help me with all these stuff sometimes

  33. jainchandresh

    We must start making kids ” ATMANIRBHAR ” at early stage so they value the hard work goes behind the scene to make things happen – Chandresh

  34. I’ve been involving my three year old in chores which she could help me out and she happily Jumps in. #tmmreads

  35. Shamik

    This is fun to read. I should share this with my wife and also save this post for future reference. I’ve a baby girl of 1 n half year and this post is gonna be helpful when she grows up and we try to engage her in some stuffs, Thanks for sharing this.

  36. Aurora M

    Keep the kids busy is the most difficult task ! Your post is a great help for all those. Engaging them and appreciation, both are important for kids

  37. Swarnali

    Thanks dear, you have given 13 very easy ideas to keep our children busy. I have 7 years old daughter and i thing she will love to do these. I will let you know the feedback and her improvement. 🙂

  38. Sayali

    Nice. My daughter’s 5 and these are so useful

  39. Kiranmayi G

    Lovely post! Will be quite handy for all those parents struggling keep their kids engaged.

  40. jainnehas

    This lockdown was an excuse but bliss for me as my kids started helping me in daily chores. It is a great help but a nice thing to do too.

  41. Blogaberry Foo

    I let them do so many house chores. Good post. It’s good to teach girls as well as boys that house chores don’t happen by magic.

  42. Harshita

    I think it is very important that the children are involved in house chores from a young age. Your post reminds me of the time when I had started giving chores to my children. It helps them in becoming independent! Good Work!

  43. Shweta Suresh

    It’s always better to start young. These are great tips! It was an eye-opener for me. I’ll store this in my brain for when I have kids of my own 🙂

  44. Ashvini Naik

    Engaging kids in home chores is an important part of growing up & parenting too. Yes, kids need to learn them step-by-step according to their age. I like how you’ve categorised really well these basic household chores for children. These are life-skills & when anyone says things like, “hey, they’re too young. Let them grow up”, I just roll my eyes.

  45. Lavanya

    Great tips to keep the kids engaged

  46. practicalmumnupur

    Thank you for saying this!! Household chores are not for the adults alone, monkey-see-monkey-do. It’s part of the parents’ job to equip kids to live independently, and the sooner one starts, the easier it is – for everyone involved.

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