You are currently viewing 5 Things I want my son to learn and follow in life

5 Things I want my son to learn and follow in life

5 Things I want my son to learn and follow in life

It was National Son’s Day last week. I spent the day with my son making it extremely special for him. And while the day served as a reminder for me to thank my stars for blessing me with the most amazing 5 year old who is loving and smart, it also brought upon a realisation that as a mother of a boy, I bear a huge responsibility on my shoulder for ‘raising him right’.

Raising children and raising them well is serious task. In no time, my son will become a man before my eyes and I am beginning to think the type of man I would eventually want him to become. There are so many skills he needs to learn to be a ‘good’ man in this ‘not-so-good-world’.

I have made a list of a 5 things I want my son to learn and always remember in life. These life-lessons will help him grow up to be a kind, smart and a living man.

5 Things I want my son to learn

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🌸 Feel free to express your emotions. Don’t bottle them up. Don’t push them down. Cry loud, laugh loud, feel shy, feel nervous. Feelings and emotions are what make us fully-evolved humans!

🌸 Learn to clean, cook, do your own laundry. These aren’t just chores but basic life-skills that you should always know.

🌸 Dream big and work hard to achieve your goals! It’s quite tempting to give up when it gets hard. But, success is much sweeter when you’ve put the sweat in.

🌸 RESPECT, everyone and anyone you come across! And learn to respect boundaries especially when it comes to the opposite gender! Never take anyone for granted.

🌸Strength and courage are deeply rooted in kindness and compassion. Keep a thick skin when required but also a tender heart. Embracing these virtues won’t diminish your masculinity; rather, would enhance it.

With these life-lessons, I hope he grows into an independent, respectful and responsible man with a loving heart and kind soul.

Happy Son’s Day, EVERYDAY!

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