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Why Should We Tell Festive Tales To Our Kids

Why should we tell festive tales to our kids

India is known as a country of festivals. It’s rich culture, diverse history and religious beliefs give way to multiple festivals that are celebrated throughout the year.

As a family, we may not be able to celebrate all the festivals mentioned in the Indian Calender. But whichever festival we do celebrate, we ensure to do it whole-heartedly, with all the rituals and customs.

As parents we make sure that the festive days are most memorable for our kids. Children particularly enjoy festivals more than us, adults. Festivals to them mean sweets, decorations, family bonding , feeling of togetherness, etc. And so this time serves as a wonderful parenting opportunity to share all the festive tales and stories and teach children more about our rich cultural heritage.

Be it sharing stories of Lord Rama to explaining the message of ‘good over evil’ to sharing why we celebrate holi- all these stories help young and curious minds to bloom and learn valuable lessons of life.

Why should we tell festive tales to our kids?
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Why should we tell festive tales to our kids

If you are wondering how sharing festive tales can help our kids, then here’s all that your should know –


The festive tales like the one about Christmas is surely detailed and has a presence of a lot of elements making it completely imaginative.

The colours, the details, the characteristics create a very imaginative visual in their head


Just like any other well written story festive tales tend to inculcate inquisitiveness because of how ancient and imaginative they are. The Chronicles around a festival just keep on increasing their questions.

Like- My kids asked me why there’s always a star at the top of a xmas tree

Family bonding

We all can agree that a great deal of family bonding has been seen during the festive season because everyone takes a break from their regular life, comes together to spend and celebrate the day with family which includes a lot of good food and great quality time.


For instance my babies now want to make a lot of Christmas ornaments themselves. They have their own set of ideas about how do want their room to look, how they want the Christmas tree to look and it just let the creative juices flow without any rules.


Example ,when Christmas is around the corner kids think that Santa will come and give them gifts but at the same time this, it could be the time when we can teach them to keep the right kind of expectations and to keep their expectations from people in a reasonable manner .

Cleanliness, politeness and all the other traits that you want in your children can be slowly built around the festive season since they’re most effective.

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