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Ways To Bond With Your Partner Post Kids

Value Your Bond: Ways To Bond With Your Partner Post Kids 

Once we become parents it can be difficult to get back to who we were in our relationship. As mothers we are physically torn between being a source of comfort and love for our babies and we tend to ignore that we have a relationship with our spouse that also needs to be prioritised.

Giving our relationship a priority is important to keep a healthy relationship with our husband. It is important to keep the spark alive with a baby at home. 

Ways to bond with your partner post kids
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Here are few easy and everyday ways to bond with your partner post kids:
1  Watch shows/ movies together.

Watching together brings in joy, love and conversation. Use this time as the ‘we time together’. Unwind, chit-chat and simply spend some good time watching your favorite show.

2 Find a new hobby together

Find a common interest that you can share together and spare some time to do it. Be it cooking, baking, yoga, exercise, reading, etc. Simply explore ways through which you can weave more time for each other.

3 Date night at home

Have a date night at home after kids go to bed. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy as long as you are focusing on each other. Order in your fav food, put on some light music and enjoy a good meal together.

4 Express and appreciate 

Make time every day to express gratitude for each other. Even little gestures count. Make intentional efforts to appreciate and compliment each other’s strengths. 

5 Shower surprises

Try something spontaneous and unexpected for a change. Find ways to surprise each other and laugh together because life isn’t all that fun sometimes and we forget to see the funny side.

6 Divide responsibilities

Make a list of task and divide them fairly. You don’t need be a super parent and complete the list of task at one go. Division of work will save time that can be spent together.

7 Don’t shut your partner out

Encourage your partner to play an active role in parenting and taking the responsibilities attached to it. Let him change the baby’s diaper or feed him a meal. Ease up on the controlling aspect. Partners need to go hand in hand in this journey of parenting.

8 Spend time discussing your parenting styles 

Discuss your parenting styles, your thoughts and opinions with each other on your kids. This brings in awareness, a sense of mutual respect/ understanding; and makes the parenting boat sail through much smoothly than anticipated. Remember, parenting is all about being one in the journey.

9 Do away with guilt

Parenting gets physically and emotionally challenging at some point for every parent. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Understand what you do as parents is the best. Be realistic and spend some quality time with your partner. And don’t feel guilt if you seek support of your friends and family for the same. Going out for movie once leaving kids with friends/family/neighbors is ok. aak for help whenever needed. 

Finding the time to bond with your partner when you have daily responsibilities can be difficult but not impossible. Try these simple suggestions and you will see how parenting can be fun together and holding each other’s hand will take you a long way.

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