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Tips For Buying A Perfect Baby Car Seat In India

Among all the things that we buy for our baby, one wisest purchase that we can make is the Car Seat. When it comes to travelling with kids, their safety and comfort should never be compromised.

Do you know child car seats are mandatory in Western countries where the hospitals do not discharge the mother and the new born until the parents have a car seat fitted in their car? While in India there is no such norm, it’s still imperative to invest in a baby car seat to ensure safety and comfort of the child.

Types Of Car Seats

There are different types of baby car seats available in the market

  1. Infant Carriers – These are portable car seats, meant for new born babies and infants. They are easy to carry and install. Babies usually sleep in the car and these carriers have a handle which makes it easy to move the baby in and out of the car without waking him up. However, kids outgrow this after the age of 1 and you need to invest in another seat as they grow up.

  2. Convertible Car Seat– These are larger  than infant car seats and can be used in both the directions – rear and front of the car. These are heavier and can accommodate a baby till he is 18 kgs.

  3. Booster Car Seat– These use the car’s seat belts and are designed for children above the age of 4. They provide a good sitting position and ensure that the car seat belts hold the baby properly.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Buying A Baby Car Seat

Keep the following factors in mind while investing in a baby seat

  1. Comfort –The car seat should be comfortable for the baby with appropriate head and back support and different reclining positions.

  2. Right Age Seat- Invest in a car seat as per the age of your baby. Do not place the child in a seat that he has outgrown. Always check the age and weight limit of the brand before purchasing one.

  3. Easy To Install – The baby car seat should be easy to handle. It should be user friendly and come with an instruction manual. A seat whose installation is too complicated should be best avoided.

  4. Adjustable Belts – Belts ensure the safety of the child. So a good car seat should have 5 point safety harness and belts that can be adjusted from the front.

  5. Easily Washable – Babies are known to make mess. So the car seat that can be easily detached, washed and reinstalled would work the best assuring proper hygiene and cleanliness for the child.

  6. Stability – Check the seat to be stable and non- shaky because an unstable seat would hamper the comfort of the baby.

Which Car Seat is Best For Baby

There are varieties of car seats available in the market, but the best is one that ensures the comfort of your baby and fits well in your car.

One brand that does ensure a comfortable and safe ride for your little one is R for Rabbit. It’s Jack & Jill convertible car seat can be used for both new borns as well as kids up till the age of 7. This actually makes for a good deal as you don’t have to reinvest in buying a new one as the baby grows up.

About Jack N Jill Grand Convertible Car Seat

Jack N Jill Grand- The Convertible Car Seat by R for Rabbit is ECE R44/04 Certified for Safety. It is engineered & crash tested to meet the European Safety standards

Meant for kids between 0 to 7 years, this baby car seat can be used as an infant car seat from 0 – 2 year in rear facing position and can also be used as front facing car seat for kids between the age of  2-5.

It holds padded wings for side impact protection and comes with 4 positions recline which can be adjusted as per the comfort and age of the child. It also includes 5 point safety harness which can be adjusted from front. It’s seat can be washed and metal and plastic parts can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Given to its innovative design and ease of use, this brand provides the best convertible car seats in India.

Hope the article provides you good insight on various types of car seats and the judgment criteria to buy a perfect one for your child.

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      Hey, I haven’t used that so do not have much idea about it. It’s a renowned brand though. You can get a safety check done for the car seat that you have. Does it include features like 5 point safety harness and 3 reclining position?

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    Sadly car seats aren’t compulsory in India yet. But me and my husband were insistent on having one, when our little one arrived. Today, it is a boon and we recommend a car seat or booster seat to all our friends with kids under 8.

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    I could never understand why would parents wait till the rule is made stringent in the country. It is always an excuse to not by a car seat. Very risky. Your detailed post will definitely help a lot of parents zero down on the kind that best suits them.

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