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Things Toddlers Can Learn Via Building Blocks

Have you ever wondered what could be the  benefits of building blocks for your toddlers?

Toy building blocks are a great open-ended toy that can help in the all-round development of a child. They are both fun and educational and hold the scope of developing cognitive, motor and social skills in kids.

My kids received their first set of building blocks on their first birthday and since then this has been their most favorite toy. Even after three years, these are the most engaging toy for them and they play with it atleast once a day. We have used these blocks to learn various concepts and perform different activities.

Benefits Of Building Blocks
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There are so many concepts that kids pick up by a simple toy of building blocks. Here are the 6 C’s that my kids learnt through them –

1. Colours–  They started recognizing basic colours through these blocks and even now we practice colour – based sorting with them.

2. Counting–  Initially we used to count loudly as they placed the blocks one on the other. They learnt their basic numbers-1 -10 through this. Now we use these blocks for actual counting and sorting based on numbers.

3. Cooperation– This is the only game that they both play together, peacefully and happily. They place one block each turn wise and and have learnt to play this as a team.

4. Coordination– Needless to say this has helped build their hand-eye coordination. Block play requires both fine and gross motor skills and the child learns how to coordinate the muscles of his/her hands.

5. Control– In the first year they would use only one hand to place these blocks. Gradually started using both hands and a firm grip. They now make a huge tower and take it from one room to another, without letting the entire thing fall. They learn balancing and control in the process.

6. Creativity– They build different structures out of these and come up with something unique everytime. One day a castle, the other day a robot!  Their creativity and imagination surely gets a boost with this.

Apart from these 6 main concepts, building blocks have also helped them gain – 

1. Self Esteem– The joy of making a big tower, the sense of accomplishment of building some thing new and the content of doing it all by themselves, helped to improve their self-esteem. 

2. Increased Attention Span– Placing the block one on the other, in a way that it fits properly and doesn’t fall, takes a lot of concentration for the little ones. 

3. Problem Solving Skills – The trial-and-error nature of these blocks allow children to determine the best possible method with which they can create their favorite structure. Through this they develop the ability to identify what is creating problem ok their structure, why it isn’t working, how to modify it, etc.

4. Logical Thinking Capability– It teaches kids cause and effect and provides mental stimulation. For example – if they place the blocks too close to the edge, the entire tower topples over.

Benefits of Building Blocks

There are some games and toys that not just ensure entertainment but also aid a valuable learning experience for kids. Building Blocks are one of them. If you haven’t got one set for your toddler, do it now. Your kid will surely enjoy it. 

Does your child enjoy building blocks? What new things he/she has learnt from them? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. Disha

    Building blocks are favorite for my child too and he is also learning colors and cordination from them.

  2. Arti

    Building block is my all time favorite activity with kids, you ca never be bored and there is so much to learn and be creative:)

  3. Lovely post! My little one loves playing with blocks and now I know that allowing her to play continuously with them has a truckload of benefits! Keep writing such informative posts. #MyFriendAlexa #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

  4. Aadhira

    I love to play with the blocks even today.. It’s fun and a very easy way to engage toddlers!

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