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Skola Toys- Rolling Car Slope : Learning Journey Through Motion

‘Learning Journey Designed As Play’ – Skola Toys

Kids are usually eager to learn about the world around them, and they have much to learn too. They easily get fascinated by every new shape, sound, colour that they see in their surroundings and it all adds to their learning experience.

As children grow they achieve various milestones. Each growing stage marks a certain set of skills that help in their overall development. Something that facilitates this and helps them to master those skills and traits are the learning toys.

There are very few companies that design toys keeping in consideration the age-wise learning capabilities of the child. One company that does consider this is SKOLA TOYS.  They consider learning as a journey and not just a destination. All their toys are educational and promote specific learning journeys that provide children an opportunity to play, explore, discover and learn.

We recently received a learning toy from Skola – Rolling Car Slope– that focuses on learning journey through motion. Children understand the basic concept of motion by seeing moving objects and learning the cause and effect of the movement. They also comprehend the idea of speed and force in the process.

About Skola Toys

Skola toys have been created by a team that has a wide and extensive experience in the Early Education. Inspired by Dr. Montessori, they promote the multi-sensory approach and offer toys that engage all the five senses of the child towards a single objective that significantly enhances learning. All Skola toys are natural and environment-friendly, made of wood sourced from renewable sources. Their toys are compliant with international standards of safety. Visit their site to have a look at their vast collection and the various learning journeys they promote through their wonderful toys. Click here!

About The Rolling Car Slope by Skola Toys

The Rolling Car Slope is the Stage 3 toy in the series of learning journey through motion.

Stage 1 includes toys like Cascade Cars which help the kids to learn the skill of tracking the moving object.

Stage 2 involves kids to learn the effect of applying force on the objects. It includes toys like Pull Along Shape Bus;

Stage 3 promotes the understanding of controlling speed and varying force. This in turn sets the basis of learning complex motion

Skola toys

The Rolling Car Slope toy involves building a grid of slopes to race miniature cars. The child has to place the cars on the top and push them to roll down at different speeds. This helps the child to learn the following-

1. Concentration– The process of cars rolling down the slopes helps kids to understand the effect of leaving cars with less or more force from the top. This helps to develop concentration and focus among them.

2. Visual Tracking Skills– Their visual tracking skill improves by following the movement of the car. This is a critical pre-reading skill and is also good for physical sports, at later age.

3. Motion Awareness– Kids understand the concept of speed, motion, force and time factor as they analyze the movements of the cars whizzing down. They simply understand the impact of their actions.

4. Fine-Motor Skills– Their fine motor skill is enhanced as they learn to place the cars,  move and stop them, etc.

Our Experience

Both Aarav and Aarohi have a deep penchant for cars and vehicles. So this toy was perfect to keep them excited and happily engaged. They loved tracking the moving cars and could almost spend hours playing with this toy. Every time the car would roll down they would rush to put it back on the top only to let it cascade down again. They would not even take their eyes off just to see how the cars move. I was quite surprised to see them playing patiently yet enthusiastically with this fabulous toy.

Skola toys

What we Liked About Skola Toys 

1. The toy reached to us in proper packaging.

2.  It came with a few colours and sticker sheets.

3. The toy was packed in a doodle box which kids could use for coloring.

4. This is a hundred percent wooden toy- durable and environment-friendly.

5. The toy doesn’t have any sharp edges. The corners are perfectly rolled out.

6. The slopes are of different colours, that makes the toy bright and attractive for the young eyes.

Do Note:

This is a bulky toy and requires assembly at home. It also contains small parts/screws and is meant for kids above the age of 2.5.

Price & Availability

The toy costs Rs 1745 and is available on Skola’s website. You can check more about the toy here.

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own. I was sent this toy by the brand to use and share my experience. The review holds my honest opinion and personal experience of using the same for more than a month.

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  1. My son loves rolling cars and this one is huge for the price so worth the money and has amazing learning and skills aspect ..

  2. The Average Mom

    This looks like a perfect addition for my sons play room. He loves cars and this toy looks very kid friendly and a tool for early development. Also l am impressed by its size and quality, I am sure baby A would really be able to enjoy playing with this.

  3. Awesome review. I will def look into this for my little one when he gets older. My baby already loves cars and this looks so cute!

  4. Anisha Agrawal

    Skola is doing some really thoughtful work and this toy looks great.. Also i loved the way you have described it in such an informative way

  5. tamanna bavishi

    Wow, that toy looks huge is what struck me first. The colours looks beautiful as well. Cars are always a favourite of all babies and I am sure Skola made this toy keeping that in mind. I have bookmarked this for buying once Cookie is a lil older

  6. beingmomtastic

    I am a quite impressed by the concept skola offers! After all we as parents are constantly looking out for Ways that can help our child develop in all the aspects ! Will check their collection soon for Haniya

  7. Gunjan

    I really like woode toys, I got someone to get me few for. USA when I was pregnant. So happy to see such good products are now available easily in India. Will check their page

  8. What an interesting toy. And I love the concept! Learning becomes more enjoyable when it is done through play.

  9. Anupriya Gupta

    It is interesting that both your kids are in love with cars. My boy too is an out and out car lover. Found this toy from skola to be equally interesting as others.

  10. Deepika

    Lovely! I was looking for gifting options for a 3 year old. Seems perfect!

  11. What a lovely life size toy, Skola is doing an amazing job, keeping both parents as well as kids happy.

  12. Deepa

    I have heard a lot about Skola toys. The fact that they use montessori approach n mind while designing toys is great. Its great to learn while playing.

  13. Disha Bhandari

    I thoroughly enjoy the innovative toys that kids get to play with these days. So educational and fun. This is mighty interesting.

  14. Shipra Trivedi

    I always liked wooden toys and when they come with many more advantages for our kids, they are must to have. Thank you for this review. I have already take a few Skola toys for my son.

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