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Rentoys : Practice Toy Minimalism Without Compromising On Fun

‘Give Your Kids The Best Play Experience’- Rentoys

Toys play an important role in the overall development of the child. They spark their imagination, build curiosity and engage their senses. Kids share a great love for toys. However, they also get bored with the same toy over a period. As they grow, their interests and liking change and so it’s important to provide them the toys that best suit their age.

Parents always want to buy all the toys that help their child learn and grow. However, it’s not practically feasible. Buying toys frequently is a costly affair. Apart from digging a hole in the pocket, they also add to the problem of ‘toy clutter’. Arranging, managing and sorting these toys add to a parent’s daily struggle.

As a mother of two growing toddlers, I am always on a look out for some convenient options in educational toys that match their changing interests, provide them with variety and yet maintain absolute minimalism. And so, the idea of renting toys through reliable sites like sounds perfect to me.


Rentoys is a toy rental service that provides subscription based play boxes on monthly basis. Founded with a mission to help parents optimize their investment and choose the best age-appropriate toys for their kids, it aims at providing the best educational toys to parents at affordable prices via renting.

How It Works

Rentoys works on monthly subscription basis. You can subscribe to their monthly plan and select up to 5 toys for your child. Their plans include two types of subscription boxes– a big box which contains 3 -5 toys or a small box containing 2-3 toys. Each play box contains premium quality learning toys worth a minimum of Rs 5000. At the end of one month, a pick-up is arranged to collect the box and a new box is delivered. Their monthly rental starts as low as Rs 599. To know more about their pricing and service, check their site here.

What’s Unique About Rentoys
  1. They include good quality, award-winning toys carefully chosen from different parts of the world.
  2. Their collection includes educational toys that promote skill development and STEM-based learning.
  3. The toys are cleansed, with a 3-step safe cleaning method (which includes steaming, sanitizing and drying). They are shrink-wrapped and properly packed before they are delivered at your doorsteps.
  4. They do not involve monthly commitment. We can choose to skip a month or unsubscribe based on our convenience.
  5. They do not charge for regular wear and tear.
  6. They deliver toys all over India.
  7. Their service is quick and prompt. They have an easy live chat facility that readily handles customer query.
  8. Their site also has a detailed FAQ section that answers all the queries a parent would have on renting the toys. Read the FAQ here.
My Experience

Imagine how your kids would react on seeing a big box full of toys that’s come especially for them. Excited, right? Aarav and Aarohi too, couldn’t contain their excitement.

We had received a big box from Rentoys last month. Out of the five toys that I chose for them based on their interest and liking, we received four. All the toys reached to us in good working condition. They were properly packed and did not have evident signs of excessive wear and tear.


Here’s what we received:

1. Fantasia Blocks TrainAarav and Aarohi love everything about cars and trains. So, this set of wooden blocks on wagons was their favourite. They found its bright colours and patterns very attractive. This toy helped in developing their motor skills and imagination.

2. Leapfrog Laptop: Aarav and Aarohi always see their mummy and papa working on the laptop, and so they were super excited to have one of their own. This is a musical laptop, with different features like games, messages etc. This toy not just kept them engaged for hours but also helped them to learn a few new alphabets and words.


3. Spin Again: This toy is visually stimulating given to its bright dual coloured discs. Aarav and Aarohi would drop these discs on the threaded corkscrew pole and would get enthralled seeing them spin. Made of BPA free plastic, this toy encouraged hand-eye coordination.

4. Lego Car and Truck Set: This set of colourful bricks and wheels was fun and easy on hands. Aarav-Aarohi did not need much of my help to build and create new vehicles. Made of eco-friendly material, this was a perfect toy to stimulate their creativity and encourage role play.


We were very happy with the services of Rentoys. Here’s what impressed us the most-

  1. The toys came in big and sturdy carton box that was well sealed.
  2. All the toys were bubbled wrapped and neatly packed.
  3. The toys were clean and as good as new.
  4. They also provided an inventory with the list of toys and number of pieces that came with each toy.
  5. Their service was quick and prompt. The toys reached to us within 4 days.
  6. They send reminders of reverse pick-up well in advance giving you enough time for packaging.
  7. They also provide all the necessary material required to pack the box like tape, bubble wrap etc.

Their service left me satisfied. There was nothing disappointing about the toys that I received.

Mom’s Recommendation

I would surely recommend to all the parents. It’s a site that, along with perfect service, ensures a great collection of learning toys at affordable prices. Parents can now bid adieu to the problem of clutter and save a huge sum, simply by renting the best quality educational toys.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, the views and opinions shared here are my own. I am writing this honest review after personally using their service for a period of one month.

Do you like the idea of renting toys ? Do share your view in the comments below?

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