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7 Quick And Stylish Hairstyles For Busy Moms

Check out 7 trendy and quick hairstyles for busy moms!

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Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, busy as a word is quite synonymous to #momlife. I am a work-from-home mom, and as convenient it sounds to be one, my struggle with time is real and an unavoidable one. Juggling between work and kids, I don’t find myself even finishing my lunch in peace, let alone trying a new hairstyle. As much I want to look good, I barely get enough time to spend on my hair.

It wasn’t the same before kids. I would pay proper attention to hair care. Regular oiling and hair massage was a weekly affair. However things changed as I delivered twins. Even combing hair everyday looks like a luxury that I rarely get to enjoy.  And I am sure I am not alone in this – it’s an every mom’s story!

I always had a penchant for trying something new with my tresses. Lack of time but my love for trendy hair styles made me do a quick research on some easy hairstyles options that I can try in less than five minutes.

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In case you are looking for some simple yet trendy hairstyling options, you will surely find these tips handy. Be it casual dinners or formal parties, these would save a lot of time and suit all occasions.

Quick 5-Minute Hairstyles For Busy Moms

1. Formal Pony Tails

Ponytail- Hairstyles For Busy Moms

Pony tails are simple and not always boring. They take two-minutes and look super stylish. Try a high-up pony tail instead of a low-lying one  and glam it up with few shining or colorful side pins.

2. Top Knot

Top Knot- Quick And Stylish Hairstyles For Busy Moms

This gives the face a perfect lift and looks trendy with both ethnic and formal wear. Simply tie your hair on the top of your head and twist it in the form of a bun. Use lots of hair pins to secure it. You can leave a few strands fall out from the front for extra styling.

3. Funky Hair Bands

Quick Hairstyles For Busy Moms

This one is my personal favorite. Hair bands look funky and stylish. Use a plain colorful one for casual dressing or a sequined stylish ones with pearls or swarovski for formal parties. You can also try a beautiful tiara for further innovation. Hair bands are a great way to glam up the otherwise dull hair

4. Wigs and Hair Extensions

Wigs- Hairstyles For Busy Moms

Why wigs and extensions, you ask? They are convenient, easy-to-use and stylish. If you want to experiment with your looks, wigs can come in handy. They can make you look like a diva instantly without causing any damage to your natural hair. You can find high quality wigs online at affordable prices. One site that I know of is Divatress which offers a large variety of black hair care products. They have a huge collection of  wigs for hispanics, available in various colors, length, textures and styles.

5. Bandanas and Head Scarves

Headband- Hairstyles For Busy Moms
Source: Aliexpress

Bandanas and Scarves as a hair accessory never go out of fashion. They can add a lot of charm to any look or outfit. Use it as a bow or a headband or wrap a bun under it, they would only add to the style factor. And oh, not to forget also hide the greasy, unwashed ‘mom’ hair!

6. Casual Half-Tie

Half-tie: Quick Hairstyles For Busy Moms
Source: HairRomance

This is one of the super quick and easy-to-do hairstyles for busy moms. Leave a few strands from the front and pull the top section of your hair (from ears to the crown) and tie them at the back using an elastic band. Once set just roll them on the inside and let the lower section fall open. 

7.  Beachy Waves 

Waves- Quick Hairstyles For Busy Moms
Source: Pixabay

Give yourself a break from the flat normal texture and try waves that are actually quite easy to do. Once you take a shower, divide your wet hair in 5 or 6 sections and twist them up until they become tight. Leave them like that for sometime and let them dry naturally. Once dried up loosen the hair and you will find the natural waves doing their trick.

Did you like these quick and funky hairstyles for busy moms? Which one is your favourite? Share in the comments below.


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  1. Great list for those who dont have time for elaborate styling (like myself, being a toddler mom ??)! Except for the wig I’ve tried everything else. ?

  2. alpanadeo

    Pony tail is my all time favorite. I have naturally wavy hair so putting a fancy hairband also works for me.

  3. pony tail , bun and hairband are my all time fav i alternate these for change…and i so so so agee that combing hair day is a luxury which i can’t afford and oiling has gone for a toss..

  4. Varsha Gode

    Pony Tail is always my favorite. After marriage, it is changed to permanent top knot style :p
    Loved this super useful post!

  5. myteenytot

    High Bun is my current Favourite with two munchkins. BTW these are some awesome hairstyles.

  6. Sejal Khanna

    Ponytail and Top Knot! Oh and can I add messy bun or messy waves too? They dont really take ant effort and my son helps! ?

  7. Amitoj Kaur

    Loved all the quick and stylish hair style for busy moms like us. Ponytail is my favorite one and I do that all the time. Would love to try the hair extensions too. Thank you for sharing!!

  8. momtasticworld

    These are easy and looks so stylish too. I am definitely saving this post. Loved it.

  9. rohinijames

    Like most people the ponytail is my most preferred option. I have frizzy hair converted to straight hair so I don’t have too many options to style my hair. I would love to try the beach waves though.

  10. Must needed post for busy moms, I do pony tail and half-tie generally, but hair scarves is good option too.

  11. Papri Ganguly

    Top not and ponytail are my go to hairstyles. You have jotted down some amazing styling

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