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Quality Over Quantity: Spending Quality Time With Kids

Quality Over Quantity- Spending Quality Time With Kids 

Let’s face it – life is busy! Between work, house chores, life responsibilities, etc, the days just passes by in the blink of an eye. Even if we aren’t working and have our children around us all day, it’s important to ask ourself – are we spending enough quality time with them? 

We may be around them all the time but do we tend to give our full attention? Or most of the time we are just busy in our own work while they play around, do their homework, etc. Well, am guilty and I think most of us are.

When it comes to kids, it’s not the quantity but the quality of time that matters. All they want is our undivided attention even if it’s just for one hour everyday. As they grow up, they don’t remember what toy or game we gifted, all they will remember is the time we spent with them.

Investing in regular meaningful and quality time with kids can result in them feeling secured, confident, happy, less stressed and more cooperative. Children have a deep innate and healthy drive for attention and spending quality time with them means- ensuring we give them that attention.  

Ideas For Spending Quality Time With Kids
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Here are some everyday ideas for busy families for spending quality time with kids-

1 Have a daily connect time 

Be it in the morning before getting ready for work, or evening or before bedtime. Make it a habit of spending, may be just fifteen mins, everyday connecting with your child. Keep all the distractions (toys, phones, TV, etc) aside. Look into your child’s eye and talk face to face. Discuss about his day, things he did, things you did, etc. Simply connect, make an eye contact and let your child know you are listening to him/her fully.

2 Express your love 

I tell my kids everyday how much I love them, how blessed I am to have them in my life. Make them know everyday how important they are to you and that they are special and loved always.

3. Create a daily ritual

It could be reading a book daily or cooking a meal together or anything that suits you or your kids. Choose something that can be done everyday and makes you spend enough time with your kid.

4. Choose an activity time

Spare some time to get involved in kid’s activities. Be it painting or games or pretend play. Let them choose the activity and take the lead. You follow through and be there till the activity finishes.

5. Eat meals together 

Aim at eating one meal of the day together as a family. Let there be no distractions. Just sit with your kids and enjoy a healthy meal time.

6. Simply play with your kid

Be it before bed time of during bath or while dropping off to school, find simple moments of the day to make a positive impact. Laugh, be silly and make your child’s day special. 

A meaningful connection is about quality of time, not quantity of time. Try to keep it simple and find ways to connect with your child that suits your lifestyle . 

When children and parents spend quality time together, it’s build a positive sense of self-worth.  Children feel valued and it fosters an environment of open communication.   

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