You are currently viewing Plufo : Interactive After-School Online Courses For Kids

Plufo : Interactive After-School Online Courses For Kids

Plufo : Interactive After-School Online Courses For Kids

“Online learning is the future of education, and it is happening right now all around us.”

The entire situation of the pandemic has resulted in schools being shut all across the country. As a result, the education system has changed dramatically and e-learning seems to be the new normal. While the schools are doing their best to keep up with the online learning scenario, parents (like me) are trying their best to fill the learning gaps at home and keep our kids actively engaged. 

I am a mother of growing twins and I find it a big task to keep them constructively busy all day. Not going to school, not being able to meet friends and zero outdoor play is making children frustrated and temperamental in nature. Keeping them involved in playful activities and interactive after-school learning programs seems like the perfect solution to beat boredom at home. 

A good after-school online learning program can turn the aimless hours post school into a productive learning time. They can be a fun and meaningful way for kids to find new interests or overcome various learning challenges. Apart from providing academic support, they can also help in improving social skills by providing children a safe space to interact with their peers. 

Interactive after-school online courses for kids
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Plufo – Interactive Online Courses for Kids

In my search for good after-school online courses for kids, I came across – Plufo, a digital platform providing innovative online classes for students of all age groups. 

These classes cater to pre-primary, primary and secondary grade kids and cover various subjects like English, Maths, Hindi, Science, EVS, Theatre, Music and Dance. These courses are an excellent option to keep children engaged and entertained at home.

So far most of the online classes that I have come across engaged kids via pre-recorded lessons. However, Plufo is different. They capture children’s interest through live online classes. Kids can interact in real-time with teachers and teachers also ensure that each online participant is actively involved. 

The key features of their program are – 

  • They provide an immersive learning experience to children by interweaving lessons with storytelling techniques, personalized lesson plans and regular guidance for doubt-solving. 
  • Parents can choose one-on-one personal tutoring, focused tutoring up to 5 students, guided tutoring with the batch size of up to 10 students, or group tutoring where there are a maximum of 20 students.
  • Their panel of teachers include professional educators, scientists, artists and inspiring public speakers who cater to every stage of learning (be it catching up on missed lessons, enrichment sessions or simply regular practice) and make it a fun experience for children.
  • The classes are carried out thrice a week in different time slots. So parents have the flexibility to choose the weekly schedule as well as the time of the day best suited to their kids routine. 
  • They offer numerous courses ranging from academics to extracurricular. And after completion of each course, children receive an authentic completion certificate. 

I found Plufo, a perfect platform for children to learn something new and upgrade themselves while remaining within the four walls of their home.

Children are becoming more techno savvy in this digital world. And affordable learning programs like these enhance knowledge, fill the learning gaps and make the entire process of learning and interaction through digital medium a smooth process. 

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Plufo. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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