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My Blogging Journey – Ups, Downs & Lessons Learnt

My blogging journey – The Mom Sagas

I often get asked by a lot of friends about why I blog and how I started The Mom Sagas! So I thought let me share a little bit about my blogging journey.

I am an educationist by profession and hold a masters degree in English literature. Talk about my penchant for reading and writing and it goes back to my school days. I always enjoyed writing and documenting different events of my life. Infact during those days I used to attempt writing poetry (and even have my own collection of small amateurish poems which I rarely share with anyone 😉).

So writing has always been a part of my life. It, infact, has been a way of expression. Before starting this blog I worked as a content writer with different websites and parenting platforms & even had a WordPress account which I used to write on general topics (not specifically parenting).

When I donned the hat of a mother, I certainly had loads to share. I have had a fairly tough pregnancy and an overwhelming initial months with the twins and writing became an outlet for all my thoughts, feelings, doubts, queries etc. Each day with A&A I would experience something new that would make me laugh, cry and learn something more about myself and about motherhood. I started enjoying penning all those thoughts, experiences and the everyday sagas.

My blogging journey

And thus started The Mom Sagas! 2.5 years ago, I started this blog with the aim of documenting small anecdotes of my parenting journey. Eventually, what started as a personal online diary became a self-hosted, full-fledged blog recording all my creative thoughts and musings. Back then, I didn’t know many bloggers around  (unlike these days when there are so many to seek inspiration from). I knew only 2 bloggers (who were personally my friends) – Preetjyot from @mylittlemuffin_mom who pushed me to start The Mom Sagas ,introduced me to this world of blogging & guided me at every step on how to go about it. And Jasmeet at @mommyvoyage who helped me understand the nuances of blogging, technicalities & even the collabs part. These helped me shape my blog the way it is now and I am ever grateful to them for their unconditional support. 

Blogging started as a hobby. I had so much to share about my parenting experience as a new mom of twins & I used to write vigorously. I gradually delved into social media which opened up an all new world for me. I got to make many virtual friends and could reach out to liked-minded moms who were/are going through the same stage of life as me. My work also started getting noticed and I started getting approached for a few branded collaborations as well.

My Blogging Journey – Achievements To Cherish

I still remember four months into blogging & two of my articles – Dilemmas of A Mother Of Twins & Anger Management For Moms went viral on social media (a little boasting here😉) & that gave me a happy high. I got the motivation to keep writing meaningful content. Since then, every message from my readers, every mom who relates with my words, every friends who enjoys my blogs- give my confidence as a blogger and add to my accomplishments. Recently I even published my first ebook – ‘ A to Z Of Parenting Twins’  & that was another high. Being an author was something I had never imagined for myself back when I started blogging. 

My Blogging Journey – The Lows and Setbacks 

Talking about lows, there had been many. Mostly started when number game came in the picture. I made a lot of blogger friends & suddenly a few turned competitive. Then many a times my work was plagiarized & I couldn’t do much about it. I also remember my first collaboration with a brand (post 7-8 months of blogging) & the blog I wrote for them got rejected. I was so taken aback. Suddenly all the confidence as a blogger came crashing down. It was then I realised that all this isn’t easy! 

My Blogging Journey – Lessons Learnt So Far

In the past 2.5 years, I learnt many things via this space. I learnt, to GROW as a blogger I have to constantly LEARN as a blogger . Sometimes, have to step out my comfort zone to learn new things, sometimes go back to the basics. I have to keep experimenting with my writing style and make it interesting for my readers. 

I also learnt to take ownership for my content. I realised I need to be responsible for my posts and be mindful of what I write . I learnt Responsible Blogging

My blogging journey

Today blogging is a part of my life. The Mom Sagas  has become my new identity, a minor source of income and an inevitable part of my life. From recording my twins–A&A’s antics to personal experiences to product reviews- my blog now witnesses everything. The online connections that I make work as a support and a big time motivation. I totally enjoy interacting through my written words and also enjoy connecting with my readers via comments and DMs.

So if you like reading my work, please keep showering your love and keep encouraging me. Your each comment and feedback matters. Feel free to reach out to me via mails, DMs and comments. And do support my work by sharing it ahead. 

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  1. Sweetannu

    Kudos on your amazing blogging journey. You will be an source of inspiration to many new bloggers. Congratulations on donning so many feathers in your cap.

  2. Ruchie

    Every blogger have some story behind her/his baby blog and yours is really inspiring for everyone who want to stand out and share their knowledge!!

  3. Varsh

    You’ve come a long way in just 2.5 years! Blogging had it’s ups and downs but what matters is that we stay true to our work and passion. Hope you have a lot to cherish and share in years to come!

  4. Deepika

    Every journey has its ups and downs. And I think every low make us understand to choose the better path. Best wishes for the upcoming projects!

  5. Bushra

    That’s inspiring blogging journey and you are nailing it, best wishes for future

  6. More power to you, Charu. You are doing amazing work, I have read your ebook and shared with one of my twin babies parent. Glad you choose to responsible blogging.

  7. Shalu Sharma

    I still remember the day you published your first ever blog. And they way your blog & Instagram has grown in such short time is commendable.

  8. Tina Basu

    These ups and downs are part of the life and sometimes they teach you good lessons. More power to you.


    Truly inspiring to all new people who want to enter the world of blogging and yes a support is always required to start any new venture in life

  10. jhilmildsaha

    Such a beautiful journey. Like any profession blogging has its uos and downs but what counts is at the end of the day we are content with what we are doing.

  11. Gleefulblogger

    Congratulations on such a wonderful journey! I am glad to have met you via blogging, seeing you work so hard toward self achieving goals is very inspiring. WIsh you many more successful blogging adventures.

  12. Jhilmil Bhansali

    2.5years and lots of learning! The journey of blogging has never been as easy as many of us perceived. But great that you’ve come a long way with some great posts on your blog!

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