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5 Must-Read Books/Series For Preschoolers

Must-read books/series for preschoolers that most kids enjoy. 

We all know that reading is a wonderful habit. But did you know that reading aloud to kids at an early age helps a lot in their overall development? Right from building imagination to improving concentration and listening skills, reading does wonders for kids. 

My twins absolutely enjoy their time with books and reading aloud regularly has strengthened their cognitive skills, language and vocabulary. They have a few favorites that they enjoy regularly and can never get bored of. 

Sharing here a few must-read books/series for preschoolers that are a hit among kids.

Must-read books/series for preschoolers

Julia Donaldson Storybooks

This author is known for her rhyming stories written in simple language that kids can easily relate with. I got a pack of around 10 most famous books from her collection and each story in this set is truly interesting. My kids favorite is the story of Gruffalo, Gruffalo Child and StickMan which are such unique characters that leave a deep impact on kids imagination.

Maisy Series

Another very interesting series is the First Experience books featuring the beloved mouse Maisy. There are around 12 books in this series. Children easily identify with these books as Maisy comes across as a perfect friend to explain any new experience to young kids – be it their first time on a plane or the first day to school, she makes everything fun and easy-going.

Dr Seuss books

These books are fun to read, with rhyming phrases, made-up words, and colourful illustrations. One reason I love reading these to my kids is because most of these books come with some interesting morals like how to take responsibility or how to keep your home clean, etc, which we can to teach to our kids via simple stories.

Usborne Phonic Reader books

With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition these books are specially designed to develop essential language and early reading skills. There are around 20 titles in the series and each one comes up with some terrific tales that keep young readers entertained. 

Dora the explorer series.

I personally like the puzzle-like structure of these books that engage children by asking them to identify pictures or objects. Each book comes up with a new adventure tale of the brave girl Dora who with her grit and determination teaches kids how to manage even the toughest of situations.

So, these are some of the series that my four-year-old twins absolutely love reading. I hope you too add them to your collection and have a fun time reading with your little ones

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