You are currently viewing The Moms Co Tea for Acidity Relief- Natural Solution To The Problem of Heartburn and Indigestion

The Moms Co Tea for Acidity Relief- Natural Solution To The Problem of Heartburn and Indigestion

To Tea or Not To Tea–  Think No More With The Moms Co Tea for Acidity Relief

All through my pregnancy, one of the major dilemmas I faced was whether to have my favourite cup of tea or not. I have been a tea-addict since my college days. All my exam preparations and late night studies was possible, only when I had a few cups of tea ready beside my table. So this habit of drinking tea everyday wasn’t new when I got pregnant. My morning cuppa used to be refreshing and the only thing that could wake me up.

While tea used to help keep the pregnancy-induced drowsiness away, it brought its own set of problems too- the major ones being acidity and heartburn. As soon as I had hit the second trimester, this problem was at its peak and used to get aggravated with tea and other caffeinated drinks.  I always used to wish if there was one brand that probably makes tea especially for pregnant, tea- addict women like me. And guess what, it seems my wish was heard by The Moms Co.

About The Moms Co

Doesn’t the name say it all?

The Moms Co is a brand that keeps the needs of expecting moms in mind and aims to provide them that what is best for their babies. Using the most effective natural ingredients, they have a range of products that are chemical-free and safe-to-use for moms to-be. Their products are developed and tested with the best experts across India, Australia and Switzerland,.

The Moms Co Tea For Acidity Relief

The Moms Colo

This all-natural, caffeine-free, herbal tea helps ease heartburn and calms the digestive system. Created by and imported from Expert Formulators in Europe, this tea is FSSAI approved. It doesn’t contain any synthetic flavours or preservatives and is absolutely safe to be consumed during pregnancy.


The tea is a herbal blend of chamomile flowers, lemon balm, peppermint leaves, sunflowers and blackcurrant leaves. All these products help to stimulate digestion, boost immunity and reduce the problem of nausea and heartburn.

How To Use

Use one teaspoon of tea leaves in 50 ml (approximately one cup) of freshly boiled water. Leave it to infuse for around 8-10 minutes. Sieve and use.

Price and Availability

The tea costs Rs 699 for a 50g pack and is available at The Moms Co website. They offer a variety of skin care products. Along with the tea for acidity relief, they also offer a special tea for nourishing feed, exclusively meant for lactating mothers. You can check their entire range here

My Experience

I have been using this tea regularly now. It has a minty taste and a mesmerizing fragrance. I find the taste of the tea enhances when mixed with lemon and sugar. However one can have it even without any extra element. It is easy on the stomach and doesn’t make one feel full or bloated.

When tired, I particularly try to have this tea as it seems to have a calming effect that de-stresses me. The best part is that the tea works equally well for elderly people. My parents too liked its taste and found it super effective in easing acidity.


Here are a few things I like about this tea-

  1. The product comes in a sturdy, air-tight container that lists out all the relevant details about the ingredients, directions to use, caution, etc
  2. The aroma of the tea-leaves is supremely pleasing.
  3. The tea is not just meant for pregnant ladies but can also be consumed by all adults, including old men and women.
  4. It is highly effective in relieving the problem of acidity for all.
  5. The tea also has a cooling effect that aids to reduce heartburn.
  6. It can easily be made with water and doesn’t require any added element.
  1. The product is so far only available online
  2. I find the tea also has a soporific effect that may not suit all. However, it’s a boon for pregnant ladies.

The Moms Co Tea for Acidity Relief has become a part of our everyday routine and we highly recommend it to everybody. It’s not just me but there are more moms too, who would vouch for this amazing herbal tea. Read my friend, Prisha’s review of the same, here.

If you also happen to face the dilemma- To Tea Or Not To Tea– then you are surely provided with the right answer. This natural tea is a perfect alternative to your regular caffeinated drinks.

Do try this tea and share your experience with us.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have received this product by the company to use and share my experience of the same. The review holds my honest opinion and personal views of using this product for over a period of two weeks.


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  1. Mummasaurus

    The pictures are so neat!! I have used this tea as well, and i loved it!! Infact, I loved the soporific effect it had… I often get distressed i can’t sleep despite feeling exhausted and sleepy. This tea is a boon for maniacs like me.

  2. Jiya B

    This tea is a boon for Tea lover moms . Pregnant moms are adviced to cut down the caffine intake. For them this is the best. Thanks for sharing

  3. mommystimeline

    Nice pictures. This tea is really fabulous for healing acidity problem. Specially for pregnant women who feel more acidity on that days. It is best way to cure it with natural tea

  4. Nisha Malik

    I am a teaholic and I find it very hard to withdraw. This is bit costly but seems very effective…

  5. Papri Ganguly

    I’m a tea person from heart. this sounds effective, but little high priced.

  6. beautyissh

    I have hyperacidity issues.. will this be helpful?

  7. Sangeeta

    It’s really nice that they have a specific tea for indigestion – this will definitely help many.

  8. Zainab

    First of all, that last pic is totally amazing!
    I have tried this tea and it seems like a good investment to me! Plus, that box 🙂 can be used for a lot of storage once we finish the tea!

  9. Mrinal

    I have a bad acidity and indigestion problem.. looks like it is custom made for me ?

  10. love the way you have drawn heart with the tea ..tells the experience already ..i am glad this product is in the market as i get acidity often and i am a tea lover and am asked to reduced it will try this one for sure

  11. Snigdha

    This is the best option for tea lovers… It is a bit costly but would love to try out… Lovely pictures..

  12. henajose

    I do get acidity. I think I must try this all-natural, caffeine-free, herbal tea.

  13. Rashmi Singh

    Nice pictures … I never used this tea but it looks promising.

  14. anamika

    chamomile flowers, lemon balm, peppermint leaves and blackcurrant leaves all my favorite ingredients, Comes together have to try this ??

  15. Rakhi Parsai

    This is such a thoughtful product by moms co. Acidity is the worst during pregnancy and any product that gives relief to pregnant mums is worth a salute. Moms co is an amazing brand as even I have tried few of their products.

  16. Kavita

    I have used their skin care products but haven’t tried this tea yet..your review sure does look interesting…I will check out their website soon. ..

  17. If it provides acidity relief plus induces drowsiness it is really a boon for pregnant ladies as you said!

  18. jayshreebhagat

    I often suffer from acidity problem… Will surely want to buy this one now

  19. This is a much needed solution for pregnancy. I used to have such terrible acidity. I’m using the Moms Co tea for nourishing feeds. Its really refreshing.

  20. mahekg

    This surely would be helpful for acidity problem and no synthetic flavors is the best thing

  21. kreativemommy

    Looks like a great product for moms. This is something which is going to help moms who love tea and suffer from acidity. Thanks for review.

  22. preetjyotkaur

    Thanks for sharing your honest review.. and i love how you have displayed the tea in your pictures… I’m not a tea drinker ,however would love to try this one out

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