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Keep Your Home Germ-free With Crompton’s Anti-Bac LED

Keeping the house clean, protected and germ-free is a priority for every mother. We often worry about little kids catching infections easily and so want to keep them in an environment that’s safe and disinfected. I personally resort to a lot of methods to keep my house disinfected – sanitizers, floor cleaners, hand wash, wipes, etc. And recently I came across one another effective method that involves zero effort and can kill the house-germs in a flip of a switch. Interesting! Isn’t it?

A couple of days back, I attended the launch of Anti-Bac LED Bulbs by Crompton India. These bulbs are a breakthrough innovation in the world of ‘lighting’. They serve dual purpose- provide visible light and also kill 85% germs (within 4 hours) including harmful bacteria and fungi.

Crompton Anti-Bac LED Bulb
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At first it was difficult to believe about this revolutionary product, but during the event we got to see a demo with petridishes where bacteria was killed and we could easily see the before and after the effect of bacteria with these Anti-Bac LEDs. 

Crompton's Anti-Bac LED

The panel present at the event discussed all the special features of the bulb and helped us understand the entire science behind it. It comes with advanced Envirosafe technology that provides this dual benefit and is recommended by Indian Medical Association. Also, it does not emit any UV/IT radiations and is absolutely safe for humans, pets and food items.

Gorgeous actress Soha Ali Khan, who was a part of the launch, too vouched for this product and mentioned how it can help establish a qualitative and secure environment for families. She remarked:

“Given that we are exposed to a lot of household and ambient germs indoors itself in today’s day and age, we now have an LED bulb that actually kills germs! I am fortunate enough to experience an innovation that is so beneficial to me as a consumer, as a parent and at the same time so very convenient for my home.”  

Crompton's Anti-Bac LED

While it is generally assumed that there is more  exposure to germs outdoors, the reality is that they are also present in every nook and corner of our house. Crompton’s Anti-Bac LED is effective to get rid of a wide spectrum of germs including yeast and the dreadful build-up of mold in kitchen, laundry, bathroom, kids’ playroom, bedrooms, etc. It is easy to install and can be placed in any part of the home. The best part is that it provides continuous disinfection and involves no extra effort. Such a cost-effective way to keep our environment safe and healthy, right? #BulbOnGermsGone

Anti-Bac LED

As parents we are always concerned about germs. And while we take all the necessary precautions, something like Crompton Anti-Bac only makes it all the more convenient to keep our home germ-free. Having installed it at my place now, I am somewhere relieved and have this peace of mind that my house is now safe, secured and protected from germs.

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Disclaimer : This post is in collaboration with Crompton India. However, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. mumfiesta

    This is super amazing to know ! Such a saviour for us moms

  2. The Average Mom

    I am so glad to know about this; this is so useful. Glad that something like this has come up which will help us keep our home germ free. Does it consume extra power for this?

    1. TheMomSagas

      Hey indeed, such an innovative technique. As far as I know it doesn’t consume extra power. The power consumption is same like any other LED. Still would be best to check the details on the pack.

  3. Preetjyot Kaur

    Gosh! I’m totally amazed. This is such a revolutionary product. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. Wow, am really impressed. how about energy saving and cost? will this fit our budget?

  5. nooranandchawla

    This seems like an essential product to have in a household with little ones. I will check it out.

  6. Anahita Irani

    Smart product by Cromptons. Benefits galore, everyone should try it out.

  7. lifewithmypenguin

    This is a revolutionary product I guess. Killing all harmful bacteria by just plugin the lamp is wow

  8. Gleefulblogger

    I have never seen anything smarter than this, and yet it’s so very pocket friendly. Crompton is pioneer in making home solutions available for all. Plus, it was great meeting you ?

  9. Dr.Amrita Basu

    Anti bac LED is very interesting.I am curious to know what frequenncy of lights kill the germs?Is it written on the product box?

  10. It was so nice attending this event together. Not to mention, we learned and saw something new and remarkable. I have using the bulb at home and am planning to get more. helps to take every step we can to make our home germ free.

  11. momtasticworld

    I read about these bulbs pretty recently and then saw posts of a couple of bloggers. I had no idea that there can be germs within our house walls. I will surely be buying these bulbs soon from the market.

  12. Deepika

    I am glad to know about this bulb. It is revolutionary! I will definitely check it out.

  13. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    This is such a break through technology and the need of the hour with increased level of pollution. Looks like a fab event

  14. Snehal K

    Wow… i need to try this! I have allergies from indoor germs dont know how they even enter the house! ?

  15. jhilmildsaha

    Wow, this is an amazing solution to kill household bacteria. Where can I get this?

  16. forbabynmommy

    That’s awesome product I am surely going to get this soon .. Anti Bac light is what we all need at our homes

  17. MeenalSonal

    Advancement in technology is a boon in today’s growing infections. Thanks for sharing such a useful product.


  18. Surbhi Mahobia

    Isn’t it amazing that with a bare investment in bulbs one can have a bacteria free home?

  19. Princy Khurana

    this is such an innovative and much needed product. I think, every home should now transition into this. good one.

  20. Nidhi Narang

    Smart product definitely try this

  21. Sayeri

    I am working mom and me and my husband do dusting every week. Daily our maid clean rooms. I have dust allergy and my son has the same problem. So indoor pollution is a big issue for me. This is really an amazing product.

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