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Indian Women in 2017 : What Makes Me Thrive As A Woman In the Contemporary Age

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Veena Regit from The Reading Momster for introducing me. The prompt for today is ‘Being A Woman In India, 2017′. Hop on to her blog to read her take on the contemporary Indian women.

Let me also take the opportunity to introduce you to Preetjyot Kaur from My Little Muffin. I love how she writes about breaking the stereotypes and raising independent girls. Do check her blog post on the prompt for today.

Talk about famous Indian women and there are so many names that come across my mind. From PV Sidhu to Barkha Dutt to Priyanka Chopra, women have been excelling in all the fields. There is nothing stopping Indian women of 21st Century.

I was having a light-hearted discussion with my mom about the general state of affairs in the country, when she mentioned how lucky I am to be born in this century. Her statement intrigued me and made me realise that life for women have never been so easy, given to the gender inequalities that exist in our country. But something has changed that has made Indian women of 2017 far more independent and self sufficient. So much so that they can now explore multiple opportunities to showcase their talent and reach their full potential.

Today, when I sit down to write on this prompt, I wonder what makes me thrive as a woman in 2017. My education and knowledge has made me capable of many things. But more than that I have learnt a few things from my own experience and that of my mom, which have helped me to emerge strong and confident. Here is what helps me to thrive successfully in this contemporary age-

1. Asserting my choice– I have the wisdom and power to choose for myself. I have learnt to speak my mind, do what I want and choose to live my life my way. Gone are the days when Indian women were dictated how to lead their lives.

2. Saying No– Reminded of the movie ‘Pink’? ‘No’ is the new ‘Yes’! Saying No is one of the most difficult things in the world, especially when women are conditioned to always agree with what they have been told. But this is equally essential. I have learnt to say No to things I don’t like to do or say, and it has only helped me to be strong and affirmative in my choices.

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3. Learning to express– Silence is good but not at the cost of being taken for granted. I have learnt to express myself in as clear words as possible. I believe that gives me me confidence in setting the right expectations and even living up to them.

4. Being Self Motivated– Encouragement from others works wonders but nothing works better than self motivation when it comes fullfilling one’s dream. Why to seek motivation from anyone else, when we can find that boost from within?

5. Standing by my beliefs This is the age of beliefs and counter-beliefs and so it’s all the more relevant for women to stand by their own beliefs, values and thoughts. And not to seek validation for the same from others. I think that’s one thing that helps me to be what I am and achieve my goals.

I find all these learning as the most essential ones, for women to succeed in this age. These add to my strength and equip me to face the challenges of the world in a way that I can conquer them.

Being a woman may not be easy in this era, but it’s truly beautiful. And I can’t help but feel privileged and blessed for the same.

What makes you thrive as a woman in 2017? What is your learning from this age? Share your views in the comment below.


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This blog is a part of the #9daysofwomanhood blogathon where 25 bloggers have joined hands to celebrate the essence and strength of Being a Woman!


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  1. Sumira

    Charu this whole blogathon is leaving me so much more positive and is making me happy happy !! More power to us ?

  2. This is such a positive post – it’s like providing me with a list of takeaways from today’s prompt. Thank you for such a wonderful post.


    I read it, like it, and close it. But then I realised, it won’t be justified to leave without telling you that you are sharing so much positive vibes here. Thanks for adding me to this positive zone.

  4. Neha Sharma

    Reading those points and I was getting a proud smile on my face and in my deep heart, taking my own decisions, saying No where I don’t want to indulge, firm to my own beliefs are something which I have learnt through the course of time and make me feel empowered. Thanks for writing this post Charu ❤

  5. PrettyMummaSays

    Your post is spot on! Our generation is indeed lucky to be living in the times when women are being considered equal. The gender gap is slowly and steadily closing. And that’s a positive sign. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  6. sonia_pfc

    Such a positive post! Yes, things have changed for our generation

  7. Akshaya

    I really liked your thoughts… so simply and beautifully put across. I wrote about this too ?

  8. anubhutisethmehn

    and reading this made me realise that these points thrive me as well…and gave me a sense of pride…lovely lost!!

  9. sublimemessages

    loved reading this and all these are some great pointers that we all need to inculcate in our everyday lives. thanks for sharing ?

  10. Very rightly put Charu. Your 5 principles are indeed what women need to respect themselves and gain the same respect out of others. Self confidence is a big plus to help women achieve all their dreams and aspirations.

  11. Uttara

    Such a positive post great way to start celebrations

  12. opinionatedmua

    How true. Each generation of women have it better than the previous one but there sure is a long way for us to go. Nice reading this post and amazing initiative. If we as women don’t celebrate ourselves and eachother, how can we expect others to.

  13. Gagan Kochar

    Absolutely Charu.. it’s never been easy to be a women but we are truly blessed to be part of this new era.. thanks for starting this blogathon… am loving it!..??

  14. Mansi Laus Deo

    I take immense pride in being a woman despite my petite size and child-like appearance. I make it a point to get my thoughts across and believe in fighting “like a woman”. If a woman can carry a human inside her for 3 quarters and then push it out within a few minutes, there is no way men can walk up to us and tell us that we can’t turn around their balance sheet this quarter!

  15. Gayatri Gadre

    Well said, I agree with each and every point by you. This is the best time ever to be a woman. More power to all of us

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