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How To Make Online Learning Fun For Kids

The term ‘online learning’ doesn’t sound unfamiliar to many of us, right?

The entire education system is slowly undergoing a transformation. Schools have introduced e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. 

A&A (who are in preschool) have been regularly having their online classes now. Initially it was difficult for them to get accustomed to this new way of learning. For the first few days, they didn’t understand why their teacher was meeting them online. They would move and run around after every five minutes and it was so difficult to make them sit through the entire session. Young kids have a low attention span. They get distracted easily and making them sit at one place for even a half-an-hour’s session is a big struggle. 

While their teachers have been doing their best to make every online class interesting and interactive by making animated PPT’s, conducting fun rhyme sessions, etc., I realized the onus is mainly on us, the parents, to help our kids adjust to this new teaching-learning pattern. There are a lot of things that we as parents can do on our part to make e-learning easy and fun at home.

Making e-learning fun at home

Children are naturally motivated to play. And that’s how their preschool atmosphere usually is where they can explore, experiment and learn while playing. To help my kids enjoy the online learning experience, I try to provide a similar play based, engaging environment at home. 

Making online learning fun for kids at home
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Sharing here all that I do to make online learning fun and easy at home:
Following a routine 

To begin with, I follow a fixed daily schedule for A&A. Keeping the timings of their online classes in mind, we have created a suitable daily routine for them. We make sure that before their online class starts, they are fed, bathed and ready (just like they would get ready to go to their school). This gets them excited and also keeps them active during the session. 

Dedicated Study space

A&A have their designated study space/corner at home. They have their own table-chair with their favorite stationery items placed on it. Whatever activity they do for the day, whether it is playing with toys, coloring, or studying, all the items have a place at their study corner. This helps to build their interest and keeps them motivated. 

Sit with them for online sessions 

For parents of young kids, this is crucial (especially in the initial sessions) to ensure that kids are able to learn and interact well with their teachers. I usually sit with A&A for the entire school online session. I sing rhymes/poems with them, join in storytelling, reiterate what their teacher says/asks and make them interact all through.

Follow-up activities at home

We also try new activities at home on concepts kids learn during online sessions. Like, these days they are learning about phonics and counting. So we do multiple follow-up games and  activities at home like counting beads, playing alphabet quiz/puzzles, storytelling, reading books, etc., that help them revise the same. 

Take breaks and offer healthy meals

Sitting continuously at a place, and more so in front of the screen for long, can be strenuous for young kids. We take adequate breaks in between for snacking and drinking. A&A’s favorite is PediaSure and I find it quick and easy too, to make a glass of PediaSure in between any activity or online session. It contains essential nutrients that support proper growth, immunity and brain development. One glass of PediaSure milk refreshes them instantly and gives them the energy to stay active and pay attention during the classes. 

Involving them in simple household activities 

I personally feel learning is not just restricted to school and curriculum. Apart from the online school sessions, I involve A&A in a various home activities and chores. They enjoy simple chores like folding clothes, watering the plants, laying the table, etc. In fact we turn these into fun games, like who will clean the bed first or fill more water bottles. These simple activities add to our precious family bonding time and also help kids pick up basic life skills.

Appreciate them with simple rewards

Appreciation works wonders with kids. A simple star/sticker or even a hi-five can boost their confidence and encourage them to focus in the class. Every time they finish an activity on their own or give a correct answer, I appreciate their efforts by rewarding them in a simple way. This helps to keep them excited as well as motivated.  

Online learning is relatively a new way of learning for children. The only way to help kids make the most of it is by making it fun and engaging at home. It may require a bit of effort and a lot of patience on our part but at the end it will add to a fruitful learning experience for them. 

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  1. Alpana Deo

    Second that Charu. Online learning is challenging but it can be done smoothly by following some important steps. Setting up a routine is one of the important steps.

  2. Mayuri6

    The way things are going with the Pandemic, it won’t come as a surprise if Online Schooling continues for another year. Your tips and suggestions will go a long way in making the experience comfortable.

  3. romagptasinha

    Loved this post buddy. The ideas you have listed are worth emulating. I am borrowing them for sure and sharing with friends buddy.

  4. Shilpa Garg

    Online education is a new concept for kids, while older children are quick to adapt to this new normal, it’s a bit challenging for the younger ones. Agree with the pointers you have shared about making online learning fun for kids. I am all for following a routine and sitting with them during their class and helping and supporting them in every way!

  5. It is exhausting. I can’t wait for my kids to go back to regular school.
    Thanks for sharing practical tips to make online schooling more fun.

  6. Deepika

    You are right.. initially, kids have confused why they are doing online classes especially preschoolers. My son who is 3+ not ready to sit, started running after 5 minutes. Then I explained to him and sit with him to make him understand what is going on in the class.

  7. Varsh

    Online classes have been a norm for last few months and yet getting the hang of them hasn’t been easy. I’m glad that you’ve shared some simple ways parents’ involvement can make the entire experience fruitful and fun.

  8. Ruchie

    Online classes can be interesting and fun learning and yes, the tips you shared really help to get these fun way for kids…

  9. Nice pointers for stay at-home mothers..will share this with my friends. Thanks for writing this one..

  10. forbabynmommy

    Thank you for sharing this post as online learning is now a part of all kids life and all your pointers are really helpful to make it easy experience for kids and parents

  11. Agree that online classes can be strenuous for kids as they have to sit for long hours. Pediasure is a good option to provide essential nutrients that support proper growth, immunity and brain development.

  12. This is a great post especially when parents, kids and teachers are struggling to get homeschooling right. I love your posts! Keep writing!

  13. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Great tips for reducing the stress of online learning. i feel taking breaks and pay attention on healthy meals is must to make this experience enjoyable for kids.

  14. Neha Sharma

    Great tips, Charu. It is very important that we make these online classes fun and not a burden for young children. The ultimate aim is learning, and who says it has to be boring.

  15. Judy Morris

    Thanks for sharing your tips for making online learning fun for kids. these are challenging times and online classes for kids directly affect their screen time and challenges their focus. These tips will help.

  16. Metamorphosis

    It is a great post everyone is going virtual and this should be addressed . Thanks for sharing the tips , if we follow them it is definitely going to help making online classes more effective.

  17. The Champa Tree

    Online classes are the need of the hour. Parents involvement as well as feeding them good food, such as millets, fruits and veggies ensures they are able to stay healthy, immune and brain-sharp. Not sure how Pediasure helps, but I see a lot of blogs around that. Assuming there has been a research to show on how it impacts a child’s health. Are these powders sans the sugar?

  18. Gleefulblogger

    You are right learning is an ongoing process and can be taken anywhere be it school on home however certain discipline needs to be combined in the process these steps make it easy for every mother of parent to undertake homeschooling without much effort

  19. Amrit Kaur

    Sitting with kids for online session helps them to have a support and be confident while they attend their classes. My bhabhi also sits with my nephew.

  20. Ishieta Chopra

    I agree with your tips – these apply for children as well as adults who are studying and/or working from home. Otherwise, it is so easy to get distracted by other members or other tasks or just things to do!

  21. Pre and post preparations is utmost important if we want the online classes to be fruitful. Your points in the post will helpful many parents to conduct these classes smoothly.

  22. Geethica

    Hey Charu, these are very practical and helpful tips. I tried sitting with them initially but then I myself got bored. And I realized instead of listening to ma’am, my son started talking to me in between. These kids are so difficult to handle at each newphase of life.

  23. Doctor mommy

    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips on making online learning fun. Waiting for the pandemic to end so the screen time ends too. Love your insta page too Charu. Looking forward to more such content.

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