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How PC-enabled Learning Is Changing The Education System

Benefits of PC-enabled learning 

As technology has rooted its way into our day-to-day existence, our education system has changed drastically. Long gone are the times when students had to rely only on textbooks. With information at the tips of our fingers now, learning is boundless.

I see a major difference in the way we were taught in schools years back and how my kids are learning these days. We mainly relied upon mugging up and rote learning – noting the answers diligently from blackboard, learning definitions by heart and writing them verbatim in exams. However, I now see my kids studying via colourful PPTs and multimedia tools that create a bigger impact. Even basic concepts like alphabets and numbers are taught to them via animated videos and stories that are not just fun and interesting but also quick and easy to learn.

The education system now is much more interactive and engaging. Unlike the rote learning system, the focus is no more on just reading and memorizing various concepts but learning each concept in detail and gaining critical and logical understanding of the same. 

What led to this shift?

A relatively new and interactive way of learning – PC-enabled learning. Students now learn through audio-visual medium that encourages them to stay attentive all through and enables long-term and comprehensive understanding of various concepts. 

PC-enabled learning #DellAntiRoteDay

Here’s how PC-enabled learning is changing the education system:
Smart Content 

With computers in every classroom, textbooks are taking a new turn. They are being digitized and the content is presented in the form of animated videos, documentaries, quizzes, etc that are more comprehensible and lead to long-term retention 

Change in student and teacher roles

Students are a lot more active and engaged. Teachers, rather than just relaying information which student absorbs and regurgitates, are now more of a facilitator helping students learn on their own, at their own pace.

Global Learning 

Learning is no more restricted within the walls of the classroom. Students can access virtual libraries through which they can access a wealth of information anytime. They can collaborate with peers, share files, work together on assignments, etc. 

Improved Teachers Efficiency

Teachers are able to make class presentations, save notes, prepare assessments worksheets, send class emails, etc. With a simple click, they can keep a track of student’s assignments, report cards, etc. This saves energy and allows them ample time to give personal attention and focus on each student equally. 

Skill Development 

Use of computers develops various research and communication skills in students. They gain technical skills, problem-solving skills, analytical and reasoning abilities, etc. that can help them apply their knowledge in the real world.

Fun Learning 

PC use in classrooms has made the entire learning process much more fun. Unlike rote learning, which was mechanical, repetitive and boring, this is engaging and encourages students to actively participate. Even the most difficult concept is simplified and taught via educational games, stories, puzzles, etc that make it interesting and easy.

Dell Anti Rote Day 

The use of computer technology in classrooms has helped eradicate rote learning making the entire teaching-learning process much more dynamic and flexible

Since this form of learning is the need of the hour, Dell India has come up with #DellAntiRoteDay, a day to emphasize on PC-enabled interactive learning and make people aware of its benefits. The objective is to enlighten parents and teachers about the PC usage skills and provide them necessary training and knowledge to use computer technology with confidence.

Dell India is organizing a fun webinar for parents to create an online learning environment at home. Click on the link to register for the same.

As a part of the fun #DellAarambh initiative, they even started the #DellRattaPapadChallenge. Watch the video below of me and my kids taking this challenge . 

Dell Anti Rote Day is celebrated on 10th June every year. It’s a wonderful initiative to make the masses aware that computers have revolutionized the education system and in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn. 

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Dell India. However, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.


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  1. alpanadeo

    Ahh..thats something good to know. Audio visual studies engage kids and they learn concepts with interest. And when the teachers are able give personal attention on each student then I am sure it will improve the results and efficiency of kids well. Needn’t to to say that it a win win for both parents and school.

  2. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow this is really great initiative and need of morden era. indeed this initiative will help our kids to learn more efficiently and make them tech savvy too.

  3. Ruchie

    This is a great initiative by Dell time is here for online teaching such initiatives really going to help a lot

  4. Preeti Chauhan

    Dell has always brought innovations to the marketplace and education is not left behind either.It is true that PC learning has revolutionised the teaching methods.More study aids are now making learning fun and skill based.

  5. Archana

    I second your thought, online learning has changed the level of enthusiasm in students and parents as well, initially I could not able to find it worth but the level of prep.and fun filled assignment brought the trust back, my son truly enjoyed online learning. though I am not sure about next session preparation as here in USA new session will start from August only. This Dell Anti Rote Day is something very new to me I have to check this out, thanks for introducing me with a new term.

  6. simisp

    Dell is come out with the great initiative for kids definitely this will help them to learn even more in a easy way loved the concept of Audio visual studies… Amazing

  7. Deepika

    Agreed! Learning methods are changing gradually. Now technology is a new friend. Online classes are the need of the time and schools are giving their efforts too. Only more screen hours is the issue. Dell came with a great initiative.

  8. romagptasinha

    I will surely try to attend the webinar Charu as this indeed is a great initiative by Dell, glad you shared about it with all of us.

  9. Roopika Sareen

    Dell has been a forerunner in coming up with such pathbreaking initiatives. Indeed children need to move out of rote learning techniques and adapt to more interactive ways of learning. PC enabled Education works great in this aspect.

  10. Online learning is the way forward, initiative by Dell is great and in line with customer needs. The more and more availability and affordability of PC will facilitate more kids for better education and experience.

  11. momtasticworld

    I absolutely loved this one, Charu…First of all, this is such a wonderful initiative by DELL and secondly. this is actually need of the hour given the amount of time kids nowadays spend in front of a screen.

  12. Judy Morris

    This is a great initiative by Dell. Indeed we all need to focus on applied knowledge than ratafication. Pc enabled learning does make a difference towards the same.

  13. jhilmildsaha

    Its really amazing to see how Dell India has come up withsuch a wondetful initiative that changes the perspective of learning with the aid of technology.

  14. Roopika Sareen

    Dell is doing a wonderful job by coming up with such an initiative. Today’s kids certainly need something more than mere rote learning. Interactive PC learning is the way forward.

  15. Gleefulblogger

    Interactive education and learning not only enhances knowledge but also keep kids engaged and interested in studies we have seen the results of Rote learning and now this new way of education is something we all should look forward to. thank you for sharing this

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