Hilarious Questions I am Asked As A Mother Of Twins

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“Are those twins?”, asked a curious voice with excitement.
Hmm.. yes! Those two same-sized, similar-looking babies in this pram are, in fact, twins.”, I replied, for the nine hundred and forty seventh time.

As a mother of twins, I do not feel any less than a celebrity every time I step out of my house. Thanks to all the evident smiles, hidden glares and unwanted attention that me and my kids get from the strangers around. While some eyes look at me reassuringly almost saying ‘you are blessed’, other brazen ones simply look inquisitive as if they want to do an entire research on the history of twins. I try my best to avoid communicating with the latter ones. But failing most of the times, I find myself fielding against their chain of questions.

mother of twins

The series of statements I inevitably encounter range from the most annoying to outright silly and hilarious ones. Let me give you a glimpse of some such remarks or questions along with a few answers that resound in my mind behind that typical ‘social smile’.

  1. Are they natural?

If only you could explain what are unnatural twins. If only I could tell you that they are natural with bones and flesh and not artificial with plastic, silicone or fiber coating on them.

  1. Do twins run in your family?

That’s one question everyone asks and I always wonder how should that concern them at all. All they get in an answer is ‘Yes, they run in my family and make everyone run behind them, too’.

  1. Why don’t you dress them alike?

Yeah.. Well. That’s because they are ‘Twins’ not ‘Clones’ !

  1. Do they cry, sleep, eat together?

Of course! They even poop together… just like clockwork, because we have programmed them like that.

  1. When one cries, does he wake the other?

No, why should the other one wake up? Don’t you seal your child’s ears with ear plugs every time he/she sleeps?

  1. Do they have different personalities?

How can they? They are the same human being divided into different parts.

  1. Your hands must be full?

Of course not! More than my hands, my wardrobe is full, so is the diaper bag, so is the kitchen, so is the laundry bag, so is the dishwasher, etc etc

  1. Which one is your favourite?

Franky ‘I am my favourite’, in typical Kareena Kapoor style.

  1. You must be sorted for life!

Of course! And you must be done giving family planning advice.

  1. Who is the older amongst the two?

And I try to confuse them by saying the one who looks older.

  1. Do you breastfeed them?

Only when they are not in a mood for McDonald’s!

  1. Your house must be a mess!

Would you volunteer to clean?

  1. Do they have birthday on the same date?

Tadaaa… they are Twins! Believe me I have been asked that and all I could do was…. -| <facepalm>

I dub these remarks and questions as ‘hilarious’ because they have no answers and also because “nothing can stand against the assault of laughter’. Well, being a mother of twins is certainly not that easy !!

Disclaimer- This post was originally written for mrigaa.com.

Are you a mother of twins ? Have you ever come across such situations ? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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13 responses to “Hilarious Questions I am Asked As A Mother Of Twins”

  1. Aesha says:

    ‘You are sorted for life ‘must be a statement that you have heard the most number of times in your life just like a parent of single child is asked , ‘when you planning another one?

  2. sneha Jain says:

    Haha that was really funny but hats off to you to handle twins

  3. i simply loved all the replies and had a good laugh reading this..hillarious to the core

  4. Deepa says:

    Haha..This is hilarious. I am sure these must be very irritating for you. My favourite question is the last one..are they born on the same date? 😉

  5. Anchal says:

    Haha. Some of them I might ask a twin mom myself 😛

  6. Do they have birthday on the same date? Ha ha.. Such a funny list. Enjoyed reading the post. Sharing with others so that they can also make some fun.

  7. This was really hillarious Charu! are they natural? my god is that even a question! people can be funny and berserk at the same time

  8. Disha Bhandari says:

    This made me laugh harder than ever. Charu I cannot even imagine people being this stupid sometimes!

  9. Haha! I am still laughing. You are a brave mother to take all of this in your stride.

  10. thelattemom says:

    hahaha! so typical and expected. I can see you rolling your eyes there :p

  11. Amy says:

    Whether it is twins or a single baby, a mother’s milk serves as an ideal and nutritious food. In fact, breastfeeding has its own advantages over formula feeding.

  12. teamcartwrightblog says:

    Yes! Fellow twin mom here and there are so many questions! I try to chalk it up to people being curious and try to stay polite. But I think I have my mastered my ‘Don’t even think about talking to me’ stare by now!

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