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The Hardest Part Of Motherhood: Being Both A Mom and A SuperMom

Every phase of motherhood brings certain challenges. For a woman, the hardest part of being a mother is to accept the challenge that she is posed with, at each step of her motherhood journey, and emerge victorious at the end.

My twins are 19 months old now and are learning to make sense of the world around them. I am currently in that phase of motherhood where my kids feel I am a Super Mom and have special abilities through which I can solve any problem.

The other day, I gave a cookie to my son. As he took his first bite, it broke into two. He did not want his cookie to break and wanted to gulp the entire piece as a whole. With eyes full of tears and some hope, the first person he came running to was his Mom. He wanted me to fix that cookie back. Somewhere,  he felt his mom has superpowers by which she can fix everything right. I tried giving him a new cookie but that did not help the situation. 

To mention another incident, my kids were in  the garden when it suddenly started raining. My daughter loves playing on the swings and so did not want to go back home. But at the same time she did not want to get drenched too. She started crying, making an appeal to her mom to STOP the rain. Somewhere, she felt her mom can do anything, even if it means changing the course of nature.


Whenever there is a doubt or a trouble, the first person children rush to is their Mom. For them mums can do magical wonders. They have special powers through which they can solve all their problems –  be it big or small.

As a mom it certainly makes me feel special because my children choose to place their trust on me over anyone else. I feel special because they think I am the superwoman of their life. But it also places a responsibility on my shoulder. The responsibility of always being right, of always keeping their hopes high, of never failing in their eyes.

For me the hardest part of motherhood is to justify myself as a human with no super power, and yet not letting my children lose their faith in me. Explaining this could be easier to the world, but not to young children whose universe revolves around their mom. For kids that young, their mom can never be wrong. To make them realize that moms are a human being at the end and are bound to err, is the most difficult part of parenting.


As a mother, I want my children to believe in me and know that I will always be there for them. I will do my best to help them out in every situation. But I also want them to know that  I am a human at the end, with my own set of limitations.

Probably, as they would grow, they would be in a better position to understand this fact. But till the time they don’t, I will have to take this as a challenge and figure out ways to deal with both the roles – that of a Mom and of a Super Mom. 


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  1. Obsessivemom

    Aw.. that’s the sweetest thing I’ve read this morning. It reminded me how adorable my kids were as toddlers. My twins are in their tweens and are in the stage when they’re trying to convince themselves and me that they don’t need me, so this post made me nostalgic. Yeah we aren’t supermoms – and we have to remember that before we set out to convince the children.

  2. vidhiduggal

    You have penned it down very aptly. Kids think of as some super beings and trust us completely. But you are right that we have our own limitations. I loved reading your thoughts. Beautiful post.

  3. Jiya B

    Ya its phase my mom used to say when we were toddlers we used to come to her and ask mom tell us this and that. Now she comes to us and asks about what app, FB etc. Ha ha moms are moms But trust me the feel that I am a super mom for my kids gives lot of support and motivation to keep going.

  4. Anchal

    That was a lovely read. Lets stay their supermoms till they understand the concept by themselves

  5. Geethica

    I have wondered why children don’t go their fathers for instant help? Infact, many times my husband envies me that kids are always clinging to you only. And laugh out to him that pray to God that you became a mother in your next life!

  6. Motheropedia

    When their little eyes look at you with the expectation of fixing things that you can’t, it truly breaks my heart. But I am, after all only a human. Being a good human is tough enough ?

  7. anubhutisethmehn

    Great read !! But I prefer to be a supermom to my son (though even I cannot fix that cookie) but atleast he knows that mom is there when really needed. But this supermom is strict too when it comes to not being overprotective ?

  8. Zainab

    True we aint super moms but we are moms!
    Also. Kids do rush to mom the moment something happens which is not very pleasing.
    My post is ready just need to publish ?
    Nice post Charu

  9. Anisha Jain

    The article very aptly conveys every mother’s dilemma so well!!!! Well written Charu

  10. That’s a beautifully written piece! Children have an unshakeable faith in the abilities of their mothers. They believe their mums are endowed with incredible powers. It is indeed a privilege to be a Supermom!

  11. Mummasaurus

    charu, if i were in a position to, i’d give you an award for this one!! Loved the blog and indeed being a Supermom hs its downsides ? broken hearts, and 2 of them, are a lot to deal with

  12. preetjyotkaur

    That was a beautiful read… I believe it’s most mom’s dilemma … Something that we got to deal with cautiously ,keeping in mind not to break their little heart

  13. MerogAndMom

    You have expressed your feelings so beautifully here. And yes it’s a phase and one day they will know their mom is not a super mom but their mom has a super compassionate heart which is full of love for them.

  14. momtasticworld

    How beautifully you have penned down your thoughts…..I agree kids look upto us believing we are magician and it is a actually the hardest part to make them understand that few things are beyond our control…..loved your writing….sharing it ???

  15. To justify myself as a human with no super power, and yet not letting my children lose their faith in me.thats a powerful thought Charu .I struggle with doing that too.I am trying to teach my daughter that even broken cookies taste just as good.its a challenge to be or not to be a supermom.Thank you for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments

  16. Richa

    That’s exactly how I feel… Sometimes I wish to announce to the entire world that I am not super woman I also get tired get sick or feel disgusted. I cannot be always happy clam sorted.


  17. carkhanablog

    I have a 22 month old daughter and I see what bond my baby and her mom(my wife) share and can totally relate to this.

  18. alpanadeo

    Thats such cute examples you shared with us. Kids are so innocent and they they have a special place for their mom. We have a saying in Marathi – “Aai Mhanel ti Porva Disha” meaning whatever mom says is right. And thats what adds up to our responsibility. Buts surprisingly we take up this challenge whole heartedly.

  19. Loved it. How can I be part of the Monday mom musings? I love this mommy bloggers world I am discovering via blog chatters campaign . Much love

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