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Happinetz gives better results than YouTube Parental Control

Happinetz gives better results than YouTube Parental Control

In our fast-paced world, screen time has seamlessly woven itself into our daily lives. As a mother, I witness my kids exploring the digital realm with a mix of awe and concern. My daughter immerses herself in DIY craft tutorials, while my son marvels at online science experiments. It’s incredible how screens have become windows to knowledge and playgrounds for creativity.

However, it’s no secret that as parents, we always carry a bundle of worries. Are they spending too much time online? What about those tricky ads and unsuitable content that sometimes show up? If I use the YouTube parental control, is it enough to protect them from such content? Balancing the benefits of technology with responsible use can be a tough task.

Until recently, my husband and I relied on YouTube Parental Control to tackle these challenges. While it helped a bit, we felt we needed something more – a comprehensive solution that covers all bases and addresses our concerns holistically.

That’s when we stumbled upon Happinetz, and it felt like we had found our answer.

Meet Happinetz

Happinetz is an internet-filtering device that ensures safe browsing for kids. Easily connected to the home router (wired or wirelessly), it creates a separate wifi network without affecting the home wifi. Its robust filtering system blocks age-inappropriate content, providing a secure digital experience for kids.

Happinetz better than YouTube Parental control

Why we love Happinetz

 1. Easy Installation:

Setting up Happinetz was refreshingly simple. All we had to do was plug the Happinetz box into our home router and download the Happinetz App. Within minutes, we were up and running, ready to explore its array of features without the hassle of complex configurations.

2. Mode-based Categorisation:

A stand-out feature of Happinetz is its mode-based categorization system, catering to the needs of different age groups. With modes like kids (under 13), teens (ages 13 and above), and parents (adults aged 18 years and beyond), we can customise settings for a safe online environment for kids.

3. Multi-Level Content Filtering:

What truly impressed us is Happinetz’s multi-level content filtering. It acts like a digital guardian, ensuring that only age-appropriate and safe content reaches our kids. Websites and apps are categorized under 15 categories, easily toggled on or off, except for Adult & Security and Safe Search (which are on and cannot be toggled off).

4. Comprehensive Content Monitoring:

Happinetz doesn’t just scratch the surface – it delves deep into web monitoring. With over 110 million websites and apps tracked and monitored, and more than 22 million adult and unsecured websites and apps blocked by default, it’s an exhaustive content filtering system that leaves no stone unturned.

Isn’t it such a relief knowing that kids will be protected from stumbling upon anything unsuitable?


4. Personalized Screentime Manager:

Through Happinetz we could also customize screen time for our kids. We can tailor their digital experience to our family’s routine, setting limits that feel just right. We are now able to create an online schedule wherein we can pause, modify, extend the time-limit set for the day. It gives us the power to strike that delicate balance between screen engagement and other activities.

5. Browser and Device Agnostic:

Happinetz seamlessly integrates with all the devices our kids use, across different browsers. This flexibility is a game-changer, as it eliminates the need to juggle between various settings for different platforms. It works on all browsers, including incognito mode, ensuring that our kid’s online experience remains safe and filtered, regardless of the browser they choose. Moreover, its device-agnostic nature means it’s compatible with up to 10 devices spanning from Smart TVs and laptops to tablets and phones.

6. Insights & History:

Happinetz provides an overview of our kid’s daily internet activities. We can see their usage by device or content type. It even lists out the browsed websites and apps that children access. This transparency fosters open communication about their online interactions.

Happinetz better than YouTube Parental control

Happinetz Triumphs over YouTube Parental Control

Happinetz offers an all-encompassing solution. It isn’t just about content filtering; it helps create a safe and nurturing digital environment.

What sets Happinetz apart from YouTube Parental Control is its holistic approach. It filters content across the entire internet, not just on specific platforms like YouTube.  It blocks or restricts access to inappropriate content on various websites, social media platforms, apps and online services.

Also, YouTube parental controls are tied to YouTube accounts, which means that a child can potentially circumvent the restrictions by using a different account or watching videos on a different platform. Happinetz, on the other hand, is account-independent and not possible for children to bypass.

Additionally, Happinetz provides more advanced customization options, allowing us to set different levels of filtering for different devices or users. This includes specifying different restrictions based on time slots, age, or even content category.

Happinetz- our digital parenting partner

For us, Happinetz isn’t just a solution – it’s a transformational tool that redefines the way we approach screen time management for our kids.

It has empowered us as parents to take charge of our children’s screen time children’s screen time in a way that feels right for our family. The worries that once kept us up at night have been replaced with confidence and reassurance. With Happinetz, we’re able to embrace the benefits of technology without compromising our kid’s safety and well-being. It’s not just a safety device, it’s a partner in our parenting journey, making the digital landscape a little less daunting and a lot more joyful.

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    It is so impressive to see how #Happinetz is catering to internet safety for kids of all age groups and is an all encompassing solution to solve all our internet woes for our children

  2. Kapila

    Happinetz is really effective in filtering kids safe content from the internet. I am so happy the way it has open the safe playground on the internet for kids to explore and learn

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