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6 Essentials That Helped Me Sail Through The First Year With Twins

 It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Veena Regit from The Reading Momster for introducing me. The prompt for today is ‘My First Year With Kids’

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I call the first year with my twins as a year of ‘experiments’.

It was a completely new world for Aarav and Aarohi. Their struggle to make some sense of the reality around was very evident. Well, it was no different for us too. Like them, we too were trying to understand the nuances of the new role that had just dawned upon us. The first year was our year of learning, trying and making endless errors. Not that things have changed much in the second year, but they surely seem to be a little more manageable.

Like any first time mother, I was a frazzled mom in the first year. Each day turned out to be a new day that brought its own moment of happiness and joy, and also brought its own kind of pain and challenges. Since I was having twins, everything came in double the proportion. We were trying to understand the needs and demands to two babies in such a way that we could do justice to them both.

There were so many things that we tried, used and then got rid away with because we didn’t find them serving a purpose. There were so many things that we wanted to buy but couldn’t thinking they did not serve a long – term utility. Amongst the billion of tricks, techniques and advices that came our way, we were just trying to understand which one would best suit our parenting style. Finally a few things did work for us and helped us pass through that phase easily.

Let me share with you those six essentials that proved to be indispensable in our first year with kids. 
Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is one of the biggest challenges a moms faces in the first year. In my case, the concern was not just about feeding them right but also about feeding them enough. And so one of the wisest purchase that we made was a breast pump. It was an aid that made my entire breastfeeding journey with my twins easy and manageable. I bought an Avent Manual Pump and used it for almost 1.5 years

Baby Rocker/Bouncer

First year

We invested in two baby rockers by FisherPrice. Aarav and Aarohi used to enjoy sitting in their rockers till of course they started to crawl. I used to place them in their respective bouncers with some light music in the room. While they used to play with their toys hung on the rocker, I used to finish off my household chores. After 6 months, however,  they used to enjoy climbing on and off the rocker more; but it still used to be their favourite place to play or listen rhymes or story books that I used to read aloud for them.

Twin Pram

First year

Our evening walks were made possible with the help of a twin pram.  Aarav and Aarohi used to enjoy  watching the birds, vehicles and people around. It would be our favourite time of the day as all three of us would enjoy roaming in the fresh air. Initially we were confused whether to buy two single prams or one twin pram. There are not name reasonable options in Indian market for a good twin pram. We eventually bought a Joie twin pram. It was an expensive purchase but totally a worthwhile one.

Baby Carrier

I actually got to know about the multiple benefits of baby wearing when my kids turned five months old. Before that, I never found the need of babywearing. By seventh months I started wearing them on regular basis. At 20 months, we are still going strong with our Anmol baby carriers and there is no looking back. They are our constant companions in almost all our travels and outings.

Parenting App

My first year was full of doubts. From the right way of feeding the kids to choosing the right skin care brand- I would have a query about everything. As a practice I would do a thorough research before buying any new kid’s product. Parenting Apps like BabyChakra helped me to make an informed choice in that regard. I could also connect with various experts and seek suggestions from other like-minded moms through this app. 

Parenting Groups

I happened to join various support groups on Facebook and What’s app. One of them was an exclusive group of twin mothers and other was a breastfeeding support groups. Both these groups proved to be extremely beneficial. I could connect with so many other mums who have been through my situation and also got to learn from their experience. Such groups provided me the right motivation that I needed at that time

Our journey through the first year with twins was a bumpy ride. Along with these six essentials that helped us to sail through, we also received timely support from our parents and family which contributed immensely. 

I still remember, the first time I held my kids, my hands were trembling. But the art of handling twins came on automatically. Within no time, I became a pro at changing diapers in 2 minutes to giving them bath one after the other to make them sleep on my lap side by side. Gradually from a frazzled mom I became a confident one who could enjoy the most beautiful moments of life and cherish them forever.


How was your first year with your kid? Do share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Sumira

    So so agree with your tips!! Really helpful

  2. Gagan Kochar

    Bang on Charu, all the tips are so helpful. N I agree so many stuff comes that doesn’t hv a long term utility. Breast pump n rocker tops my list too ??

  3. Those are some great essentials you have mentioned, looks like a must have for every twin mom. However the list you shared is almost similar to what we got for our baby but pram didn’t work for us much and the sad thing is we had 2 prams, one was gifted. Once again loved your write up!

  4. Akshaya

    This is a must read for every twin parent/parent to be. Great list!

  5. Beautiful listed! Works for parents who are stepping into the world of babies with no prior information on hand! ♥️

  6. preetjyotkaur

    Such a great piece of information you have Shared here. I too believe that most of the things that we end up buying aren’t of great utility to us. Out of the list you have shared Babycarrier tops my list.


    You always rock Charu and today you shared this amazing journey of yours. We here having a single baby are so much tired sometime so can understand that how much do you feel with twins.
    More power to you

  8. PrettyMummaSays

    Even we bought all of that for both of our kids, although 4 years apart. Rocker amongst everything was the biggest helper. I still have it and now my little one uses the one which my elder one used. Great read, Charu!

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