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Do Not Try To Look Beautiful. Rather FEEL Beautiful #BodyPositivity

Feel Beautiful : ‘I am beautiful in every single way’ – Christina Aguilera 

I am 5 feet tall and have always been on the chubbier side. All through my school life I have been addressed as ‘githi’, ‘chutki’, ‘moti’, etc. And I pretty much got used to such adjectives. I would pass them off laughingly but somewhere they did impact my confidence. I still remember when the time came for my class 12 farewell and I had to choose a saree for the day, the only factor that I had in mind was that I should pick up a saree that would make me look slim and tall. Nothing else mattered, not even the excitement of wearing a saree for the first time in life. I raided my mom’s closet, my cousin’s closet and tried more than 20 sarees, still wasn’t happy by any. My mom and sister had a tough time convincing me then.

And somewhere this idea that I should always choose such clothes that make me look slim and tall stuck with me. For a long time, I would not choose clothes based on comfort, fabric or style. I would rather choose them based on how fat, slim or tall they are making me look. And let me admit, all though I have accepted my body type now, these factors still work at that back of my mind everytime I go shopping.

Let’s accept it! The way we look, or the way we dress directly translates into our confidence. If we don’t find ourself looking good, our confidence dips heavily. And sometimes a single compliment by a mere acquaintance is enough to make us feel on cloud nine. Its ironical, right, how we often look at ourself through the eyes of others

What is beauty?

For a relatively large period of my lffe, I believed beauty lies in tall height, slim figure, fair complexion, perfect lashes, etc. And even aimed for the same. It took me a long time to understand that beauty is beyond these fixed ideals of size, height, weight or complexion. Beauty doesn’t lie in perfect dress or hairstyle. It rather lies in how we feel about ourselves. It lies in our behavior, in our actions.

Let’s realise that noone can make us feel happy or confident, than we ourself. Let’s stop committing 3 mistakes that we usually make in our attempt to look beautiful –

1. Stop finding faults in yourself. Accept yourself with all yout strengths and flaws. I think the day we learn not to let our imperfections impact our dreams, ambitions and confidence, we become perfect in so many ways. Don’t you think?

2. Stop comparing yourself to others. To think of it, there is no ideal or standard point of comparison because no one is born perfect. We all have a few shortcomings but the way we deal with them and make it a win for us and not a loss, is what makes us beautiful.

3. Stop perceiving yourself through the eyes of others. Compliments or comments – stop taking them too seriously. Because they aren’t a measure of who we are.

4. Stop trying to look beautiful, rather try to feel beautiful. And you certainly will when I you will be happy, confident and in control of your life.

Frankly, now if someone asks me what makes me beautiful, here is how I like to describe myself –

Feel Beautiful

I am not what I look
I am not how I dress
I am not the way I style
I am certainly not
what others think of me

I am beyond height,
weight or complexion.
I am life lived,
Experiences gained,
Lessons learnt,
Memories Formed.

I am places visited,
Paths traveled,
Knowledge gained,
Relations made.

There is so much to me
beyond my skin.
I am not what I look.
I am rather what I feel
I am simply what I think.

I may be imperfect in many ways,
Yet I am beautiful
In every single way. 

So if you still have doubts whether you are beautiful or not, think again!

It gives me immense pleasure to share that I along with 30 other bloggers are celebrating Woman’s Day in a unique way by writing our hearts out and bringing together this special blog together #Unapologeticgirlz. I thank Preetjyot who writes at MylittlemuffinMom for introducing me. She is an inspirational mom who writes about breaking the stereotypes and raising independent girls.

I would also take the opportunity to introduce Sneha who is a fellow mom of twins and a prolific writer. She shares her parenting stories at It’satwiningstory

Do check out their posts on the prompt for the day Self-love.


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  1. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Lovely lines and I agree true beauty is not about pretty face but it is about beautiful soul. you had described it so well,

  2. as they say “man ki mail nikal re praani”, inside beauty reflects on face automatically. cosmetics can not make anyone beautiful.

  3. Deepika

    You are beautiful. External appearance matters only a short period of time, In the long run, what matters is how you are as a person. I agree comfort should be the first rule of the dressing, If you are not comfortable with your dress it will reflect. I liked the post and all the pointers.

  4. Gayatri

    Beautiful post charu. You got me at the title. Feeling beautiful is very very important for self confidence. Accepting your body is all that matters.

  5. nooranandchawla

    I love this post! We all need to embrace ourselves just the way we are. We are all unique and beautiful.

  6. I can very well connect with the post, being a North Indian with Punjabi genes I have always been on the healthier side. Sassy figures, sexy waists were a long fetched dreams which never came into reality. I have stopped dreaming or aiming when realised my real self. Very well quoted, and a great post.

  7. Ruchie

    I really loved the beauty of this post which is truthfulness…and trust me your poem just echoing my mind

  8. being amnaa

    You are right ! One should stop perceiving their self through the eyes of others… no one can make you feel beautiful other thn yourself… very well written article

  9. Varsh

    Oh, it is such a lovely poem. We’re lot more than what meets the eye. Body positivity is a must to feel confident. Loved the points your shared here.

  10. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    So well written girl. I agree that one muat not aim at that ideal of perfection but rather feel beautiful and perfect within themselves.

  11. Tina Basu

    this is so important. Self care is very important for me to – just for myself and not to prove it to anyone or not for anyone. I like to pamper myself too.

  12. romagptasinha

    Hey loved your post gal and I too write on body positivity for the longest time and am proud of whatever way I look

  13. Neha Sharma

    This is the kind of positivity we need in our lives. I totally agree with you Charu, body positivity comes from feeling beautiful from inside. Even I used to choose my clothes based on how they transform my look rather than how comfortable I feel in them. It took me a while to understand nobody cares what I wear & how I look if I keep my confidence high. Loved your post!

  14. jhilmildsaha

    Such an awesome post with beautiful lines. It is truly about having a beautiful mind. If you are beautiful inside, you will be beautiful outside as well

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