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Factors That Affect Children’s Growth & An Effective Way To Track It

Have you ever wondered what all are the key factors that affect children’s growth- i.e. the weight and height growth in kids? 

Starting from the moment a child is born, the annual check-ups, height and weight are the important measures of a child’s health.  Both my twins were born underweight. And so, I have always been concerned about their growth from the start. I remember, in the first year especially, one of my first questions to their pediatrician would always be about their height and weight gain. And I guess, I am not alone. Every parent worry about their child’s growth in terms of proper height and weight gain. 

With time I have come to know that each child grows at his/her own pace. And there are many factors – internal and external – that affect the same. Their growth rate is also different at different stages of development. Having a good understanding of what our children need at each stage of their growth can help us raise them better.

Factors that affect children's growth
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Sharing here some key factors that affect children’s growth in height and weight in India:

1) Heredity

Heredity plays a vital role in determining healthy physical growth in children. The transmission of physical characteristics from parents to children through their genes influences all aspects of the child’s appearances like height, weight, body structure, eye colour, the texture of the hair, and even intelligence and aptitudes. 

2) Environment 

Environmental factors such as physical surroundings, geographical conditions etc. majorly influences early childhood development. A happy and loving environment enables the child to excel versus a stressful environment that hinders their growth, both physically & mentally.

3) Exercise

Exercise for kids means regular normal playtime along with outdoor activities that contributes towards their body gain and increases their muscular strength and immune power. Playing, jumping, running outdoors exposes them to microbes that help them build resistance and achieve various physical milestones.

4) Hormones

Hormones play a crucial role in the child’s physical growth. They are produced by different glands situated in specific parts of the body. Those glands secrete hormones that control body functions. Their timely functioning is thus critical for normal physical growth. 

5) Nutrition 

Nutrition is undoubtedly the most important factor in growth. Everything our body needs to build and repair comes from the food we eat. Malnutrition can adversely affect the growth of the child whereas overeating can cause problems like obesity. Hence, a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats is essential for the child.

6) Sleep

Sufficient sleep leads to healthy growth and development. Kids require at least 10 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to the problem of obesity and delay in achieving the milestones. Children tend to become cranky too which affects their diet as well as mental health. As a result, healthy growth in weight and height are affected.

All of these are key factors that affect children’s growth in India. Some of these factors may not be controllable. But there are certain things that we parents can definitely ensure for our kids. Like – 

  • Ensuring that our kids get enough rest every day, and ample amount of sleep.
  • They regularly exercise or play outdoors. 
  • They are in a happy, free and loving environment at home. 
  • They eat a balanced diet. 

Recently I came across PediaSure’s Grow Right Tracker, that helps track our kid’s growth in terms of height and weight. All that is required is for you to fill in a few details and you get a downloadable report. Based on that you can plan your child’s nutrition, worry-free. Thanks to Grow Right Tracker, I can now measure my child’s growth regularly since that is the #FirstStepToGrowRight

I would suggest every parent who worries about their child’s growth milestones to check out this tracker, consult their doctor and add a dose of PediaSure to their child’s diet. You’ll surely see the difference. 

Disclaimer – This post is in collaboration with PediaSure. The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not reflect the views of any brand. Any omissions or errors at the author’s end does not assume any liability or responsibility on any party mentioned in the blog.

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  1. Jhilmil

    Nutrition, physical activity and then genetics, all of these affects a child’s growth. We too have been measuring our child’s growth.

  2. myworldwitheira

    I have been using the tracker for quite a while now and it’s been very helpful. PediaSure definitely helps in completing daily nutrition.

  3. Ruhi ali badami

    Such an in depth information!

  4. Surbhi Mahobia

    A balanced is they key to a well nourished child. I can’t agree more with you on the fact that a nutritious well-balanecd diet also affects kids’ mental health.

  5. Varsh

    This is so well-articulated for parents for reference about the important growth factors in kids. I’ve used this growth tracker too and find it very useful.

  6. Cindy DSilva

    Oh these are the right factors of which sleep and exercise we concentrate on the most. i let my kids sleep as much as they want. I take them for a walk every evening whether they like it or not because sitting at home all day is not at all good for any of us.

  7. Kavita Singh

    I agree all these points should be paid equal attention to for tracking our little one’s growth. A sound sleep makes quite a lot of difference in growing years and shouldn’t be ignored.

  8. judy morris

    Right nutrition is one of important factors behind right growth. Even I have started my son’s growth with PediaSure Growth Tracker. Hopefully he is doing pretty ok according to it.

  9. Thank you for listing the factors and I agree that only some could be controlled by us. The tracker is super helpful

  10. simritbedi

    Very well written post. I too use Pediasure’s growth tracker to measure my son’s growth

  11. Parul Malhotra

    With time I have realised that it is extremely important to track the growth of your child and design his/her meal accordingly. I too have been using the tracker for months now.

  12. LifeCoachPreet

    I am so glad to see you create an awareness about the factors that affect a child’s growth. There are still many people who believe in myths related to this. We too are using this tracker for our kids.

  13. sayeridiary

    This tracker is really helpful and I am giving my kid pediasure for last 4 years and there is visible result.

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