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Every Child Is Unique : Picture Prompt #BlogALeague

Every Child Is Unique – Picture Prompt #BlogALeague 

Every child is a different kind of flower. All together they make this world a beautiful garden.’ 

This was the first thought that popped in my head seeing this unique picture of children climbing the wall of the building. Each child is having a different pace, a different idea and completely different mode of action. They all may be climbing up to a common goal, but their approach is different. So is their style, speed and progress. And that’s what make them unique.  

This only reiterates the fact that every child is an individual with special social, emotional, intellectual, and physical qualities. No two kids are alike. And it’s their differences that make them special.  We as parents often tend to forget this fact and ‘comparison‘ is the first thing we do when we see same-age kids. 

Raising twins, I realise how easy it is to fall prey to comparison. Sometimes it happens subconsciously but it happens and it only makes parenting very very difficult. In order to raise a happy and confident child, the first thing we ought to do is to view the child in his/her own right. We have to give up on the ideas like ‘Oh, my baby hasn’t started walking while all other kids of his age do’ or ‘my elder one takes one hour to finish his food while the younger one does that in half an hour’. 

Kids grow at their own pace. They all have common needs yet their demands are different. From infancy to adulthood, their pace of achieving the life milestones would be different. Similarly they have their own likes and dislikes. Their way of thinking, feeling and interacting with others is unique. Some children are shy, while others are outgoing; some are calm and easy-going, others more expressive. 

Once you stop comparing kids, you start respecting their individuality. Comparison only hurts. Imagine yourself being compared to others all the time? It hurts, right? It hits our self-esteem. Same happens with kids (irrespective of their age). They feel challenged and it affects their growth and confidence. 

To provide kids a positive and encouraging environment, here are a few things you must do – 

  • Stop comparing kids and embrace their uniqueness 
  • Study your child, assess his/her individual qualities and appreciate for the individual skills. (Every child has one.) 
  • Believe in your kids. Donot expect them to excel in every field. (Sharma ji ka beta can probably do everything, but not yours!). Instead of imposing expectations, rather encourage your kid to do what he does the best. 
  • Be choiceful of your words while talking to kids. While making the child realise his mistakes, donot use a reference to another child. Instead of saying ‘Why Can’t you keep your shirt clean like your brother’, say – ‘your shirt is dirty, try to keep it clean. Neat ones look good.’
  • Allow your kids to express themselves through their interests. They may find a creative outlet in music, dance or art.
  • Most importantly help your kids realize that they don’t need to worry about being ‘like everyone else.’

All our kids probably need in life is our support, understanding and acceptance. Once we do that, they will be winners for us and achievers in their own right. And just like in this pic, they will be climbing their way to success happily and confidently. 

Image Source : Icecreamcity on Flickr (Pinterest)

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Every Child Is Unique #BlogALeague

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  1. Gleefulblogger

    You have said it right Charu! Every child is unique and smart in their own ways. Lovely way of using the prompt.

  2. Preetjyot Kaur

    What a wonderful read and interpretation of the prompt Charu. I so resonate with your thought. Every child is unique and we must focus on their individuality rather than comparing them with others.

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